19-year-old Stabs Stepfather’s Motorcycle after Getting Xbox Switched Off

19-year-old Stabs Stepfather’s Motorcycle after Getting Xbox Switched Off

As reported on St Georges News , a 19-year-old male from St George, Utah, was arrested last Thursday, March 20, after damaging his stepfather’ s 2009 Custom Harley Davidson FLF motorcycle with a knife. The domestic violence incident occurred when the stepfather switched off the younger male’s Xbox.

According to a probable cause statement written down by a St. George police officer (who was sent to investigate the matter), the stepfather phoned the police regarding his stepson after he retreated across the street from his house following the stepson’s outburst.

According to the stepfather, he returned home to find the younger male playing games on his Xbox. He asked his stepson to switch both the Xbox and the TV off, giving the younger male a few minutes while he went outside to collect his mail. When he returned to find the stepson still on his Xbox, he turned the console off himself.

The stepson then started screaming at the stepfather, and proceed to throw two Xbox controllers at him, breaking them in the process. The stepfather then retreated out of the house and called the police. During this time, the stepson also went outside at started attacking the stepfather’s motorcycle. According to the report, the motorcycle is said to have been valued at $40,000.

“He punched and hit the bike repeatedly,” the office investigating the incident wrote. “[He] then knocked it down and continued to to strike the motorcycle until he broke the knife blade off the handle. The motorcycle sustained damage everywhere. The front forks, fender, frame, and gas tank were all bent.”

After dealing costly damage to the motorcycle, the stepson got into his 2000 Nissan Maxima and backed out of the driveway, to which he “then flooded his Maxima into the motorcycle, pushing it into the garage and all the way into the wall of the garage.”

The total costs of the incident–taking into account the two broken controllers and the damaged garage–is estimated to mount over $25,000.

Prior to being transported to Washington County’s Purgatory Correctional Facility, the stepson left the scene to later call the police from his friends house.

“[The stepson] stated he had done everything on purpose,” the officer said. The young male also stated that he “acted out” when he throw the controllers at his stepfather, and then went after the motorcycle “in rage”.

Upon arriving at the Correctional Facility, the stepson explained to the officer that he missed the last two doses of his anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication that he was supposed to have taken.

“He felt the lack of medication assisted in his acting out today,” the officer said.

The stepson has been charged with two class-B misdemeanors for domestic violence simple assault and leaving the scene of an incident. He has also been charged with a second-degree felony for domestic violence criminal mischief. According to the report, the stepson’s bail stands at $13,110.

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