WarioWare Inc: Mega Microgames

  • Music test

    At the options screen, choose the "Name Entry" selection. Select "Yes" to enter a name. Do not actually enter a name. Instead, press L to display the music test screen.

  • Scroll faster on grid

    You can scroll through the writing faster on the grid by tapping or holding L or R.

  • Intermission bonus

    During a break when it shows a character, press A and something will happen.

  • Boss mode

    Successfully complete the game to unlock an option to fight just Bosses.

  • Staff mode

    Successfully complete the game to unlock an option to view the game's developers.

  • Pyoro mini-game

    Successfully complete the Wario stage to unlock the Pyoro mini-game. Alternately, unlock all of the mini-games for every character.

  • Pyoro 2 mini-game

    Beat the challenge score on every Microgame to unlock the Pyoro 2 mini-game.

  • Dr. Wario mini-game

    Get 15 mails against Blue Jimmy to unlock the Dr. Wario mini-game.

  • Fly Swatter mini-game

    Get 20 mails against Yellow Jimmy to unlock the Fly Swatter mini-game.

  • Wario's Sheriff mini-game

    Get 25 mails against Red Jimmy to unlock the Wario's Sheriff mini-game.

  • Paper Plane mini-game

    Successfully defeat Red Jimmy to unlock the Paper Plane mini-game.

  • Easy mode

    Defeat Wario to unlock the "Easy mode" option.

  • Thrilling mode

    Successfully complete the game in easy mode with a high score to unlock the "Thrilling mode" option.

  • Hard mode

    Get at least 15 mails in Thrilling mode.

  • Alternate music in Jump Forever

    Get over 100 points in Jump Forever to unlock three alternate songs the next time that mini-game is played.

  • Skip! with Jimmy

    When you are on the three second game, jump where you have to jump the skipping rope. Note: When the rope is on the ground, jump. Do not jump when the rope is in the air.

  • Tennis with Jimmy

    When you are on the tennis game, wait for the ball to bounce and then give it a whack.

  • Chop with Jimmy

    To chop up the piece of log, hit it when the bar reaches the red.

  • Hurdle with Jimmy

    When you get to the hurdle, make sure there is no gap between you and the hurdle; otherwise you will not make it.

  • Genres

    The following is a list of the characters with their genres:

      Jimmy: Sports
      9 Volt: Nintendo Classics
      Mona: Strange
      Dribble: Sci-Fi
      Dr Crygor: Reality
      Orbulon: IQ
      Kat: Nature

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