SpongeBob's Truth Or Square


  • All costumes

    Enter "2626" as a code to unlock all costumes.

  • 500 coins

    Enter "3141" as a code to get 500 coins.

  • Black and white mode

    Enter "6647" as a code for the graphics to be in black and white.

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Jellyfishing (10 points): Find SpongeBob's Jellyfishing Net.
      Tea at the Treedome (10 points): Find Sandy's Iced Tea Glass.
      No Weenies Allowed (10 points): Find the Hot Dog.
      Neptune's Spatula (10 points): Find the Golden Spatula.
      Christmas Who? (10 points): Find the Toy Clarinet.
      Naughty Nautical Neighbors (10 points): Find the Bubble Wand.
      Just One Bite (10 points): Find the Krabby Patty.
      Karate Choppers (10 points): Find the Karate Gloves.
      Squid Wood (10 points): Find Squidward's Paints.
      Mermaidman & Barnacleboy IV (10 points): Find Mermaidman's Utility Belt.
      Jellyfish Jam (10 points): Find the Baby Jellyfish.
      Rise and Shine (10 points): Find Patrick's Alarm Clock.
      Graveyard Shift (10 points): Find the Open 24 Hours sign.
      Valentine's Day (10 points): Find the Heart-Shaped Acorn.
      The Great Snail Race (10 points): Find Snellie's Pet Carrier.
      One Krab's Trash (10 points): Find the #1 Soda Drinkin' Hat.
      Wet Painters (10 points): Find Mr. Krabs' 1st Dollar.
      Club SpongeBob (10 points): Find the Magic Conch Shell.
      Mermaidman & Barnacleboy II (10 points): Find the Aquaphone.
      Mermaidman & Barnacleboy (10 points): Find Mermaidman & Barnacleboy's Ring Box.
      Nasty Patty (10 points): Find the Volcano Hot Sauce.
      Nature Pants (10 points): Find the Picnic Basket.
      Survival of the Idiots (10 points): Find the Bellybutton Lint Earmuffs.
      SpongeBob HappyPants! (100 points): Find all of SpongeBob's Happiness Objects.
      Sleepy Time (50 points): Find Patrick sleeping in all levels.
      Livin' Like Larry (25 points): Break 150 Squidward Stone Tikis.
      Born to Be Wild (20 points): Break 1000 Plankton Tikis.
      MuscleBob BuffPants (50 points): Defeat 30 enemies in a row while buff.
      Robotic Rage (25 points): Defeat 250 enemies with SpongeBob.
      I Will Destroy All of You! (50 points): Have a Co-op buddy, as Plankton, defeat 100 enemies.
      Curse You!!! (50 points): Have a Co-op buddy, as Plankton, shake 50 enemies.
      Walking Small (30 points): Have a Co-op buddy, as Plankton, make 100 Happiness Nuggets sad.
      A Life in a Day (50 points): Collect 99 Lives.
      Money Talks (30 points): Collect 10,000 Happiness Nuggets.
      Costume Party! (25 points): Unlock all of the available costumes.
      Home Sweet Pineapple (30 points): Upgrade all of SpongeBob's furniture.
      Artist Unknown (25 points): Unlock all concept art.
      Weenie Hut (5 points): Feed Patrick a kelp hot dog.
      Last Sponge Standing (30 points): Survive all 7 Task Tiki Combat Challenges against the robot cretins.
      Too Good to be True (50 points): Complete any level without dying, without invincibility.
      HAPPY SQUARED! (100 points): Complete the game.

    Additionally, there are two secret achievements:

      SpongeBob OldPants (10 points): You made SpongeBob grow old.
      Patchy's Roll Call (15 points): You watched all of the credits.

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