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  • Searching for hidden secrets and fun references (often referred to as "Easter Eggs") can sometimes be more fun than the game itself. So let's take a look at six of our favorites that are totally worth the hunt.

  • Isn't it wonderful when a game gets free updates for months or even a year after its release? These four titles are great about giving us what we really stuff!

  • Ultra Street Fighter II: The Last Challengers delivers everything we expect from an updated classic fighting game, and tries to tie in motion controls with a first-person diversion. It's a fair sized package, but a mixed bag, and somewhat pricey.

  • Time to hunt some Xenomorphs! The Aliens franchise has had a huge presence in gaming over the years, and with the new flick in theaters we thought this would be a perfect time to look back at our ten favorites!

  • Injustice 2 really has to be seen to be believed, with some of the most amazing facial textures we've witnessed on this generation's hardware!

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Why Getting Free Stuff Never Gets Old

Isn't it wonderful when a game gets free updates for months or a year after it has been released? These four games are great about giving gamers what they want!

Top 6 Epic Easter Eggs in Video Games

There are so many hidden secrets in games. As people play, it's like the developers are nodding and winking at them. These are six of the best Easter eggs.

The Witcher 2 Free to Gwent Closed Beta Participants

CD Projekt Red rewards Gwent closed beta players with The Witcher 2.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III DLC Free for 30 Days

Now's the time to check out Call of Duty: Black Ops III multiplayer DLC.

Netflix's Castlevania Has a Release Date

Netflix's Castlevania adaptation is in July!

Fallout 4 Free for Xbox One and PC This Weekend

Enjoy free Fallout 4 this Memorial Day weekend!

Microsoft’s Twitch Competitor Re-branded

New features are coming to Microsoft's streaming service, including split-screen streaming.

Activision Launches Bizarre Crash Bandicoot Merchandise

Does anyone need a Crash Bandicoot scented candle?

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Flails into America

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump is a hilarious, new Pokemon mobile game.

Final Fantasy VII Team “Urgently Recruiting”

Square Enix is hiring like crazy for Final Fantasy VII Remake

Halo Wars 2 - Sergeant Johnson Trailer

He's back! The newest DLC Leader for Halo Wars 2 is the man, the myth, the cigar-chompin' legend, Sergeant Johnson himself - and this time he's brought some mechanized backup with him…

Xbox - Game Pass Walkthrough

Larry Hryb, Xbox LIve's Major Nelson walks through the Xbox Game Pass experience, including launch titles, how to sign up, and more!

7 Ridiculously Expensive Lego Sets That Shouldn’t Exist

Lego makes some incredible sets. Some of them cost so much money! These are the most valuable ones you'll see.

Our Dreams of Red Dead in 2017 Are Dead

Red Dead Redemption 2 won't be out in 2017. Which is sad. But are there positives and negatives to this development?

Skylanders Academy Gets Third Season

Skylanders Academy season two is coming later this year, with season three set for 2018.

Sega Forever Might Bring Retro Games to Mobile Devices

If you want the chance to play retro Sega games on your phone, you might eventually!

Gwent Officially in Public Beta

The public beta for Gwent has launched, meaning everyone can give it a go!

New Xbox Game Pass Information Arrives

Xbox Game Pass is available for Gold subscribers today and on June 1 for those without.

Tekken 7 - Story Trailer

Some fight for honor, duty, revenge, or debts that can never be paid. The Best Fights are Personal and every obstacle on the way will define you. Get ready for the next battle with the best-selling fighting game series!

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game - Cinematic Trailer

From the creators of The Witcher series of games, developer CD PROJEKT RED, comes a different type of collectible card game. Based on skill rather than luck, GWENT encourages use of strategy and deception to defeat your opponents.

The Amazing Race Features Street Fighter V Segment

The Amazing Race will pit its contestants against pro Street Fighter players.