Mass Effect 2

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  • Cheat Codes

    Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "Coalesced.ini" file in the "\Program Files\Team JPN\Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked" directory. Change the indicated lines in the file to the listed modified value to unlock the corresponding cheat function:

    Result Original Line Modified Line
    Infinite ammo [Note] bInfiniteAmmo=true bInfiniteAmmo=false
    Infinite fuel FuelEfficiency=1.5 FuelEfficiency=0.0
    Extra health Health=1500 Health=9500
    Extra fuel MaxFuel=1000 MaxFuel=3000
    Extra Medigel MaxMedigel=1 MaxMedigel=9
    Extra Probes MaxProbes=30 MaxProbes=90
    No reloads AmmoPerShot=1 AmmoPerShot=0

    Note: There are multiple instances of this line in the file.

  • Prequel bonuses

    Have a saved game file from the original Mass Effect on your hard drive, and use that profile in Mass Effect 2 to get the following bonuses:

      100,000 credits: Mass Effect character with the "Rich" achievement
      30,000 credits: Level 50 Mass Effect character
      2,000 experience points: Level 50 Mass Effect character
      5,000 of each resource: Level 50 Mass Effect character
      50,000 credits: Level 60 Mass Effect character
      4,000 experience points: Level 60 Mass Effect character
      10,000 of each resource: Level 60 Mass Effect character

  • Dr. Pepper bonuses

    Use the following steps to get the bonus Dr. Pepper bonus items. Go to, and register for an account. Note: You can register three different accounts to redeem three different codes and get each bonus item. After creating an account, enter one of the following redemption codes, and select the "No Purchase" option:


    Select the "Redeem" button to get a login for an EA account. Log in with your EA account information that is linked to Mass Effect 2. Select Mass Effect 2 from the game list, and choose the desired bonus item. Repeat the steps with a new account to get the other bonus items.

  • Completion bonuses

    Successfully complete the game. Then, start a new game with the cleared saved game file to start with the following bonuses: choose Loyalty Bonus Skill at the start; retain Skill Points from first playthrough; retain level and experience points from first playthrough; +25% experience bonus for all characters; 200,000 credits, 50,000 of each resource; Renegade and Paragon points reset to neutral; and your weapons and armor (but no upgrades) from first playthrough.

  • Loyalty mission bonuses

    Successfully complete the indicated party member's Loyalty mission or task to unlock the corresponding skill for Shepard, alternate colors for their costumes, and increase the chance for surviving the suicide mission. Note: Successfully complete the Advanced Training research upgrade for your ship to be able to select the skills.

      Armor Piercing Ammo: Archangel's Loyalty mission
      Biotic Barrier: Jacob's Loyalty mission
      Dominate: Kill Samara during her Loyalty mission, and have Morinth replace her.
      Flashbang Grenade: Kasumi's Loyalty mission
      Fortification: Grunt's Loyalty mission.
      Geth Shield Boost: Legion's Loyalty mission
      Inferno Grenade: Zaeed's Loyalty mission
      Neural Shock: Mordin Solus's Loyalty mission
      Reave: Samara's Loyalty mission
      Shield Drain: Tali's Loyalty mission
      Shredder Ammo: Thane's Loyalty mission
      Slam: Miranda's Loyalty mission
      Stasis: Successfully complete "The Lair Of The Shadow Broker" DLC.
      Warp Ammo: Jack's Loyalty mission

  • Easy Paragon and Renegade points

    Throughout the game you will unlock training to redistribute your skill points. Talent Mastery adds a certain percentage to your Paragon/Renegade. Respec and distribute them into your Mastery repeatedly until your Paragon and Renegade are full.

  • Easy materials

    To find some easy mining planets, go to the Micah system in the Vallhallan Threshold, and look for the three planets hidden in the asteroids. They are all "Rich" planets with a lot of materials on them to help with your upgrades. -From: Psychotic Elf

  • Easy skill points

    Recruit Morinth to get the Dominate skill, and get a large amount of Element Zero. Buy the Advanced Training upgrade, and select Dominate. This will result in a bonus skill point, which is then used by the Retrain Powers upgrade. Repeat this process to get another skill point.

  • Easy Geth Pulse Rifle

    Change the difficulty to Hardcore before you land on the planet. Successfully complete Tali'Zora's recruitment mission to find the Geth Pulse Rifle in the room where you find Tali. You can then change the difficulty back to its original setting.

