Torchlight II Review
Torchlight II Box Art
System: PC
Dev: Runic Games
Pub: Runic Games
Release: September 20, 2012
Players: 1-6
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p

Another thing I need to give Runic props for is the sound design. The sound effects are excellent, with quite a few of the monster sounds actually surprising me by being so unexpected yet so completely fitting for the creatures that make them. Also, the sound of advancing your stats after each level-up is loud and satisfying, making you feel immensely powerful with each click. In fact, even the narrator—who notifies you whenever you level up or send a pet off to sell your discarded items—eventually grew on me, even though he was admittedly a little annoying at first.

And the music is great as well, with some electric guitar peppered into the orchestral tracks. It sounds great, and never feels inappropriate in Torchlight II's almost steampunkish setting.

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Of course, one of the coolest features of the first game has returned: Pets are back! Yes, they still fight alongside you and can still be sent back to town to sell off your loot so you don't have to head back to a vendor in the middle of an intense dungeon run. Also, you can once again fish at specially marked locations in order to catch fish that can be consumed by your pets for a variety of effects. And to top it all off, there are more pets to choose from now. I chose a ferret who was wearing goggles.


Additionally, the developers have promised to continue to support the game without making people pay. It sounds like this means there will be free DLC at some point, which is very appreciated in an era of microtransaction stores. On top of that, the game is very open to modding, with its TorchEd mod tools being offered shortly after launch. Needless to say, the play value of this game is insane for a $20 download.

If you had even the slightest interest in the original Torchlight, or if you're tired of Diablo III but are still itching for some more loot-grabbing RPG action, Torchlight II is well worth the asking price. In fact, you should probably feel guilty for only paying $20 for this game.

Josh Wirtanen
Editor / News Director
Date: September 24, 2012

Cartoony and stylized, but still detailed and varied.
You can control this entire game with a mouse if you want to, though WASD enthusiasts might be disappointed.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
The sound effects are incredible, the music is grand, and the voice acting works as well as it should.
Play Value
30-hour-ish campaign, New Game Plus, co-op, moddability, and the promise of free future content. All of this is only $20.
Overall Rating - Must Buy
Not an average. See Rating legend below for a final score breakdown.
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0.1 - 1.9 = Avoid 2.5 - 2.9 = Average 3.5 - 3.9 = Good 4.5 - 4.9 = Must Buy
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Game Features:

  • Multiplayer - Play co-op with your friends via LAN or over the Internet for free. No subscriptions, no item sales. Our new matchmaking service lets you find friends, start new games, and join existing games. And, as always, you can play single-player offline as well.
  • Customizable Characters - Players will create and customize a character from one of four brand new classes. Each class can be played as either male or female, with customized cosmetic features and looks to make each individual character stand out. All new skills and loot give loads of opportunity for unique character builds.
  • Moddability - TorchED, the Torchlight II editor, will give players the ability to create their own mods, adding even more content to the world. Have your friends download the same mod and play together. TorchED will be available as a separate download very shortly after launch.
  • New User Interface - Torchlight II boasts a new and improved user interface, designed to be easier than ever for new players to pick up and play. This intuitive interface ensures you can focus on playing the game the way you want to.
  • Open World - We're not only in the town of Torchlight anymore! Explore vast overland areas and multiple hub towns, fight through rain, snow, day and night. Our level randomization ensures new layouts, paths, loot, and monsters every time you play.
  • New Game Plus - In New Game Plus, the game's not over until you say it is. Once you've beaten Torchlight II's primary campaign, you can start again with the same character for a significantly greater challenge. You'll keep all of the skills, gold, and gear you worked so hard for!
  • Pets & Fishing - These popular features make their return in Torchlight II in improved form. More choices, better effects, and your pet will still make the run to town to sell your loot so you don't have to.

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