Faces Of War


Invincible units

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use an archival utility (for example, WinRAR) to extract the files found in the "game.pak" file in the "\ubisoft\faces of war\resource" directory. Specifically, extract the "tactis.dl", "normal.dl", "hard.dl", and "easy.dl" files in the "set/difficulty" folder in the "game.pak" archive file. Use a text editor to edit the extracted files, and change the values under the "ally" header in each of the files to the following:

    health_increase 40
    health 40

Add the modified files back to their original locations within the "game.pak" file with WinRAR or another archival utility.

Controlling groups easily

To easily control groups of soldiers in missions where you have to take control of all the men on the battlefield, place all your men in one group. If you have a group of men, make as many groups as needed. Keep the person you want to control out of the groups. Turn all the tabs on the soldiers interface to the left (for example, "Free Move", "Open Fire", etc.). Take your men near the battle, and select "Disband" (the button with four small triangles). Your men should now become skillful soldiers.

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