A New GTA Killer?

A New GTA Killer?


After killing an eighty-nine year old woman during a break-in in May 2004, William Thomas Blevins III is facing 20-50 years in prison. The twenty-year old from Michigan blames his video game addiction and the threats of his girlfriend as the causes of the murder.

Blevins’ attorney called his video game obsession “extraordinaire”. Because of his addiction, his girlfriend was able to successfully threaten that if he committed the crime with her she would call him “Hit Man”, but if he didn’t she would call him “pussy”.

Nicole Anne Dupure, his girlfriend, will also stand trial in the murder.

Michael Steinberg, Blevins’ attorney, fought for leniency arguing that his client had undergone a religious conversion in jail.

“My background doesn’t fit the crime,” Blevins told the judge. “I ask God for forgiveness. I’m sorry for what I did.”

“I wish he would have picked up the Bible before this happened instead of after,” Judge Diane Druzinski commented. She didn’t buy the plea and sentenced Blevins to the maximum sentence for second-degree murder.

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