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Lock n’ Load with the Weapons of Destiny!

Hand canons and pulse rifles are just some of the sweet new tech.

Actor Donal Logue Talks Gotham’s Harvey Bullock

Gotham debuts on FOX this September.

Marvel Updates Film Release Schedule

Films tentatively slated all the way until 2019!

Bungie to pay $95k to former Halo Composer

The former Halo composer of Destiny developer Bungie, Marty O’Donnell, is said to to receive $95,000 from his ex-employer after being let go “without cause” back in early-April.

The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection is currently free for Everyone

You’ll be able to redeem a specific code for a copy of The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection from now until Thursday, July 31 at 10am Pacific Daylight Time.

Titanfall's "Update 5" brings in-game currency, daily challenges and More

Titanfall developer Respawn has Entertainment revealed a few details regarding Titanfall’s “Update 5” during a livestream for the game’s upcoming Frontier’s Edge DLC.

Star Wars: Battlefront releases around next Star Wars Movie Launch

Bigwig publisher Electronic Arts has stated during its latest earnings call that it hopes to launch the next addition to the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: Battlefront, around the same time as the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII movie.

Nvidia Shield Tablet Creators Take Inspiration from the Model T

How does NVIDIA's Shield Tablet compare to the Model T?

Kickstarter Suspends Campaign for Areal

Not even Vladimir Putin can save Areal from being shut down on Kickstarter.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition - Yacht Rock Singles Pack Trailer

Yacht Rock gets the Rocksmith treatment.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 - SDCC 2014 Trailer

Pac-Man is back in the Ghostly Adventures 2.

Lords of the Fallen - Sins Trailer

See the sins of the Lords of the Fallen.

Killzone: Shadow Fall - Stormgracht Map DLC Trailer

Check out the latest map for Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Hyrule Warriors - Link with Gauntlet Trailer

Check out the latest character trailer for Hyrule Warriors.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Heroes - Collector's Edition Trailer

Check out the Collector's Editions for Disney Infinity: Marvel Heroes.

Assassin's Creed: Unity - Experience Trailer

Get ready for the Assassin's Creed: Unity experience.

Counter Spy - Launch Trailer

Get a look at the Counter Spy launch trailer.

Alien: Isolation - The Cast of Alien

Meet the cast of Alien: Isolation.

Destiny May Be Destined To Fail

Will the introduction of a heavy role-playing element be the Achilles heel that stops some gamers from embracing this innovative new twist on the FPS genre?

Dragon Age: Inquisition's Delay was to be Expected

Dragon Age: Inquisition's release date has been pushed back a month, and everyone should have seen this coming.

New Screens Shown Off for Bravely Second

New Bravely Second screens shown.

Uncharted Movie Has Been Pushed Up

The Uncharted movie has been pushed up.

Sakurai Announces Mega Man Stage for Smash Bros. 3DS

Some stages will be in both versions of Smash Bros.

Smash Bros. Goes On Demand at Comic Con

Nintendo will bring Smash to you at Comic Con.