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  • Unlockables

    Reach the indicated rank in GTA Online to unlock the corresponding bonus(es):

    Rank 1

      Combat Shotgun

    Rank 2

      Pistol Clips
      Stunt Jumps

    Rank 3

      Car Mod Shop
      Hold Ups
      One-On-One Deathmatch
      Shooting Range

    Rank 4

      Pistol Flashlight

    Rank 5

      Micro SMG
      Personal Vehice Delivery
      Pistol Supressor
      Ballas To The Wall (Lamar mission)
      Chasers (Simeon mission)
      It Takes A Thief (Simeon mission)
      Rich Men In Richman (Simeon mission)
      Rockford Roll (Simeon mission)
      Where Credit's Due (Simeon mission)

    Rank 6

      Arm Wrestling
      Bumpers (Custom Chin Spoiler)
      Strip Club
      Deal Breaker (Gerald mission)
      Death Metal (Gerald mission)
      Flood In The LS River (Gerald mission)
      Pier Pressure (Gerald mission)

    Rank 7

      Meth'd Up (Gerald mission)
      Trevor's Enigma (Gerald mission)

    Rank 8

      Bumpers (Painted Rear Bumper)
      Windows (Light Smoke)

    Rank 9

      Combat Pistol
      Combat Pistol Extended Clip
      Exhaust (Chrome Tip)
      No Hay Bronca (Gerald mission)

    Rank 10

      Auto Armor 20%
      All In The Game (Simeon mission)
      El Burro Heists (Simeon mission)
      Gentry Does It (Simeon mission)

    Rank 11

      Combat Pistol Supressor
      Parachutes (Blue)

    Rank 12

      Merryweather Crate Drop
      Blow Up (Simeon mission)
      Gassed Up (Gerald mission)

    Rank 13

      Ammo Drop
      Romance Isn't Dead (Ron mission)

    Rank 15

      Grill (Painted Light Surroundings)
      Parachutes (Black Smoke Trails)
      SMG Supressor
      Violent Duct (Gerald mission)

    Rank 16

      Parachutes (Red)
      Chasers II (Simeon mission)
      San Andreas Seoul (Lamar mission)

    Rank 17

      Bull Shark Testosterone
      Pump Shotgun
      Suspension (Lowered)

    Rank 18

      Gang Attacks
      Parachutes (Yellow Smoke Trails)
      Ticket To Elysium (Lamar mission)

    Rank 19

      Armored Truck
      Sticky Bomb
      Cop's Capacity (Lester mission)

    Rank 20

      Back-Up Helicopter
      Gas Can
      Wheels (Bulletproof)
      Blow Up II (Simeon mission)
      Caught Napping (Lamar mission)
      Fueling The Flames (Ron mission)
      Going Down The GOH (Lamar mission)
      Lost My Mind (Trevor mission)

    Rank 21

      Bumpers (Painted And Chin Spoiler)
      Lights (Xenon Lights)
      Remove Wanted Level
      Sniper Rifle

    Rank 22

      Landing Strip (Lester mission)
      Out Of Court Settlement (Martin mission)

    Rank 23

      Hood (Ram Air)
      Parachutes (Seaside Stripes)

    Rank 24

      Assault Rifle
      Parachutes (Orange Smoke Trails)
      A Titan Of A Job (Lester mission)
      Death From Above (Martin mission)

    Rank 25

      Boat Pick-Up
      Explosives (Ignition Bomb)
      ATV Steal (Simeon mission)
      Daemon Run (Ron mission)
      High Priority Case (Lester mission)
      Last Chopper Out Of LS (Lester mission)
      Lost MC RIP (Lamar mission)
      Turbine Carbine (Ron mission)

    Rank 26

      Roll Cage (Stunt Cage)

    Rank 27

      Parachutes (Red Smoke Trail)
      Base Invaders (Ron mission)

    Rank 28

      Parachutes (Hornet)
      Crystal Clear Out (Trevor mission)

    Rank 29

      Assault SMG

    Rank 30

      Auto Armor 40%
      Exhaust (Big Bore)
      Helicopter Pick-Up
      By Land, Sea And Air (Lester mission)
      Crank Up The Volume (Ron mission)
      No Smoking (Lamar mission)
      Quarry Quarry (Lester mission)
      War And Pieces (Gerald mission)

    Rank 31

      Windows (Dark Smoke)
      Blow Up III (Simeon mission)

    Rank 32

      Parachutes (Patriot)

    Rank 33

      AP Pistol
      Hood (Carbon Hood)

    Rank 35

      Send Mercenaries
      Check Out Time (Martin mission)
      Chumash And Grab (Gerald mission)
      Locate A Helicopter

