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Ubisoft Confirms: No Assassin's Creed This Year

It's ok to take a rest, Ubisoft. History isn't going anywhere.

GTA Online “Be My Valentine” Update Live on PS4, XBO, and PC

The update brings new toys, clothes, and a new Adversary Mode that begins tomorrow.

Quantum Break Launching on Xbox One and PC April 5

Get both versions with your digital pre-order.

Gabe Newell Has an Oprah Moment, Gives Away HTC Vives

You get a Vive, and you get a Vive, and you get a Vive!

Tekken 7 - Rage Attack System Trailer

This souped-up state for fighters gives them buffed-up offensive abilities.

Grand Theft Auto Online - Be My Valentine Update Trailer

Short trailer for the 2016 GTA Online Valentine's Day DLC.

World of Warcraft Movie Attendees Could Get the Game for Free

World of Warcraft moviegoers might get the game and all of its expansions.

The Walking Dead: Michonne Lumbers in on February 23

The Walking Dead: Michonne episodes will be doled out on a monthly basis.

Japan has Fallout 4 Ramen

Power Noodles ramen is appearing as a promotional Fallout 4 item in Japan.

Guitar Hero Live Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Guitar Hero Live's in the mood for love.

See One Episode of Scare PewDiePie for Free

Watch the first episode of Scare PewDiePie here!

Sometimes Rage-Quitting is the Answer

Never stick around when others make you try to lose your cool.

CheatCC’s Official Call to Delay Star Fox Zero

Pump the breaks, Nintendo. If it's not controlling like it should, it's not ready for store shelves.

Why Link Can Still Be Epic as a Female

If Link is supposed to represent the player, shouldn't he also be able to be a she?

A Brand New Pokemon Has Been Revealed

Magiana is a mysterious, man-made pokemon with a secret.

There's a Sonic the Hedgehog Movie on the Way

We're not sure how to feel about this. The movie will almost certainly be terrible.

Final Fantasy IX Out Now on Mobile

This version comes with a lot of cheesing and cheat options for you impatient folk.

Oculus Rift PC Bundles Start at $1,500

There will be five bundles that include an Oculus Rift and a PC equipped to handle it.

The Division’s Open Beta is Next Weekend

Everyone can play The Division next weekend!

McFarlane’s First Five Nights at Freddy’s Building Set Sets the Stage

Set the stage for Five Nights at Freddy's in your home with McFarlane Toys.

Xbox One Joins Rocket League Next Week

Join the best kind of league, the Rocket League.

Johnny Depp Joins Universal’s Classic Monsters Universe

Can you see Johnny Depp as the Invisible Man?

Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Black Market Update Trailer

New items and weapons are coming to Black Ops 3's Black Market.