Band Hero Confirmed for DS Lite

Band Hero Confirmed for DS Lite


Activision announced today that Band Hero will be making its way to the DS Lite.

The new portable music game will allow up to four players get together and play guitar, bass, drums, and sing. Players who purchased the Guitar Grip peripheral with Guitar Hero: On Tour will be able to use it once again for bass and lead guitar, or they can go ahead and get the new model.

Additionally, a new peripheral has been created for drums. The Drum Grip offers players four large buttons to keep the rhythm on. Singing in Band Hero for DS is as simple as singing into the DS Lite’s built-in microphone.

As was the case with the Guitar Grip, only DS Lite models of DS will be compatible with the new Drum Grip. The game will include tracks from artists including: “Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, The Killers, KT Tunstall, and Fall Out Boy.”

Press Release:

Revolutionizing the music videogame genre once again, Guitar Hero and Activision are expanding the boundaries of music gaming with the introduction of full band play in Band Hero™ for Nintendo DS™ Lite. Band Hero delivers an explosive and unprecedented social gameplay experience for Nintendo DS Lite with the addition of vocals and drums – via an innovative new Drum Grip™ – to the guitar and bass gameplay popularized by the Guitar Hero® On Tour trilogy.

Band Hero allows handheld gamers to choose the way they want to play in multiplayer mode with any instrument combination of guitar, bass, drums and vocals as they strum, drum and belt out some of today’s most popular tracks across multiple genres of music, including rock, pop, alternative and punk.

With the largest and most diverse set list in a Nintendo DS Lite offering to-date, Band Hero offers fans 30 master recordings from today’s top artists including: Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, The Killers, KT Tunstall, and Fall Out Boy. With new features players can enjoy anytime, anywhere, a brand new Rockstar Editor to fully customize your band members, No Fail mode and Stage Stunts, Band Hero changes the way games can be played on the road.

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