Chameleon Twist

Strategy Guide

  • Boss battle

    Collect at least twenty crowns and beat the Boss on each level. Then, a box marked "….?" will appear on the level selection screen. This new option will allow each of the Bosses from the six levels to be fought. Note: The symbols above the doors indicate which Boss can be selected for battle.

  • Hints
      Full life bar

      Press Start and select "Save" to save the game after entering a room with very little life remaining. Then, press Start to return to the menu and select "Exit" to return to the main menu. Select "Load" and reload the just created saved game to resume game play with a full life bar.

      Disappear into the wall

      Begin a game on level 1. Then, proceed as normal until reaching a place with pits with ground and posts in them. Walk backwards a bit and use your character's tongue to grab the first post. Spin fully around to suddenly disappear into the wall. Note: Never go over the pits with just ground.

    Game Shark Codes

    Extra Crowns 80251767 0015
    Unlock All Levels8020850E 00FF
    80208510 00FF

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