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Titanfall Celebrating 10 Million Sales

It's an army of mechs larger than the world’s biggest militaries combined.

Lab Zero Releases Free Protoype of Indivisible

This RPG from the creators of Skullgirls already looks beautiful.

Fan-made amiibo Generates Thousands for Charity

This is the only overpriced amiibo worth buying.

Pikascrewed: Pokemon Co. Brings Down the Hammer

Fans flip a middle finger and rally support for the accused.

WWE 2K16 - MyCareer Official Gameplay Trailer

Make your own way from NXT all the way to the Hall of Fame in WWE 2K16

Battlefield 4 - Community Operations - Playtest Trailer

First look at the upcoming Battlefield 4 Community Operations DLC.

Spider-Man Catches The Avengers in His Web

Oh what tangled webs we weave when trust in Sony we bequeath.

The Red-Headed Stepchild of the Uncharted Collection?

It's really all right if the Golden Abyss falls into the pit of history.

Does Metal Gear Solid V Objectify Quiet?

Does Metal Gear Solid V want us to feel ashamed for objectifying Quiet?

All Xbox One Controllers Getting Button-Mapping

Everyone will get to customize their Xbox One control schemes, not just the Elite.

Free DLC is Coming to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 is a mess, but at least free DLC is on the way.

PS4 Could Be $350 this Christmas

You may want to wait to buy a PS4. There's $50 in it for you.

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void CE Includes Field Manual

StarCraft II's expansion teaches you a thing or two with a book and documentary.

Assassin's Creed Movie Casts Lead Characters' Fathers

You may feel irony or experience glee when hearing who the newest Assassin's Creed cast members are.

Star Fox Zero Running at 120 FPS

Actually, it’s running at 60 FPS, twice.

NBA 2K16 Hits Record-Shattering Sales

2K made more money in a week than LeBron makes in a year.

Street Fighter V - Zangief Reveal Trailer

Capcom reveals Zangief for Street Fighter 5's roster.

Microsoft Finally Announces Fallout 4 Bundle

November can’t come soon enough.

Top 10 Hottest N64 Games of All Time

One of the greatest video game system of all time launched this week back in the glorious days of 1996, and we couldn’t help but commemorate all of its greatness with a 64-bit top ten list!

A Word From a Pissed Off Nintendo Fan

I have a New 3DS, but I'm still mad at Nintendo. Can we bring Nintendo kicking and screaming into the modern gaming market?

Clancraft: A Guide to Halo 5 Multiplayer Success

These specialist players might be lone wolves, but they could be the heroes of your Warzone clan.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Supports amiibo

18 amiibo suddenly became a little more useful to 3DS owners.

Humble Monthly Bundle Gives You Guaranteed Games

First there was the Humble Bundle, then the Humble Weekly Bundle and Mobile Bundle. Now, there's a Humble Monthly Bundle.