    Rank 36

      Suspension (Street)

    Rank 37

      Assault Shotgun

    Rank 38

      Parachutes (Widowmaker)

    Rank 40

      Off The Radar
      Reveal Players
      A Boat In The Bay (Ron mission)
      Grab Your Ballas (Martin mission)
      Stick Up The Stickup Crew (Martin mission)
      Teaser Trailer (Lester mission)
      The Los Santos Connection (Martin mission)
      Water The Vineyard (Martin mission)

    Rank 41

      Hood (Triple Intake)

    Rank 42

      Carbine Rifle
      Virgin Mary Tattoo (Right Arm)

    Rank 44

      Parachutes (Rainbow)

    Rank 45

      Bumpers (Painted and Large Splitter)
      Trinity Knot Tattoo (Torso)
      Cleaning The Cat House (Martin mission)
      Dish The Dirt (Gerald mission)
      Dry Docking (Martin mission)
      Editor And Thief (Martin mission)
      Four Trailers (Lester mission)
      Mixed Up With Coke (Martin mission)

    Rank 48

      Lady M Tattoo (Left Arm)

    Rank 49

      Windows (Limo)

    Rank 50

      Auto Armor 60%
      Explosives (Remote Bomb)
      Extradition (Martin mission)
      Holed Up - Burton (Martin mission)
      Out Of Harmony (Trevor mission)

    Rank 51

      Tribal Tattoo (Right Leg)

    Rank 52

      Exhaust (Side Exit)

    Rank 53

      Hood (Single Intake)

    Rank 55

      Bust Out (Lester mission)
      Landing Gear (Ron mission)
      Show Me The Monet (Martin mission)
      Sinking Feeling (Lester mission)
      The Parking Garage (Lester mission)
      Wet Work (Ron mission)

    Rank 56

      Parachutes (Black)
      Suspension (Sport)

    Rank 57

      Chinese Dragon Tattoo (Left Leg)

    Rank 60

      Grenade Launcher
      Hack And Dash (Lester mission)
      Mermaid Tattoo (Right Arm)
      Satellite Communications (Trevor mission)

    Rank 63

      Evil Clown Tattoo (Torso)

    Rank 64

      Bumpers (Extended Chin Spoiler)

    Rank 65

      American Exports (Lester mission)
      Chemical Extraction (Lester mission)
      Judging The Jury (Martin mission)
      Method In The Madness (Trevor mission)
      On Maneuvers (Lester mission)

    Rank 66

      Dope Skull Tattoo (Left Arm)

    Rank 69

      Stone Cross Tattoo (Torso)

    Rank 70

      Advanced Rifle
      Chopper Tail (Trevor mission)
      Defender (Martin mission)
      Diamonds Are For Trevor (Trevor mission)
      Docks To Stock (Lester mission)
      Stocks And Scares (Lester mission)

    Rank 71

      Suspension (Competition)

    Rank 72

      Los Santos Bills Tattoo (Torso)

    Rank 75

      Indian Ram Tattoo (Right Leg)
      Docks To Stock II (Lester mission)
      Rooftop Rumble (Martin mission)

    Rank 78

      Dragon Tattoo (Left Leg)

    Rank 80

      Auto Armor 80%
      Combat MG

    Rank 81

      Serpent Skull Tattoo (Right Arm)
      Trash Talk (Martin mission)

    Rank 84

      Skulls And Rose Tattoo (Torso)

    Rank 90

      Heavy Sniper Rifle

    Rank 100

      Auto Armor 100%

    Rank 120


  • Bonus clothing

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding article of clothing:

      Los Santos Belle T-shirt: Obtain the "Salvaged" award by collecting a Special DLC Crate.
      Red Skull T-shirt: Obtain the "Survivor" award by completing ten enemy waves in any Survival job.
      Rockstar T-shirt: Create a job that is verified by Rockstar.

  • Bonus tattoos

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding tattoo:

