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  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown became the standard-bearer for every tactical turn-based game that followed. With skillful improvements and well-designed new features, XCOM 2 now holds the torch, and its light is blinding.

  • The roster of world-warriors who've came and went over the years is almost too staggering to count. But CheatCC has compiled a list of our top seven fighters we feel would be a perfect addition to Capcom's upcoming fifth installment.

  • With four new maps and one zombie offering in the latest Awakening DLC pack, gamers may want to consider ponying up some dough for Black Ops III's season pass.

  • THQ may have gone bankrupt before it could produce the WWE game we all wanted, but 2K has proven it's more than capable of managing this iconic franchise right into the hall of fame!

  • The real magic happens when we all pitch in, and the popularity of crowdfunded games are proof of that. So CheatCC is counting down five awesome start-ups you really owe it to yourself to play this year.

Ubisoft Generously Applies Game-Breaking Patch to Rainbow Six

Why are you doing this to us? Why do you have to ruin your best game?

Break Out Your Debit Cards for Halo 5's $25 Req Bundle

Yes, everything is still cosmetic and yes, 343 insists that this is what keeps the new maps free.

Destiny Update Brings Change to the Crucible

Those of you with slower connections won't be happy.

Conan O'Brien Is Clueless Playing DOOM

Two opposing Super Bowl players join Marshawn Lynch to help Conan blow up some demons.

Rumor: Nintendo May Let Us Meet Our Mother 3

We may get one more Earthbound game in North America!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Will Give Us Time to Reflect

Signing up is the catalyst for possibly being part of a Mirror's Edge closed beta.

Nathan Drake Will Always Stare at You With This PS4

Don't worry. Even though the Nathan Drake on your Uncharted 4 PS4 is watching you, he isn't judging you.

Meet Your DOOM in May

Don't feel doomed by the inevitable DOOM launch and collector's edition.

XCOM 2 Loves the Steam Controller

The Steam Controller's new best friend has an alien problem.

Why Skyrim Porn is Great for Gaming!

Skyrim's Pornhub videos aren't just about virtual sexy-times. They show an evolution of fan-created content.

Is Piracy Now an Unavoidable Evil in 2016?

Jonathan Blow's The Witness has proven that a large number of people still prefer to steal their games.

XCOM 2 - Official Launch Trailer

Watch the official gameplay launch trailer for XCOM 2, now available worldwide. ADVENT is a lie, and their time is up. Build a resistance to save humanity.

Introducing the New Ghostbusters

Have you met all the new Ghostbusters yet? Check out our image gallery and say hello!

DOOM - Official Campaign Trailer

Bethesda has announced Doom's worldwide release date on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Black Ice Trailer

The shooter is receiving two new operators and a free map.

Stop Crying Censorship Over Japanese Imports

When a company decides on its own to alter content for the West, is it censorship? No, it's not, and here's why.

Could LEGO Force Awakens Suck?

I learned my lesson after playing through Lego Marvel's Avengers, but did TT Games?

Capcom’s Starting a Mario Party in Arcades

Arcades will get to host Mario Parties in Japan.

Bungie Asks Former Destiny Players Where And Why They Left

Why did you stop playing Destiny? Why? Please, just tell Bungie why.

Watch Overwatch’s Closed Beta Open Again February 9

When watching isn't enough, then you have to get into the next closed beta for Overwatch.

Uncharted’s Nathan Drake Action Figure Can be Smarmy or Steaming Mad

This Nathan Drake is the Ultimate Nathan Drake.

Are You Secretly a Developer’s Guinea Pig?

Don't pay for something companies should perhaps even pay you to do.

Top 7 Fighters We Want in Street Fighter V

These seven fighers would be perfect additions to Capcom's signature fighter.

Batman: Arkham Knight Won’t Fight Crime on Mac or Linux Systems

The Arkham Knight is only going to show up on Windows PCs.