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  • Easy money

    Collect resources like iron, jute, maple, and rawhide. They are very valuable in all forms. Leather and fabric is used for crafting clothing, metals are used for blacksmithing, and wood is used for woodworking. You can always find metal ore near large rocks or cliffs; look for mounds of brown or black rocks. Wood is found near trees and bushes; look for discarded logs with a few leaves on the side. Leather is harder to find. Usually non-aggressive animals or natural dwellers will randomly drop hides. Fabric is harder to see, but look for collections of yellow or blue stalks sticking out from fields to find it. To craft with these items, you first need to refine them. Take leather or fabric to clothing stations, metal to blacksmithing anvils, and wood to woodworking tables. These places are typically found together. Use your map while in towns to find where they are located. Resources can be sold for a profit, but you can always earn more money by first refining the resources. However, you are only be able to refine resources in groups of ten. Once they have been refined, they are instantly worth more money to merchants. To earn even more money, use the refined resources to construct items. It does not matter what you build with the refined resources. Do this often to increase your crafting skill level and make lots of extra money. Note: Save upgrade items and trait gems for items you intend to keep.

    You can earn easy money using the provisioning (cooking) skill, which allows you to create buffs for health, stamina, and magicka. You can easily find lots of ingredients for provisions in crates, barrels, and baskets. Any brown wooden or wicker container usually contains ingredients. Provisioning is one of the easiest skills to get to Level 50. Find recipes by searching through cupboards, house chests, and night stands. They are commonly found in inns and town homes. By finding and using recipes, you will unlock new combinations of ingredients to create at cooking fires, which are found in base camps and inns. The ingredients are not valuable by themselves (you will need a lot of available inventory space to store all the ingredients), but once you have completed a recipe with the required ingredients, you can sell off anything extra for easy money. To double your profits, unlock the "Chef" or "Brewer" special provisioning skills by reaching Provisioning Skill Level 7 and 9, respectively. Each rank of "Chef" instantly creates 1, 2, and 3 extra servings of a completed food recipe at no extra ingredient cost. It works the same way for each rank of "Brewer" with drinks.

  • Easy buying and selling

    Join a trade guild to sell items and resources to other players without having to use Zone chat. Every guild has a store where members can buy and sell their merchandise (with the right permissions unlocked). If you join a large trade guild group, you will also have plenty of potential customers. There currently are many 50+ trading guilds advertising membership in Zone chat. Try joining one that gives you the ability to buy and sell right away. Usually these types of trade guilds are full of crafters looking to purchase extra resources to save time. They are a good place to buy more items and resources at a reduced price, or easily sell for slightly higher prices than NPC vendors.

  • Becoming an Emperor

    You can earn the Emperor title through PvP combat in Cyrodiil. The Alliance War zone can only be accessed through Wayshrine after Level 10. To get the Emperor title, an alliance must capture six keeps surrounding the Imperial City. Once the keeps have been captured by one faction, the player with the highest faction rating will become the Emperor. Emperors receive a unique skill set of five passive abilities that are extremely powerful. Their presence helps other players during siege battles as well. They are also given a unique costume. Emperors are dethroned when an opposing alliance captures the six keeps, or when another allied player becomes the highest ranked player in the alliance. Additionally, Emperor skills are still retained after a player is not an Emperor any longer, but the skills are much weaker. The Emperor skills for both current and previous Emperors are as followed:


      Emperor: +200% ultimate gains, and -5% ultimate costs
      Previous Emperor: -5% ultimate costs


      Emperor: +100% health, magicka, and stamina regeneration while in combat
      Previous Emperor: +2% health, magicka, and stamina regeneration while in combat


      Emperor: +100% health, magicka, and stamina while in your campaign
      Previous Emperor: +2% health, magicka, and stamina while in your campaign


      Emperor: +50% magnitude of healing effects on Emperors
      Previous Emperor: +1% magnitude of healing effects on Emperors


      Emperor: +100% siege weapon damage
      Previous Emperor: +2% siege weapon damage

  • Becoming a vampire

    To become a vampire, you first must contract the disease. If you are a werewolf or are infected with the disease, you cannot contract vampirism. There are two ways to contract the vampirism disease. You can find vampires in all advanced level zones in Tamriel. They are in special sites (similar to dungeon or battle zone markers) with a crescent moon symbol. Have a vampire bite you to contract vampirism, and the "Scion Of The Blood Matron" quest will appear in your journal. Successfully complete the quest to be able to either become a vampire, or cure yourself of the disease. You can also have another player that is infected with vampirism bite you at the vampire ritual site to contract it. There is a seven day cooldown period between each bite. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a vampire. You will gain a new skill line in the World Skills submenu, and your avatar will experience four stages of vampiric effects that add particular buffs or debuffs over a period of time.