      Angel Tattoo: Obtain the "All Rounder" award by winning every game mode.
      BlackJack Tattoo: Obtain the "Full Metal Jacket" award by robbing 25 armored trucks.
      Blank Scroll Tattoo: Obtain the "Widow Maker" award by killing 250 players.
      Broken Skull Tattoo: Obtain the "Scoping Out" award by killing 500 players with a sniper rifle.
      Burning Heart Tattoo: Obtain the "Slayer" award by placing in the top three positions in 25 deathmatches.
      Clown Dual Wield Dollars Tattoo: Hold up 20 stores.
      Clown Dual Wield Tattoo: Hold up 15 stores.
      Clown Tattoo: Hold up 5 stores.
      Clown With Gun Tattoo: Hold up 10 stores.
      Dragon And Dagger Tattoo: Obtain the "Equalizer" award by killing a player that has killed you three consecutive times in a deathmatches 25 times.
      Embellished Scroll Tattoo: Obtain the "Widow Maker" award by killing 500 players.
      Flaming Skull Tattoo: Obtain the "Killstreaker" award by getting the most kills in a four player Survival game.
      Grim Reaper Smoking Gun Tattoo: Obtain the "Clear Out" award by completing five Gang Attacks during one in-game day in a single session.
      Grim Reaper Tattoo: Obtain the "Team Carrier" award by being the MVP in 25 deathmatches.
      Hottie Tattoo: Obtain the "Lapping It Up" award by getting 25 private dances at the strip club.
      Hustler Tattoo: Obtain the "Hustler" award by winning $50,000 in bets.
      Los Santos Customs Tattoo: Fully mod a vehicle at a Los Santos Customs.
      Melting Skull Tattoo: Obtain the "Death Toll" award by accumulating 500 deathmatch kills.
      Racing Blonde Tattoo: Obtain the "Record Holder" award by setting a world record in any race.
      Racing Brunette: Win 50 races.
      Ride or Die Tattoo: Obtain the "Road Rage" award by killing at least three other racers (or the same racer three times) before winning a GTA-mode race.
      Seven Deadly Sins Tattoo: Obtain the "Widow Maker" award by killing 1,000 players.
      Skull & Sword Tattoo: Obtain the "Bounty Hunter" award by successfully collecting 25 bounties.
      Skull Tattoo: Obtain the "Headbanger" award by killing 500 players with head shots.
      The Wages Of Sin Tattoo: Obtain the "Bloodiest Of The Bunch" award.
      Trust No One Tattoo: Obtain the "Car Bomber" award by killing 50 players with car bombs.
      Way Of The Gun Tattoo: Obtain the "Pistol Whipped" award by killing 500 players with a pistol.

  • John Marston as special dad

    First, create an account at the Rockstar Games Social Club, and link it to your Xbox Live account. When creating a character in GTA Online, highlight "Dad's Father" under the "Heritage" option, and press Y to select John Marston from Red Dead Redemption as a "Special Dad" for your created character.

  • Patch note

    Some of the glitches/tricks below only work on the unpatched version of GTA Online.

  • Duplicating vehicles

    This glitch will allow you to duplicate another player's vehicle, which you can then either sell or keep for yourself. First, request a job from Gerald while you are in another player's vehicle. Use the other player's vehicle for the mission, and make sure you are driving it when the mission ends. You should then enter free roam mode, and still be in the vehicle. You can now go to Los Santos Customs and try selling the vehicle. If you cannot sell it at that point, add a tracker to it, and try going back later to sell it. If you want to keep it, add a tracker to it, and insure it.

  • Infinite money

    First, buy the Bati801 motorbike. Next, pause the game, go to the "Options" tab, and set "Spawn Location" to "Last Location". Take the Bati801 to the Los Santos Customs car shop. Customize the Bati801 as much as possible so it greatly increases in value. Then, sell the Bati801. Immediately after selling the Bati801, pause the game, go to the "Online" tab, and select "Swap Character". When the character selection screen appears, choose the same character you were just using to sell the Bati801. You should then spawn back on the Bati801 you just sold, right outside the Los Santos Customs car shop, and still have the money you received for selling it. Repeat this process as many times as desired to get an unlimited amount of money. You can make $5 million an hour using this glitch. Note: This glitch works on Patch 1.04.

  • Easy money

    Create an invite only game session. Then, go to any store, and rob it. Punch the clerk, and they will run off. Take all the money in the cash register. Next, enter the Start menu, and go to Xbox Live Marketplace, as you would if you were going to purchase in-game money. As soon as Xbox Live Marketplace loads, exit it, and you will spawn back in the same store at the exact same spot, except the world will have refreshed. You can then punch the clerk again, and take the money from the cash register. Repeat this process as many times as desired. You can get approximately $100,000 an hour using this glitch.

    To earn some money easily at the beginning of GTA Online without alerting the police, steal a good common car in Vinewood. Then, go to a Los Santos Customs car shop. You can sell stolen cars to car shops, but most car shops will not accept luxury sports cars, as they will say they are too hot. You will get approximately $9,000 to $10,000 for a good common car that does not have much damage. Once you have earned some money, deposit it at an ATM to avoid potentially losing it to other players or if you die. Once you have earned enough money using this method, buy some body armor and weapon customization to do heists and robberies to earn more money. It is recommended you purchase a silencer for your weapon when you have enough money so you can avoid heat from the cops.

