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  • In a gaming world obsessed with frame rates and cinematic action, Civilization VI argues an odyssey of the mind can still hold steadfast. To that end, it wields improved gameplay mechanics and adopts fascinating and challenging new features.

  • Rockstar's recent Red Dead Redemption 2 announcement leaves us wondering why this rabidly anticipated title took so long to release.

  • Battlefield 1 brings the chaos of WWI full circle with a wealth of authentic weapons, maps, and a drove of intense vehicles. Enjoy the varied single-player campaign and the all-out insanity of its multiplayer offerings.

  • Microtransactions are a fact of gaming life, but these ten examples are some of the worst offerings in recent memory. In short, avoid them at all costs!

  • SAG-AFTRA and all of its members may go on strike soon. Why should you care, and what might that mean for some of our most anticipated games?

FF XV May Get Enhanced PS4 Pro Support After Launch

The team is focusing on the core game right now, so major enhancements will likely come later.

Pokemon GO Halloween Event Kicks Off Wednesday

Pokemon GO's first in-game event offers trainers the chance to encounter more ghost-type Pokemon and acquire extra candy.

Dark Souls 3 DLC Arrives Today, a Day Early

Due to a leak on the Xbox Live Store last week, everyone is getting Ashes of Ariandel early!

Nintendo Announces Monster Hunter Direct for Thursday

Enjoy your monster hunting information, but don't expect Nintendo to Switch it up.

Xbox - November Games with Gold

November's Games with Gold lineup for Xbox includes Super Dungeon Bros, Murdered: Soul Suspect and more!

Destiny: Rise of Iron - Festival of the Lost Trailer

The Festival of the Lost returns on October 25th. Wear new Masks, collect candy and laugh once more in the face of Death.

How Rockstar May Screw Red Dead Fans on PC

Red Dead Redemption 2 has only just been announced, but already people are port-begging. Come on!

Gal Gun: Double Peace has $90 DLC

A $90 Gal Gun: Double Peace add-on gives you X-ray specs.

Skyrim Remaster Mods Have an Edge on Xbox One

Skyrim remastered will have more room for mods on one console.

Destiny’s Festival of the Lost Begins Tuesday

Destiny's Festival of the Lost is upon us!

Titanfall 2 Has Immediate PS4 Pro Support

Titanfall 2 will be PS4 Pro compatible when it launches this week.

Is Watch Dogs 2 Making a Huge Mistake?

Is Ubisoft doing the right thing in delaying the PC version of Watch Dogs 2?

What We Still Don't Know About Nintendo Switch

We finally know what the Switch is, but now we have more questions than answers.

Amazon Has an Exclusive New 3DS XL Bundle

Amazon's exclusive New 3DS XL bundle gives you a system and Super Mario World.

Nintendo Switch Will Support Unreal Engine 4

This little guy is more powerful than we thought!

The Last Guardian Has Finally Gone Gold

After nearly a decade of troubled development, The Last Guardian is ready to ship.

SAG-AFTRA Voice Actors Set to Strike

Apparently favorable terms were not come to, so SAG-AFTRA represented voice actors are set to strike to make their voices heard.

Skyrim: Special Edition - Gameplay Trailer #2

Epic fantasy. Stunning details. Winner of more than 200 Game of the Year Awards. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim returns with Skyrim Special Edition, available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 28.

When Good Game Series Go Bad

Sluggish battles turned me off of Pokemon X / Y, and they're keeping me from enjoying Sun & Moon. Why, Game Freak? Why?!

PlayStation Tournaments Appearing Under PS4 Events

PS4 owners will be able to easily enter ESL Tournaments on their system.

PlayStation Now Brings Red Dead Redemption to PC

Red Dead Redemption's PS Now inclusion means it'll be playable on PC.

Just How Desperate Has Square Enix Become?

Final Fantasy XV has one of the most prolific and heavy-handed promotional campaigns I've ever seen. Is that a good or bad sign?

How Nintendo is “Switching” Things Up

The Nintendo Switch has been unveiled and seems like it really could switch things up.