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  • Easy to pick up and impossible to put down, these eight games have the potential to totally ruin your productivity and social life. But the thing won't even care!

  • Sony's PlayStation Meeting is taking place next Wednesday in New York. Will Neo finally be revealed there and what more will we learn? CheatCC gazes into our crystal ball to bring you our predictions!

  • Almost every major game is being delayed in 2016, but to us it's just another day at the office apparently.

  • Attack on Titan has spanned comic books, novels, animated television, and even a live action movie. The mechanics of the story and combat are a smart fit to translate into a video game, and developer Omega Force does a fine job blending some of its Dynasty Warriors features into the mix.

  • With the perfect storm of fresh talent and a unique direction at Infinity Ward, all signs point to the birth of an awesome new sub-series in the Call of Duty universe.

All NX Rumors Collected: 32GB Internal Storage, Region Free

Emily Rogers has kindly collected all of the circulating rumors that she and her colleagues have been able to corroborate based on their dev kit info.

The Battlefield 1 Open Beta Is Live!

At last, we can get our bloodthirsty mitts on some Battlefield 1. The open beta is now live on all platforms.

PlayStation Now Is Available on PC in the USA

PlayStation Now, the premium PS3 game streaming service, has finally rolled out in the US and UK.

Sierra Games Hit Steam, Humble Bundle Live

This might just be the best value I've ever seen in a Humble Bundle.

Minecraft’s Tumble PvP Sends Players into Lava

Face off against your friends in Minecraft's new Tumble mode.

119 Wrestlers Are in WWE 2K17’s Roster

WWE 2K17 is going to be a massive game.

Pandora Can Provide Xbox One Background Music

Xbox One owners can enjoy Pandora music while they play.

Resident Evil - Modern Hits Trailer

Resident Evil 4 joins 5 and 6 as a digital download now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Forza Horizon 3 - Halo Warthog Trailer

For the first time in any Forza game, you can now drive the most famous ground vehicle in the Halo universe – the Warthog!

Free Heroes of the Storm Heroes Being Doled Out

Every Heroes of the Storm player gets a free hero on September 13.

Why Final Fantasy’s DLC is a F#%kin' Rip-off!

You really can't throw in a $30 season pass in a $270 Collector's Edition?

The Perfect Evolution of Evolve

Let's celebrate how Turtle Rock Studios has managed to re-invent Evolve in a way that can only be done in the gaming industry.

Do You Care About PlayStation on a PC?

Through remote play, PlayStation Now, and a new wireless controller adaptor, your laptop is about to become your new gaming station.

Forza Horizon 3 Has Warthogs

Halo is seeping into Forza Horizon 3.

Rumor: NX Will Feature a Social / Share Button

Nintendo could be getting more social with the NX. Finally, we won't have to exit our games to post on Miiverse.

Sega Announces Third, Final 3D Classics Collection for 3DS

Development studio M2 has created the definitive versions of some of the best retro Sega games of all time. We expect more of the same.

Gran Turismo Sport Delayed

It sounds like we'll be waiting until 2017 to get our hands on Sony's flagship, next-gen racer.

3DS Spotlight Nintendo Direct This Thursday

Don't get too excited, Nintendo explicitly stated that it wouldn't be discussing the NX.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Trailer

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition is out! Here's a fancy new trailer to celebrate!

Watch Dogs 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough

Watch the first-ever open world, free-roam gameplay walkthrough for Watch Dogs 2.

Why You Don’t Deserve a No Man’s Sky Refund

Should you ask for a No Man's Sky refund just because everyone else is?

Are We Falling for the Scorpio Sales Pitch?

Is Microsoft just attempting to improve on the original Xbox One concept, or is Project Scorpio going to truly encapsulate Play Anywhere?

CheatCC’s PlayStation Meeting Predictions

Sony's PlayStation Meeting is taking place next Wednesday in New York. Will Neo finally be revealed there?

The Floor Really Is Lava in Hot Lava

Every floor is made of lava in Hot Lava.