Namco Museum Classics Volume 4

Strategy Guide

  • Hidden Return Of Ishtar game

    Enter the Museum and go to the Return Of Ishtar room. Then, quickly press Right, Left, Up, Down, Circle. Now a hidden version of the Return of Ishtar game will begin.

  • Alternate introduction

    When the Namco logo scrolls past while the game is loading, hold L1 + R1. Now the FMV introduction sequence from the Genji and Heiki Clan will be displayed.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Credits801DC9D0 0009
    Infinite Lives (Both Players)801DCA3A 0005
    Score Modifier (Small) (Both Players)801DCA30 ????
    Score Modifier (Large) (Both Players)801DCA32 ????
    Infinite Time (Both Players)801DCA5A 0063
    Infinite Credits800C5664 0009
    Infinite Lives P1800C55C8 0005
    Infinite Lives P2800C55CA 0005
    Score Modifier P1 (Small)800C5594 ????
    Score Modifier P1 (Large)800C5596 ????
    Score Modifier P2 (Small)800C5598 ????
    Score Modifier P2 (Large)800C559A ????
    Crystal Modifier P1 (Small)800C5908 ????
    Crystal Modifier P1 (Large)800C590A ????
    Crystal Modifier P2 (Small)800C590C ????
    Crystal Modifier P2 (Large)800C590E ????
    Infinite Current Weapon Power P1800D2394 1568
    No Current Weapon Power P1800D2394 0000
    Infinite Current Weapon Power P2800D2396 1568
    No Current Weapon Power P2800D3296 0000
    Weapon Modifier P1800D2090 00??
    Weapon Modifier P2800D2092 00??
    Invincibility P1 (Flashes-Cant Pause)800CD278 0096
    Invincibility P2 (Flashes-Cant Pause)800CD27A 0096
    Infinite Time in Weapon Shops800F9188 0500
    Infinite Credits80057F46 0009
    Infinite Lives (Both Players)30058055 0005
    Infinite Time (Both Players)800580BC 0909
    Score Modifier (Small) (Both Players)8005804C ????
    Score Modifier (Large) (Both Players)8005804E ????
    The Return of Ishtar
    Infinite Credits8015A7B8 0009
    Infinite Guys8015A3C0 000F
    Max Guys8015A410 00??
    The Genji And The Heike Clans
    Infinite Credits800A05EC 0009
    Infinite Energy (Both Players)300A01B0 0032
    Infinite Money (Both Players)300A01C1 0063
    Infinite Sword (Both Players)300A01C9 0063
    Score Modifier (Both Players)800A0624 ????
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Codes
    00 - Normal
    01 - Rapid Fire
    02 - Flame Gun
    03 - 3-Way Shot
    04 - Green Slime

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