Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble



Note: This game is also titled Viewtiful Joe: Battle Carnival.

  • Play as Android Rachel

    Successfully complete Trial 29 to unlock Android Rachel.

  • Play as Charles The Third

    Successfully complete the second level of Story mode to unlock Charles The Third.

  • Play as Devil Buster Dante

    Successfully complete the first level of Story mode (all four chapters) to unlock Devil Buster Dante.

  • Play as Director Blue

    Successfully complete Trial 1 to unlock Director Blue.

  • Play as Fighter Bianky and Friends

    Successfully complete Trial 13 to unlock Fighter Bianky and Friends.

  • Play as Gran Bruce

    Successfully complete Trial 35 to unlock Gran Bruce.

  • Play as Heroine Silvia

    Successfully complete Trial 37 to unlock Heroine Silvia.

  • Play as Hulk Davidson

    Successfully complete Trial 14 to unlock Hulk Davidson.

  • Play as Manager Jet

    Successfully complete Trial 19 to unlock Manager Jet.

  • Play as Movie Fan Joe

    Successfully complete Trial 5 to unlock Movie Fan Joe.

  • Play as Stylish Alastor

    Successfully complete Trial 34 to unlock Stylish Alastor.

  • Play as Young Blue Jr.

    Successfully complete Trial 24 to unlock Young Blue Jr.

  • Play as Young Captain Blue

    Successfully complete Trial 40 to unlock Young Captain Blue.

  • Alternate costumes

    Successfully complete all 40 Trial mode missions to unlock alternate costumes for all characters. Highlight a character at the chracter selection screen, then press Square to change their costume.

  • Special Story mode stages

    Collect the sixteen puzzle pieces in each stage in Story mode to unlock Special Story mode stages.

  • Art gallery

    Collect all sixteen puzzle pieces in each Special stage in Story mode to unlock the Art gallery.

  • Movies

    Successfully complete the indicated Story mode chapter to unlock the corresponding movie:

      Atlantis: Four Adventures Of The Sea: Gulliver's Battles
      Atlantis: Four Adventures Of The Sea Special Edition: V-Puzzle 6
      Boss*Boss*Bang*Bang: All previous chapters except The Hidden Hideout
      Captain Blue Begins: Viewtiful Cartoon World
      Captain Blue Begins Special Edition: V-Puzzle 3
      Gulliver's Battles: Truth Of The Black Film
      Gulliver's Battles Special Edition: V-Puzzle 5
      Les Acteurs Incroyable: Atlantis: Four Adventures Of The Sea
      Red Hot Rumble: Boss*Boss*Bang*Bang
      Riddle Of The Incan Empire! Special Edition: V-Puzzle 1
      The Hidden Hideout: Any chapter with Charles The Third, Hulk Davidson, and Gran Bruce
      Truth Of The Black Film: Captain Blue Begins
      Truth Of The Black Film Special Edition: V-Puzzle 4
      Viewtiful Cartoon World: Riddle Of The Incan Empire!
      Viewtiful Cartoon World Special Edition: V-Puzzle 2
      Ending Movie: Les Acteurs Incroyable
      Last Battle Intro Movie: Les Acteurs Incroyable
      Opening Movie: Riddle Of The Incan Empire!

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