      Stage 1 (30 minutes): +50% fire damage weakness
      Stage 2 (60 minutes): -25% health regeneration, +50% fire damage weakness, -20% health cost to vampirism skills
      Stage 3 (90 minutes): -50% health regeneration, +50% fire damage weakness, -40% health cost to vampirism skills
      Stage 4 (90+ minutes): -75% health regeneration, +50% fire damage weakness, -60% health cost to vampirism skills

    Vampires are always vulnerable to fire, and their special vampire skills cost health instead of magicka to cast. To lower stages of vampirism, you must feed on human opponents. Use invisibility (Nightblade skill) or Dark Stalker to make this much easier. Alternatively, crouch and approach a human PVE enemy to get the option to feed.

  • Becoming a werewolf

    To become a werewolf, you first must contract the disease. There are two ways to contract the disease. You can find werewolves in advanced level zones, like The Rift. Get attacked by a werewolf to eventually become infected with Sanies Lupinus. Once infected, the "Hircine's Gift" quest will appear in your journal. Successfully complete the quest to be able to either become a werewolf, or cure yourself of the disease. You can also have another player with the Bloodmoon skill unlocked bite you at the werewolf ritual site to contract it. There is a seven day cooldown period between each bite. You must use the "Werewolf Transformation" ultimate ability to transform into a werewolf and use the special skills. You can unlock the "Werewolf Transformation" ability and the rest of the active/passive werewolf skill line by completing the "Hircine's Gift" quest. While the werewolf skills are active, they will use stamina. There are not any obvious weakness to werewolves, but they are weak to Fighter's Guild skills. They do not have to feed like vampires do, but they must build ultimate points to take advantage of their unique skills.

  • Getting married

    To marry another player, you need "The Pledge Of Mara" unique item, which can only be used once. Players can marry up to eight players per account. A married character cannot be re-married, and there is no divorce option currently available. Once a bond is made, it is permanently attached to that character. Currently, the only way to obtain "The Pledge Of Mara" item is by purchasing the upgraded Imperial Edition of the game for $20 to get the included "The Pledge Of Mara" item. According to ESO Support, there will be other ways to earn "The Pledge Of Mara" item at a later date. Once you have "The Pledge Of Mara" item, go to the "Shrine Of Mara", which can be found in all three factions' major starting cities. They can also be found in each faction's capital. Then, have both players wanting to get married stand next to the Shrine Of Mara. Select "The Pledge Of Mara" item, and place it in the quick-select menu. Target the other player, and activate "The Pledge Of Mara" in the quick-select menu. A prompt will appear, asking if you want to complete the ritual of Mara. Agree to receive special rings. While both players have the rings equipped, they will gain a +10% XP bonus.

  • Resetting skills and attributes

    To reset your skills and attributes, go to one of the three shrine areas in the game, depending on your faction. You must be a higher level character to enter the areas containing the shrines. Alternatively, you can have a higher level player go to the location, and then you can travel to the player. To reach the shrine for the Aldmeri Dominion faction, go to Grahtwood, and look for three shrines in that area. One of the shrines is for resetting your attributes, and another one is for resetting your skill points. In order to reset your skills or attributes, you must donate gold. The amount of gold you must donate is usually high and depends on your level.

  • Extra inventory slots

    To immediately increase your inventory space at the beginning of the game, once you reach the first town, go to the marketplace where there are several merchants. Go to the bag merchant, and he will add 10 inventory slots to your inventory for just 400 gold. To get 10 more slots, it will cost 2,000 gold. The maximum numbers of slots is 110.

  • Managing inventory

    There are multiple ways to manage your inventory so it is not always full. Use the "Extra inventory slots" tip to increase the slots in your inventory. There is also an option to keep your items in the bank. A total of 60 items can be placed in the bank, and all the users of that bank will be able to use those items. You can also place items in your horse's inventory. You can increase the inventory capacity for your horse by putting points towards it. A good way to manage your inventory is by focusing on what you already have and what you need. All the raw items are completely useless and have no sale value. Instead of just dropping them, try cooking them to get something out of them and receive a commendable reward. To do this, you need to know some recipes. The more recipes you are aware of the ingredients required for the items, the easier it will be to manage all the items. There is a skill that allows you to craft six items from one ingredient. If you enjoy crafting, acquire that skill. Not only will it help you in keeping your inventory empty, but it is also a good source for earning gold. You can also give items you do not need to other players in the game. Players with higher attributes in crafting can create a better product. They can be used to create incredibly powerful weapons and potions.

  • Emotes commands

    Enter one of the following text commands to perform the corresponding emote action:


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