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  • Grab your Pokeballs while ya can, 'cause CheatCC's predicting this latest Pokemon craze has a definite expiration date.

  • Why has Bandai Namco abandoned the best fighting game series in the world to focus solely on Tekken 7?

  • One of CheatCC's team members recently got a chance to strap-on the PlayStation VR and take it for a virtual spin. What sights and sounds did they experience, and more importantly, is the PSVR everything we'd hoped it would be? Find out more inside!

  • Rule #34 states that if something exists in the universe, it has a pornographic counterpart. And while this may have proven true for movies and television, gaming seems to have been mostly overlooked during its 40+ year history. But why? CheatCC attempts to uncover this weird, filthy mystery.

  • Where the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild falls in the universe's timeline has baffled both fans and the most accomplished theorists alike. So join CheatCC as we hop in our DeLorean, power up the flux capacitor and attempt to make sense of all this alternate universe madness!

Will Sony Have the Guts to Challenge Nintendo?

Pretty soon Nintendo will completely dominate the handheld market. Can Sony cop a slice of that pie, or is the Vita's failure a sign of the times?

Will a New Final Fantasy Film Flop at Theaters?

Fifteen years after its famous flop, Square Enix is back in movie theaters. Here's why things will turn out all right this time.

Game-on-the-Go in Complete Relaxation With the Sumo Air

The Sumo Air lounger will let you play your games absolutely everywhere.

Top 5 Reasons Pokemania Won’t Last

Is Pokemon Go about to permanently run out of Pokeballs?

Nintendo Celebrating Kirby's Birthday on 3DS, Wii U eShop

A handful of past Kirby games, as well as a demo for Planet Robobot, are now live on the eShop.

NX Could Be Compatible With Nintendo Mobile Games

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the NX will be compatible with Nintendo's impending line of smartphone games.

Destiny: The Collection Coming This August?

A comprehensive bundle containing everything Destiny has to offer, including Rise of Iron, could be on the way.

Rainbow Six Siege Gets a Free Weekend on PC, Xbox One

Starting today, Xbox One and PC gamers can try out Rainbow Six Siege for free.

Madden 17 - Ratings Reveal Trailer

The New England Patriots tight end boasts a 99 overall rating in the football game.

Prey - What Is Prey?

"Prey is not a sequel, it’s not a remake, it has no tie with the original,” says Raphael Colantonio, president and creative director of Arkane Studios.

Warhammer: The End Times Gets Definitive on Consoles

Time to stem the Vermintide with Warhammer: The End Times on consoles.

Yakuza 5 and Patapon 3 Lead August’s PlayStation Plus Lineup

The August 2016 PlayStation Plus freebies are fine, I suppose.

Pokemon Go Exploit Gives You a Wider View

You can see lots of Pokemon on the horizon with this horizontal Pokemon Go exploit.

Life Is Strange Is Getting a Digital Show

Life is Strange will be going on a new kind of digital adventure.

BlizzCon 2016’s Goody Bag Is a Box

BlizzCon 2016's goody bag is being all boxed up this year.

Why Old-school Sonic Will Always Be Best

What's so great about the original Sonic that it outmatches most games even today?

Does a Mobile NX Spell Doom for Nintendo?

Multiple sources are reporting that the NX is a Tegra-powered handheld unit. Does that excite you or worry you?

CheatCC’s Plea For More Soul Calibur

Why has Bandai Namco abandoned the best fighting game series in the world to focus solely on Tekken 7?

Nintendo Reports Big Q1 Losses

We can't say we're surprised. The Wii U is on the way out and we still haven't had an official NX reveal.

Digital Foundry: NX May Use Powerful New Tegra Chip

Digital Foundry analyzes Tegra's X1 chip that's said to power current NX development kits, but is it just a placeholder?

No Man's Sky Sees Slight Delay on PC

Don't worry, everyone. Save your death threats; it's only a three-day delay.

Pokemon Go Plus Device Delayed Until September

Trainers will have to wait another month or so before they can catch critters with the tap of a button.

How Watch Dogs 2 is More Than Just a Game

Watch Dogs 2 is one of the most relevant and political games this year.