    Once you reach Rank 45, the "Mixed Up With Coke" mission will be unlocked. The rewards for completing this mission are $18,000 and 3,500 RP. It can take approximately 15 minutes to complete the mission the first few times, but once you figure it out, it can be completed with three other players in approximately one minute. Note: One player will need to be at Rank 45 to access the mission, as well as one player at Rank 19 or higher and two players at Rank 9 or higher to do the mission.

    Once you reach Rank 75, the "Rooftop Rumble" mission will be unlocked from a guy named Martin Madrazo (he leads a Mexican narcotic gang in the Los Santos area). To complete the mission, you basically need to kill five people. It is possible to earn up to $2 million and 400K RP per hour by continuing to efficiently complete the mission. Note: You can also do the mission if you are at a lower rank and get invited by someone at Rank 75 or higher. If you are at a lower rank, make sure to use sticky bombs instead of the grenade launcher, and kill any survivors with a rifle.

  • Easy robberies and XP

    Enter the restricted area at the Los Santos International Airport through the fence (jump it or drive through it) near the flight school to find three helicopters. Use the helicopters to easily escape the police after robbing stores. However, make sure the helicopter is not parked where the cashier can shoot you. Robbing and escaping the cops will also earn you easy XP. You will usually get $1,000 to $8,000 for each robbery.

  • Easy lower wanted level

    Use a mask before committing a crime because it will enable you to easily lose one star from your wanted level once the police start chasing you. Wait until the cops cannot see you after the crime has been committed and they are pursuing you, then remove the mask. One wanted level star should immediately disappear. However, it will not have an effect if you only have one wanted level star.

  • Fast traveling

    To quickly travel to a location across the map, select a race that is nearby to where you want to go. Then, go to the race, enter the lobby, and drop out of it. You should then spawn at the start of the race location in free roam mode.

  • Play in North Yankton

    Start the "Prologue" mission while offline by selecting it from the "Missions" menu. Continue until the part where you exit the vault heist and the police arrive. Pause the game, then have a friend invite you into a multiplayer session. North Yankton will now appear on the online map, floating over the southeast area of the map. Use a helicopter to reach it.

  • Crowbar

    Start team deathmatch in Cargo with another player. Once the match begins, go to the melee weapons on the map to find crowbars. Grab a crowbar, and complete the team deathmatch to be able to permanently keep the crowbar.

  • Black Mask appearance

    Reach Rank 80, then go to the mask store. Purchase the Black Skull mask, then go to a clothing store. Talk to the cashier to browse the outfits. Select "Business Smart", and purchase "The Discoteque". You will now look similar to Black Mask from Batman: Arkham Origins.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Above The Law (80 points): GTA Online: Reach Rank 100.
      American Dream (10 points): GTA Online: Own an Apartment, Garage and an Insured Vehicle.
      Backseat Driver (10 points): GTA Online: Direct a driver to 1st place as co-driver in Rally Mode.
      Clean Sweep (10 points): GTA Online: Finish a Gang Attack without dying and kill at least 10 enemies.
      Crew Cut (5 points): GTA Online: Complete a Job as a member of a Crew.
      Decorated (50 points): GTA Online: Earn 30 Platinum Awards.
      Dialling Digits (5 points): GTA Online: Call for a Backup Helicopter for the first time.
      Enjoy Your Stay (20 points): GTA Online: Participate in everything Los Santos has to offer.
      Full Refund (10 points): GTA Online: Kill the thief that mugged you.
      Making Moves (30 points): GTA Online: Reach Rank 50.
      Numero Uno (20 points): GTA Online: Obtain first place in all competitive game types.
      Off The Plane (5 points): GTA Online: Complete the Introduction.
      Run Like The Wind (20 points): GTA Online: Survive for a day with a Bounty on your head.
      Stick Up Kid (10 points): GTA Online: Hold up all 20 Stores.
      The Midnight Club (20 points): GTA Online: Use custom vehicles to win 5 races.
      Three-Bit Gangster (10 points): GTA Online: Reach Rank 25.
      Unnatural Selection (20 points): GTA Online: Complete all 10 waves of a Survival.

    Additionally, there are four secret achievements:

      Be Prepared (10 points): GTA Online: Complete a Heist Setup mission.
      Dead Presidents (30 points): GTA Online: Complete The Fleeca Job and The Pacific Standard Job as Heist Leader or Crew.
      In the Name of Science (30 points): GTA Online: Complete The Humane Labs Raid and Series A Funding as Heist Leader or Crew.
      Parole Day (30 points): GTA Online: Complete The Prison Break as Heist Leader or Crew.

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