Diddy Kong Racing

Strategy Guide

  • Quick start

    At the moment the race commentator says "Get Ready" and those words fade from the screen, press A.

  • Space World

    Collect all the trophies and amulets, then locate the sign by the lighthouse. Approach the sign and honk your horn. The lighthouse will turn into a rocket and launch into space, allowing access to the bonus fifth world.

  • Second adventure

    Enable the "Space World" code. Then, beat Wizpig on this world. An "Adventure 2" option will now be available. This adventure involves collecting platinum balloons on reversed tracks.

  • Play as Drumstick

    Collect all of the trophies and amulets. Move to the central area, with the red spot that leads to all other zones. Then, run over the frog that has a red bird perched on its head to access Drumstick.

  • Play as T.T.

    After selecting a character, choose "Tracks" and turn time trials on. Then, beat one of the following times with the default vehicle used in Adventure mode on that track. Example, Hot Top Volcano, use the plane, not the hovercraft. Beat the required time, and you will race T.T.'s ghost. Beat his ghost time (which is "Time To Beat") on every track and he will become a selectable character.

    TrackRequired TimeTime To Beat
    Ancient Lakes1:07.001:01.28
    Fossil Canyon 1:37.001:30.18
    Jungle Falls1:08.001:02.50
    Hot Top Volcano 1:35.001:30.71
    Everfrost Peak1:53.001:48.00
    Walrus Cove2:10.002:06.28
    Snowball Valley1:13.001:06.41
    Frosty Village1:44.001:39.40
    Whale Bay1:19.001:13.11
    Crescent Island1:39.001:33.16
    Pirate Lagoon1:34.001:28.56
    Treasure Caves1:10.001:05.63
    Windmill Plains2:22.002:13.13
    Greenwood Village1:46.001:40.61
    Boulder Canyon2:11.002:02.35
    Haunted Woods1:22.001:09.51
    Spacedust Alley2:12.002:06.16
    Darkmoon Carverns2:20.002:12.05
    Spaceport Alpha 2:16.002:09.03
    Star City2:07.002:01.45

  • Cheat Codes

    Enter one of the following codes through the "Magic Codes" selection on the options screen. Enter the code again to disable the cheat effect. Note: The cheat codes can not be saved and must be entered with each game session. Additionally, some codes will only work in Tracks mode and have no effect in Adventure mode.

    CodeWhat It Does
    OPPOSITESATTRACTAll balloons are rainbow
    TOXICOFFENDERAll balloons are green
    BODYARMORAll balloons are yellow
    BOMBSAWAYAll balloons are red
    ROCKETFUELAll balloons are blue
    BOGUSBANANASBananas slow race
    VITAMINBInfinite bananas
    FREEFRUITStart with 10 bananas
    NOYELLOWSTUFFNo bananas in multiplayer mode
    BYEBYEBALLOONSNo CPU player weapons
    JOINTVENTURETwo-player adventure mode
    ARNOLDLarge racers
    TEENYWEENIESSmall racers
    DOUBLEVISIONRace against same character
    BLABBERMOUTHAlternate horn
    FREEFORALLLevel three items
    JUKEBOXMusic test [Note 1]
    OFFROADNo slow down [Note 2]
    WHODIDTHISView credits

    Note 1: A music test option will be available on the "Audio Options" menu.

    Note 2: To drive at full speed, leave the track

    Game Shark Codes

    Keycode Required
    Enable Code (Must Be On)DE004000 0000
    99 Balloons801FCBED 0063
    Enable Cheat Modifier 1810DFD9E ????
    Activate Cheat Modifier 1810DFD9A ????
    Enable Cheat Modifier 2810DFD9C ????
    Activate Cheat Modifier 2810DFD9A ????
    Have All Amulets811FC9E6 FFFF
    Have All Trophies811FC9DE FFFF
    Have All Keys811FC9D8 FFFF
    Press GS Button to Load Second Adventure880DF497 0001
    Codes To Have Level Completely Finished
    Fossil Canyon801FCAF7 00FF
    Pirate Lagoon801FCAFB 00FF
    Ancient Lake801FCAFF 00FF
    Snowball Valley801FCB03 00FF
    Hot Top Volcano801FCB07 00FF
    Whale Bay801FCB0B 00FF
    Snowball Valley801FCB0F 00FF
    Crescent Island801FCB13 00FF
    Fire Mountain801FCB17 00FF
    Everfrost Peak801FCB1F 00FF
    Spaceport Alpha801FCB27 00FF
    Spacedust Ally801FCB2F 00FF
    Greenwood Village801FCB33 00FF
    Boulder Canyon801FCB37 00FF
    Windmill Plains801FCB3B 00FF
    Smokey Castle801FCB4F 00FF
    Darkwater Beach801FCB53 00FF
    Icicle Pyramid801FCB57 00FF
    Frosty Village801FCB5B 00FF
    Jungle Falls801FCB5F 00FF
    Treasure Caves801FCB63 00FF
    Haunted Woods801FCB67 00FF
    Darkmoon Caverns801FCB6B 00FF
    Star City801FCB6F 00FF
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Cheat Modifier 1 Codes
    0100 - Horn Cheat
    0200 - Print Coords
    0400 - Display Credits
    0800 - Disable Weapons
    1000 - Disable Bananas
    2000 - Bananas Reduce Speed
    4000 - No Limit to Bananas
    8000 - All Balloons Are Red
    0001 - Activate T.T.
    0002 - Activate Drumstick
    0004 - Mirrored Tracks
    0008 - High Speed Racing
    0010 - Big Characters
    0020 - Small Characters
    0040 - Music Menu
    0080 - Start With 10 Bananas
    FFFF - All Cheats in List
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Cheat Modifier 2 Codes
    0100 - Two Player Adventure
    0200 - Ultimate AI
    0400 - Free Balloon
    0800 - EPC Lock up Display
    1000 - Rom Checksum
    0001 - All Balloons Are Green
    0002 - All Balloons Are Blue
    0004 - All Balloons Are Yellow
    0008 - All Balloons Are Rainbow
    0010 - Maximum Power up
    0020 - Turn Off Zippers
    0040 - Select Same Player
    0080 - Four Wheel Drive
    10FF - All Cheats in List

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