Killzone: Shadow Fall



  • Max all abilities

    Successfully complete the indicated task to max out the corresponding ability. Max out all abilities to get the "Jack Of All Trades" trophy. Note: Each ability has 11 upgrade levels. You can view the progress of each ability by selecting "My Career", then "Abilities" at the at multiplayer menu.


      Drone Buddy: Get 300 buddy drone kills.
      Nano Shield: Kill 300 players while shooting through your shield.
      Stun Blast: Stun 500 enemy players with stun blast.


      Cloak: Kill 400 enemy players with the cloak active.
      Stun Drone: Stun 300 enemies with the Stun Drone.
      Tactical Echo: Tag 500 enemy players.


      Air Support: Kill 400 enemy players with the Air Support Drone.
      Revive Drone: Revive 500 teammates with this drone.
      Spawn Beacon: Have 200 teammates spawn on your Spawn Beacons.
      Supply Box: Resupply 250 teammates with Supply Boxes that you have deployed in the battlefield.
      Turret: Kill 400 enemy players with the Turret.

  • Dark Souls reference

    When the game first begins, look on the walls to find a poster for "Dark Trolls" that features the main character from Dark Souls being chased by a large troll.

  • Easy "Deniable" trophy

    In Chapter 2: "You Have The Intel?", there are four alarm systems. They are small, red consoles. Enemies will activate them if they spot you to call in reinforcements. You must prevent them from activating any of these consoles. The best way to do this is by hacking the alarm systems with the OWL. Press L1 while aiming at a console to hack it. After that, enemies can no longer use it, and you will be safe. Do this to all four consoles to complete the main objectives in the "You Have The Intel?" section and get the "Deniable" trophy. Additionally, make sure not to hack the security mainframe, which is the console on the second floor of the radio tower. Hacking it will void the trophy. If you accidentally trigger an alarm, just restart the checkpoint, and try again.

  • Easy "New Shadow" trophy

    To complete Chapter 10: "Shadow Fall" without being spotted, activate the stealth suit by pressing D-pad Down. It will render you invisible for an unlimited amount of time, as long as you do not take damage or shoot your weapon. Keep distance from enemies and civilians. If they spot you, immediately restart the checkpoint. Once you go outside, do not kill anyone, as someone will eventually find the corpse and guards will come looking for you. Thus, stay as far away from enemies as possible and keep your stealth suit enabled during the entire mission.

    In Chapter 10: "Shadow Fall", there are three ways to get spotted. The first way is by the enemy encountering you. They will notice you when you are in stealth mode and you get too close. Running around will usually increase soldiers awareness of you. The second way to be spotted is by security cameras. The security cameras emit a fairly visible laser pattern on the ground that alerts you to exactly where it is focusing. This makes it quite easy to avoid them, but if you still feel you may get caught by a camera, you can destroy it with your spider maintenance bot. The third way you can be spotted is by civilians. They have a smaller detection radius, but if you get too close to them, they will notice you. It is possible to actually get spotted by a civilian without alerting a guard, but it is best to keep your distance. During the mission, try avoiding the civilians. Once you are outside, it is recommended to avoid killing any enemy guards, even though it is not a requirement to getting the "New Shadow" trophy. When you are outside, you will need to disable two security terminals, grab a sniper rifle, and reach the final position. Keep your distance from the guards, and if you come into their path, crouch against some cover to try avoiding being spotted. If you do get spotted at any time during the mission, simply pause the game, and restart the checkpoint to try again.

  • Easy "Outgunned" trophy

    Approximately halfway through Chapter 5: "Make Him Pay", you will reach an area that resembles a small marketplace. There will be a lot of enemies that attack at once (more than at any other point in the story). Quickly kill the first couple of enemies, then use the OWL to stun a large group of them. Walk up to the enemies, and activate your adrenaline. Adrenaline can be obtained at the checkpoint before this fight. It will regenerate your health immediately and slow down time. To slow down time, you need to aim using L2. Try to get really close to the enemies, so it is easier to get the headshots.

    To get an adrenaline rush, you must have enough adrenaline packs. You can see if you have enough by looking at the icon on the bottom left corner of the screen -- it will light up when you have enough adrenaline. Towards the end of Chapter 9: "The Destroyer", you will be fighting a lot of enemies. When you reach the checkpoint after killing a group of enemies, more enemies will come out of a door on the left and right. There are two adrenaline packs on the table between the two doors. Activate adrenaline rush (Left on D-pad), and aim for the head of the enemies. If you are not able to get the six headshots in time, simply pause the game, and restart the checkpoint to try again.

  • Easy "Outmaneuvered" trophy

    Chapter 2: "You Have The Intel?" is the best place to get zipline kills. You can start getting zipline kills as soon as the "You Have The Intel?" section begins. Select the zipline ability for the OWL, and press L1 to use it. You must be standing at an elevated positon to use the zipline. Just keep shooting at enemies while using the zipline until you have a total of five kills. You can easily get 15 zipline kills in this chapter. Just let the enemies activate the alarm, go to an elevated position, kill the reinforcements using the zipline, and repeat.