  • Cryo Bomb

    This trick requires any Biotic that lifts your enemy off the ground and the Cryo Bomb tech. Use the Biotic to lift the enemy off the ground, then hit him or her with the Cryo Bomb while they are still under the Biotic's effect. This will cause him or her to be stuck in a permanent falling state, where they are not capable of causing any damage. This is very helpful when trying to prevent the deployment of Harbinger, as once he enters the glitched body he cannot move. Thus, you can kill him at the end of a fight to prevent him from jumping into another body.

  • Rapid fire M-920 Cain

    Shoot the M-920 Cain, and keep [Fire] held while pressing [Reload] after each shot. The shots will keep firing during the previous shots' explosions.

  • Getting Dominate ability and keeping Samara alive

    Dominate is a very useful Biotic ability that allows you to control organic enemies and turn them into allies, similar to the Hack ability that controls synthetics. In order to get this ability as a Loyalty mission bonus to use for your character, you must help Morinth kill Samara during Samara's Loyalty mission. However, it is possible to keep Samara on your team but still get Morinth's Dominate ability by using the following trick. Play Samara's Loyalty mission up to the point where Samara confronts Morinth. Save the game immediately before the confrontation. When you must choose who to eliminate, choose the option that allows Morinth get the upper-hand on Samara and kill her. Create a separate saved game file. Go to the ship, and talk to Morinth. Load the previous saved game, then have Samara kill Morinth. You will now get to keep Samara as a squad mate and have Morinth's Dominate ability when you choose a bonus Loyalty power to add to your character in the prototype upgrade screen.

  • Romancing Yeoman Kelly Chambers

    Talk with Yeoman Kelly Chambers often, and choose the kind responses. Invite her to dinner when you get the option. Do not let Kelly die during the final mission, and select a loyal escort for the crew in the final scene. After completing the game, talk to Kelly. You will get an e-mail from her. Go to your quarters, and invite her up using your console to get the romance scene.

  • Ending with both Jack's and Miranda's loyalties

    Do not play Miranda's loyalty mission at first. Instead, wait for Jack's mission to become available, and play it first. After the mission when they are fighting, support Jack. Miranda's loyalty will be low. Then, play her loyalty mission to get it back.

  • Anomaly locations

    Scan the indicated planets to find anomalies (side quests):

    Caleston RiftSolveigSinmara
    Caleston RiftTalavaTaitus
    Crescent NebulaLusarnTarith
    Crescent NebulaZeleneHelyme
    Eagle NebulaAmunNeith
    Eagle NebulaStraboJarrahe Station
    Hades NexusSheolGei Hin
    HourGlass NebulaFaryarDaratar
    HourGlass NebulaPloitariZanethu
    Minos WastelandFortisAequitas
    Omega NebulaAriniarkanMSV Strontium Mule
    Omega NebulaFatharLorek
    Pylos NebulaDiradaCanalus
    Pylos NebulaNariphMSV Broken Arrow
    Rosetta NebulaEnochJoab
    The Shrike NebulaXe ChaZada Ban
    Sigurd's CradleDecorisSanctum
    Sigurd's CradleSkepsisFranklin
    Titan NebulaHaskinsCapek

  • Element Zero locations

    Search the indicated planets to find Element Zero:

    NebulaClusterPlanet and amount
    Calestone RiftBalorCaleston (moderate)
    Crescent NebulaLusamTarith (rich)
    Crescent NebulaZeleneHelyme (moderate)
    Eagle NebulaAmunAnthur (rich)
    Eagle NebulaAmunSekhmet (moderate)
    Eagle NebulaRelicPreying Mouth (rich)
    Far RimDholenGotha (moderate)
    Hades NexusHekateAsteria (poor)
    Hades NexusHekateBothros (poor)
    Hades NexusPamyatDobrovolski (moderate)
    Hades NexusSheolGel Hinnom (moderate)
    Hawking EtaSchwarzschildEtamis (rich)
    Hourglass NebulaFaryarDaratar (rich)
    Hourglass NebulaOsunErinle (rich)
    Hourglass NebulaPloitariThegan (moderate)
    Krogan DMZNithMantun (moderate)
    Minos WastelandCaestusInvictus (moderate)
    Nubian ExpanseKalabashaYamm (moderate)
    Nubian ExpanseBatallaNearog (moderate)
    Nubian ExpanseBatallaThunawanuro (rich)
    Pylos NebulaDiradaSiano (moderate)
    Pylos NebulaSatentBoro (rich)
    Pylos NebulaRaisaris (rich)
    Rosetta NebulaAlpha Draconis2175 Aeia (moderate)
    Rosetta NebulaEnochJoab (rich)
    Rosetta NebulaEnochLaban (moderate)
    Rosetta NebulaEnochMizraim (rich)
    Shadow SeaIeraProspect (poor)
    Sigurd's CradleDecorisSanctum (moderate)
    Sigurd's CradleSkepsisWatson (rich)
    The Phoenix MassingSalahielEkuna (moderate)
    The Shrike AbyssalUrla RastTalis Fia (moderate)
    The Shrike AbyssalXe ChaTosal Nym (rich)
    The Shrike AbyssalXe ChaZada Ban (rich)
    Titan NebulaHaskinsCapek (moderate)
    Valhallan ThresholdMicahFarlas (moderate)
    Valhallan ThresholdMicahIsrafel (moderate)
    Valhallan ThresholdMicahKakabel (moderate)
    Valhallan ThresholdPazGarvug (rich)

