The Cursed Crusade


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Symphony of Hell (Platinum): Get all the trophies of The Cursed Crusade!
      We Are the Champions, My Friend (Bronze): Win the Tournament of Ecry.
      A Templar Rides into a Forest... (Bronze): Clear 'Forest Roads' in any difficulty setting.
      Slow and Steady (Silver): Clear 'The Road to the Peninsula' without losing any of the soldiers pushing the ballista.
      Make the Voices Stop (Bronze): Clear 'The Fall of Zara' in any difficulty setting.
      A Change of Perspective (Bronze): Clear 'The Capitolium' in any difficulty setting.
      Innocent Blood (Bronze): Defend Constantinople's civilians!
      Demon Slayer (Bronze): Clear 'Hagia Sophia Basilica' in any difficulty setting.
      Unstoppable (Bronze): Perform a 50 hit combo.
      End of the Chain (Bronze): Perform a 100 hit combo.
      Deflection Master (Bronze): Deflect 30 attacks with the Deflection Counter!
      Evasive Maneuvers (Silver): Dodge 30 Guard Breaks!
      That Man's On Fire (Bronze): Acquire the power Purifying Fire!
      Roar of Flames (Bronze): Acquire the power Roaring Flames!
      Maelstrom of Fire (Bronze): Acquire the power Fire Maelstrom!
      Live by the Sword (Bronze): Master the One-Handed Sword!
      Hatchet Man (Bronze): Master the One-Handed Axe!
      Mace Effect (Bronze): Master the One-Handed Mace!
      Knight in Shining Armor (Bronze): Master the Sword and Shield technique!
      ...And My Axe! (Bronze): Master the Axe and Shield technique!
      Classic Cleric (Bronze): the Mace and Shield technique!
      Overcompensating (Bronze): Master the Two-Handed Sword!
      Timber! (Bronze): Master the Two-Handed Axe!
      Saint Longinus (Bronze): Master the Spear!
      Greek Poetry in Motion (Bronze): Master the Spear and Shield technique!
      What's Better Than One Sword? (Bronze): Master the Double Sword technique!
      Axes of Evil (Bronze): Master the Double Axe technique!
      Blunt Trauma (Bronze): Master the Double Mace technique!
      Cutsman (Bronze): Master the Sword and Axe technique!
      Offense is the Best Defense (Bronze): Master the Sword and Mace technique!
      Unconventional Assault (Bronze): Master the Axe and Mace technique!
      Master of War (Gold): Master all the martial techniques!
      Strong as a Spanish Cow (Silver): Enhance your character's Strength to its maximum!
      Cursed and Loving It (Silver): Enhance your character's Templar's Curse to its maximum!
      Weapons of Mass Purification (Silver): Enhance your character's Weapon Mastery to its maximum!
      Playing the Tortuga (Silver): Enhance your character's Armor Mastery to its maximum!
      Was That Supposed to Hurt? (Silver): Enhance your character's Constitution to its maximum!
      One-Man Army (Gold): Enhance all of your character's statistics to their maximum!
      The Cursed Crusader (Bronze): Clear the game on any difficulty setting.
      The Cursed Templar (Gold): Clear the game on the 'Nightmare' difficulty setting.
      Cross the Crosses (Silver): Find all the Blood Crucifixes!
      Gold Before Glory (Gold): Find all the coffers!

    Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

      Here's Your Trophy! (Bronze): Find the ninth Blood Crucifix!

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