The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile



  • Achievable Bead

    Play as Yuki. During the first fight in the Marina level, press Down + Y to use the chainsaw uppercut against an enemy. A cat's face will appear. Press Start while the cat is visible to teleport to a triple Boss fight. Defeat the bosses to get a present containing the Achievable Bead.

  • Secret Gamerpics

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Gamerpic:

      Paka: Successfully complete Story mode on the Samurai difficulty with Yuki or The Dishwasher.
      Vampire Smile: Successfully complete the first level in Story mode.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Lead Dishwasher (40 points): Beat the game on Samurai difficulty as The Dishwasher or Yuki.
      Twitch Game Master Extreme Ultra (30 points): Beat all Arcade levels.
      Bleep bloop! (10 points): Get all achievables. Open presents, jump jump, squirtgun fight, kill squid, watch credits.
      They Totally Chopped My Arm Off (10 points): Escape from Iffenhaus Space Prison.
      In The End I Am Free (25 points): Beat the game on any difficulty as Yuki.
      We'll Purge and Purge (25 points): Beat the game on any difficulty as The Dishwasher.
      The Disease is Dead (10 points): Kill Yuki's Demon.
      Game Reviewers Shall Be Pleased (5 points): Unlock Pretty Princess Difficulty.
      Limb Storm 20XX! (15 points): Violently separate 100 enemies.
      See, I Have Made Them Better (15 points): Spray three expensive paintings with their owners' blood.
      I Did Not Use A FAQ For This (10 points): Collect all Ghost Beads.
      Bigger, Better, More Badasserer (5 points): Win 3 chainsaw duels.

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