  • Armor pieces

    The following armor pieces will become available for purchase after certain points in the game:


      N7 Helmet: +5% health
      N7 Breather Helmet: +5% health
      Kuwashii Visor: +10% headshot damage; at Omega
      Death Mask: +10% negotiation bonus; at Tuchanka
      Umbra Visor: +5% power damage; requires linking Dr. Pepper bonus code to EA account
      Recon Hood: +5% weapon damage; requires linking Dr. Pepper bonus code to EA account
      Sentry Interface: +5% shield strength; requires linking Dr. Pepper bonus code to EA account


      N7 Shoulder Guards: +3% weapon damage
      Amplifier Plates : +5% power damage; at Illium
      Strength Boost Pads: +25% melee damage; at Omega
      Asymmetric Defense Layer: +5% health; at Tuchanka


      N7 Chestplate: +5% power damage
      Capacitor Chestplate : -10% shields regeneration delay; at Citadel, Illium, or Omega
      Aegis Vest: +5% health; at Citadel
      Shield Harness : +5% shields; at Tuchanka


      N7 Gauntlets: +3% health
      Heavy Damping Gauntlets: +5% shields ; at Tuchanka
      Off-Hand Ammo Pack: +10% spare ammo capacity; at Citadel
      Stabilization Gauntlets: +5% weapon damage; at Omega


      N7 Greaves: +3% shield strength
      Stimulator Conduits: +10% storm speed; at Omega
      Life Support Webbing: +10% health; at Citadel
      Ordinance Packs: +10% spare heavy weapon ammo; at Omega

    Armor Sets

      Blood Dragon Armor : +15% power damage, +10% shield strength; requires Dragon Age: Origins
      Terminus Assault Armor: +10% storm speed, +15% shields, +1 weapons reserve ammo; requires pre-order bonus code
      Inferno Armor: +10% negotiation bonus, +10% power damage, +10% storm speed by 10%; requires pre-order bonus code
      Collector Armor: +10% regeneration, +10% storm speed, +20% health; requires Collector's Edition

  • See Legion dance

    Go up to Legion in his quarters. Highlight him, but do not talk to him, and eventually he will do the "Robot" dance.

  • Bizarre dialog with Legion

      1. Take Legion to the Citadel. Talk to Anderson and the customs officer.
      2. Take Legion to the migrate fleet on Tali's Loyalty mission. Security will force you to remove him unless you can persuade them otherwise.
      3. Take Legoin to recruit Tali. She will try to shoot him.

  • Amusing surveying responses

    Go to the Local Cluster, and survey Uranus. Instead of the usual "Probe Launched" response, the voice will instead make Uranus jokes such as "Probing Uranus" or "Really Commander?"

  • Humorous dialogue

    Wander around the ship in-between missions to hear some funny quotes. Stand next to Jeff "Joker" Moreau (the pilot) without interacting with him. You will hear him say things such as the following:

      "Why is it always claws and guns? Can't we piss off a fuzzy planet? Still dangerous, I know. But hey, bunnies."
      "Two years and everything hits the crapper. That'll teach you to die on me."
      "You know what I hate about deep space? Crap radio stations from two centuries back. My gosh, we were idiots."

    Stand near the two engineers near the Mass Effect Core to hear the following:

      Engineer Daniels: "Did you know we're sharing our deck with a krogan?"
      Engineer Donnelly: "Well that's just peachy."

  • Baldur's Gate series reference

    Space Hamster is available on Illium. Once you go into your cabin and select him, he will come out and do the same "Squeek" that Boo did, who was Minsc's "Intergalactic Space Hamster" from Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2.

  • Legion's gaming history ("The Lair Of The Shadow Broker" DLC)

    At the end of the game in "The Lair Of The Shadow Broker" bonus downloadable content, examine the terminal that has all your teammates' dossiers. Read Legion's dossier to find out that he is a gamer. It will list the games he has downloaded, his leaderboard scores, and other information about his gaming past.

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