    Swipe right on the PS4 controller touch pad to access the OWL menu. You can zipline from there if you are on higher ground. You will need to aim at lower ground, then press L1 to send OWL to create a path for you to zipline on. While ziplining, you need kill five enemies with hipfire, which is not very easy to do, especially if your zipline is too steep (which will make you move very fast). The best place to attempt to zipline to get the "Outmaneuvered" trophy is in Chapter 2: "You Have The Intel?". You will reach a crashed ship with the smoke, and will have a good overlook at the enemies below. Zipline from this area, and kill the two enemies. There are other areas in this section where you can use this same method. Just use the towers and cliff sides.

  • Easy "Outsmarted" trophy

    Approximately halfway through Chapter 5: "Make Him Pay", you will reach an area that resembles a small marketplace. There will be a lot of enemies that attack at once (more than at any other point in the story). Quickly throw a grenade when you see the large group of enemies. You can cook the grenade by holding R2, preventing them from having an opportunity to take cover before the grenade explodes.

    Towards the end of Chapter 9: "The Destroyer", you will be fighting a lot of enemies. When you reach the checkpoint after killing a group of enemies, more enemies will come out of a door on the left and right. Wait outside the door, then send in OWL to stun the enemies. One of the enemies will have a shield that will be disabled once OWL stuns him. While they are immobilized, throw a frag grenade, then get a safe distance away. If you were not able to kill four enemies with the grenade, simply pause the game, and restart the checkpoint to try again.

  • Easy "Violence Is The Answer?" trophy

    In Chapter 10: "Shadow Fall", you will have a limited amount of time to kill 20 soldiers and complete the mission. After entering the outside area, you will only have 3 minutes and 30 seconds to complete the mission. There are five enemies in the building where the mission begins. Thus, you must still kill 15 enemies outside. Make sure to set the difficulty to Easy to make this as easy as possible. Look for a position that is easy to defend, but keeps most enemies in your line of sight. The platform where you pick up the sniper rifle (mission objective) is a very good spot. You can shoot through the hole in the floor to hit enemies below. Most enemies will move towards your position -- so you just need to defend yourself. By holding D-pad Right, you can highlight nearby enemies. If done correctly, you will get the "Violence Is The Answer?" trophy when the credits begin rolling.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Hero (Platinum): Obtain all Killzone Shadow Fall trophies.
      The Father (Bronze): Complete level 'The Father'.
      The Shadow (Bronze): Complete level 'The Shadow'.
      Deniable (Bronze): In 'The Shadow', operate without raising an alarm or disabling the security mainframe.
      The Doctor (Bronze): Complete level 'The Doctor'.
      The Patriot (Bronze): Complete level 'The Patriot'.
      The Helghast (Bronze): Complete level 'The Helghast'.
      The Agent (Bronze): Complete level 'The Agent'.
      The Handler (Bronze): Complete level 'The Handler'.
      The Dead (Silver): Complete level 'The Dead'.
      The Destroyer (Silver): Complete level 'The Destroyer'.
      Outsmarted (Bronze): In singleplayer, get a quadruple kill with a single Frag Grenade.
      Outgunned (Silver): In singleplayer, kill 6 Helghast with headshots within a single adrenaline rush.
      Outmaneuvered (Bronze): In singleplayer, kill 5 Helghast with gunfire while ziplining.
      Elite Shadow Marshal (Gold): Complete all missions on Hard difficulty.
      Conscientious Killer (Bronze): Complete the campaign on any difficulty without shooting any civilians.
      Shadows Cannot Be Killed (Silver): Complete the campaign on any difficulty without dying.
      Gatherer (Bronze): Find 50% of the collectibles in the campaign.
      The Knowledge (Silver): Find all collectibles in the campaign.
      Tourist (Bronze): Complete a match on every multiplayer map.
      Dominator (Silver): Win a match on every multiplayer map.
      On Your Way (Silver): Complete 200 challenges.
      Multiplayer Elite (Gold): Complete 400 challenges.
      Million Points (Gold): Get a total of 1,000,000 points in multiplayer.
      Scout (Bronze): Max out any upgradable Scout ability.
      Support (Bronze): Max out any upgradable Support ability.
      Assault (Bronze): Max out any upgradable Assault ability.
      Jack Of All Trades (Gold): Max out all upgradable abilities.
      Weapons Specialist (Gold): Unlock all attachments for all weapons.
      Decorated (Silver): Earn a total of 500 accolades.

    Additionally, there are three secret trophies:

      New Shadow (Bronze): In 'The Savior', complete the mission without being spotted.
      Violence is the answer? (Bronze): In 'The Savior', kill 20 soldiers and still complete the mission.
      The Savior (Gold): Complete level 'The Savior' and prevent the escalation of a new war.

    The following trophies require the "Insurgent" bonus downloadable content:

      Hacktivist (Bronze): Reach the maximum level for the Hacking Ability.
      Kleptomania (Bronze): Reach the maximum level for the Stealing Ability.
      All Flavors (Bronze): Make a kill with all primary weapons as an Insurgent.
      Finders Keepers (Bronze): Collect 25 Online Collectibles.
      Remember Me? (Bronze): Make 25 kills with each one of the Retro weapons.
      New Toys! (Silver): Reach the maximum level for the E-Pulse Emitter, Tactical Echo Emitter, and Guard Drone.
      Like a Boss (Gold): Finish the campaign in Elite mode.

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