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Get in the Halloween Spirit with Sony’s “Sale of the Dead”

Spanning spooky movies, games and more for all PlayStation platforms!

What’s in the Third Content Update Coming for NHL 15?

Several fixes, tweaks and additions coming across the board!

Code Avarice Co-owner Steps Down After Death Threat

Says he’s unfit to be the face of such a public company.

Pre-order Gold Edition of The Crew and More at the PlayStation Store!

Special set retailing for a pricey $84.99, includes exclusive new rides and in-game credits.

Magic 2015's Next Expansion Will Launch Next Month

Magic 2015, the most recent sequel to the videogame adaptation series of the popular card game, Magic: The gathering, will soon be receiving its next expansion in a few weeks, around about eight months after the game was first announced back in April.

Here's How you Gain Access to Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire's Demo

With the new Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire remakes just four short weeks away, players itching to play the game will have an opportunity to do so a little earlier, thanks to a Special Demo Version of the game provided by Nintendo.

UK Considers Significantly Increasing Jail Time for Trolling

The British government has decided to put down incentives to significantly increase the jail time of offenders by up to two years, boosting up the original sentencing of six months four-fold.

The Xbox Continues Doing What it Does Best

The November system update planned for the Xbox One highlights how Microsoft’s online component still remains a forced to be reckoned with.

Stop Shoving Amiibos into Every Wii U Game

Super Smash Bros. has Amiibo support? Awesome! Captain Toad uses Amiibos? Well, okay. Hyrule Warriors uses the Link Amiibo? Enough, already!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - A New Era of Multiplayer

Can CoD: Advanced Warfare bring a whole new era of multiplayer gaming?

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Gameplay Features

Check out the nuts and bolts of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Out of the Way Cosplay

We count down ten cosplays that you may not have seen before.

Escape Goat 2 - Launch Trailer

Escape Goat 2 hits PS4.

Halo: Nightfall - Official Trailer

Get ready for Nightfall.

Lords of the Fallen - Dev Diary

Go behind the scenes on Lords of the Fallen.

Skylanders Trap Team - Krypt King Trailer

Meet the Krypt King in Skylanders: Trap Team.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS - TV Commercial

Get your smash on with Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.

The Evolving Meta of Smash 3DS

Which characters are top tier? What stages are fair to play on?

Alien: Isolation's First of Five DLC Packs Detailed, Adds New Maps and More

There’s already DLC for the game peeping over the immediate horizon. Arriving in just a few a days, the game’s first downloadable add-on, “Corporate Lockdown”, will offer your three new “challenging and terrifying” maps for Survivor Mode.

What to Look For in the Next Xbox One System Update

Major Nelson brings us details of yet another massive roll-out coming in November!

Here’s Everything You Get in the Far Cry 4 Season Pass!

Season Pass retails for $29.99, includes exclusive day-one mission.

Well-Known Female Producer Quits Ubisoft

Jade Raymond out at end of October, Alexandre Parizeau in.

Why Halo: MCC Won’t Ship on Two Discs

343 Industries says update will be worth the loss of hard drive space.

Xenosaga HD Petition Falls Well Short of Its Goal

Katsuhiro Harada says they need tens of thousands of more signatures.