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  • The Rockstar Editor, one of the only unique features to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, won't be unique much longer.

  • Madden NFL 16 introduces a number of new systems that shift the game from the sidelines to the field.

  • Newly formed developer The Coalition has been handed a tall order, taking control of one of Xbox's greatest franchises. They're already working hard on the next installment of the series, but still found a month or eighteen to remake the original Gears of War that started it all.

  • The much anticipated PS4 multiplayer beta has came and went, leaving us all with that warm Call of Duty feeling inside. So what did we think? Check out our hands-on preview from the weekend that begs the question "...can non-shooter fans also enjoy this title?"

  • The console wars have raged on for decades, with this company or that always vying for dominance. However, CheatCC has crunched the numbers and we've come away with a definitive victor. Ring the bell, this fight is over (and the winner may surprise you).

Street Fighter V - R. Mika Reveal Trailer

The wrestling-influenced R. Mika (and her tag-team partner) is confirmed. See her in action in this gameplay trailer.

Dirt Rally - World RX Multiplayer Update

Head-To-Head world rally cross racing comes to Dirt Rally.

Rumor: Shovel Knight Heading to Smash Bros.

Battle against Villager for the ultimate garden tool face-off.

Minecraft: Story Mode Coming to Wii U

Minecraft itself is still a no-show.

Steam Reaches 6,000 Games

The PC continues to quietly overshadow the console world.

Hitman may have Seven Missions at Launch

Amazon's Hitman product listing only mentions seven initial missions.

Until Dawn Streams Won't Save on Twitch

You can stream it, but it's not going to archive.

Choose Your Own Charity on the Humble Store

You can now choose which charity gets your money on the Humble Store.

Street Fighter V Worldwide Beta Begins Tomorrow

The Street Fighter V beta is going to start for real on August 28.

This Ain't Your Daddy’s Star Wars

A new look at the film’s villains and why JJ Abrams compared them to Space Nazis.

Is Xbox One’s Marketing Just Stupid?

Microsoft needs to drop the dudebro advertising of Doritos and Dew to get ahead this holiday season.

See Why GTA V Just Got Even Better!

The Rockstar Editor, one of the only unique features to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, won’t be unique much longer.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate PC Release Trails After Consoles

Assassin's Creed Syndicate will be fashionably late on PC, hopefully avoiding a repeat of the Unity launch.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 - Behind the Scenes Trailer

The sports game includes Leticia Bufoni, Chris Cole, David Gonzalez, Nyjah Huston and Lizzie Armanto.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Dickens and Darwin Pre-Order Trailer

Ubisoft has revealed the historical duo that you'll be shaking hands with if you opt to pre-order.

Why Gamers Are Pissed at Microsoft

Reducing people's access to the Xbox One Preview program isn't a good idea.

The Secret to Great Multiplayer Found!

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition's online multiplayer works at launch. Isn't it odd that we should have to celebrate that?

The Most Ported Games of All Time

Games can sometimes be like gremlins, expect feeding them after midnight isn’t the only way they multiply.

Xbox One Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta Experiencing Issues

Many users cannot redeem their beta keys.

Sony Addressing Until Dawn Issues

Some people can't even start up the game.

Madden NFL 16 Patch Incoming Soon

Will fix several bugs.

September Xbox Live Games with Gold Includes Tomb Raider

Enjoy Classic Lara while waiting for New Lara to rise.

Nintendo Announces All the Release Dates

Here are the Nintendo games you can enjoy before the end of the year.