Note: This game is also titled Katamuki Spirits.

  • Awards

    Successfully complete the indicated tasks to unlock the corresponding awards:

      Absolute Glory: Get your name in the Top 5 Scores of every level.
      Ace Slider: Get more than two Perfect Landings with a score of 12,000.
      Acrobat: Stay in the air for at least 40 second.
      Amazing Progress: Successfully complete 20 levels in Conquest mode.
      Big Player: Play 150 games.
      Big Score Beginner: Get more than 8,000 points in any mode.
      Bronze Score: Get more than 15,000 points on Difficulty 1 or 2.
      Challenge Champion: Successfully complete a level on on Difficulty 3 without losing a life.
      Challenge Lord: Successfully complete a level on Difficulty 5.
      Challenge Master: Successfully complete a level on Difficulty 3 or 4.
      Difficulty Ace: Achieve the maximum difficulty.
      Gold Score: Get more than 20,000 points on Difficulty 5.
      Good for the Circus: Bounce 200 times on the trampoline.
      Houston, we do not have a problem: Get a Perfect Landing.
      It's not just a Board: Successfully complete a level with the Wii Balance Board.
      King of the Wii Balance Board: Successfully complete Conquest mode using the Wii Balance Board.
      Level Master: Successfully complete Conquest mode.
      Life is Sweet..: Successfully complete a level on Difficulty 5 without losing a life.
      Mega Player: Play 300 games.
      Ouch, Ouch, OUCH!: Die 100 times on the Spikes.
      Phenomenal Progress: Successfully complete 40 levels in Conquest mode.
      Silver Score: Get more than 17,000 points on Difficulty 3 or 4.
      Tough Luck: Die just before the exit.
      Walk the Plank: Die in acid 15 times.
      World Champion: Get to the exit without touching the ground.

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