Empire City: 1931 Cheats & Cheat Codes

Empire City 1931 Cover Art

Empire City: 1931 Cheats & Cheat Codes

Empire City: 1931 is a crime shooter that was released for arcade cabinets in 1986. This game was developed by Seibu Kaihatsu and published by Taito. Empire City: 1931 later received ports for the NES and MSX.

After its release, Empire City: 1931 became widely popular in Japan. Shortly after it came out, Empire City: 1931 became the fourth most successful arcade game in Japan. Although the arcade version of the game received an English localization, the console versions remained exclusive to Japan. This arcade shooter’s pulse-pounding action and addictive gameplay made it stand out among generic shooters.

Empire City: 1931 Premise

Empire City 1931 Gameplay

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Empire City: 1931 is known as Street Fight in Germany, and Magnum Kiki Ippatsu: Empire City: 1931 in Japan. The story follows an FBI agent who’s seeking revenge against the mob who killed his family in a shootout. Throughout the game, players will hunt down and kill the mobsters and mafia bosses responsible for their deaths.

Empire City: 1931 Main Character

Although the FBI agent is the protagonist of the game he does not appear during gameplay. Players will control a crosshair that they can use to shoot mobsters hidden throughout the level. There’s a limited amount of time that players have to find every mobster in the level before they get shot. Players will need quick reflexes and a sharp eye to avenge the FBI agent’s family.

Empire City: 1931 Series

The success of Empire City: 1931 earned the game a sequel called Dead Angle. This game was also a shooter where players control a crosshair and shoot mobsters. This time, players are on a mission to save their girlfriend, whose been kidnapped by the mob. Just like with Empire City: 1931Dead Angle was an incredibly successful arcade game.

Empire City: 1931 Cheat Codes

Empire City 1931 Level

©Empire City 1931 Gameplay – Original

The NES version of Empire City: 1931 has multiple cheat codes available to players. There are several passwords that players can enter that will allow them to select levels. There is also a special code that will make players invulnerable to damage. On top of that, there is also a secret boss that players can fight at the very end of the game.

After Final Boss0621
Level 2-19866
Level 3-11DEA
Level 4-19561
Level 5-19964
Invulnerability/Stage SelectEnter the password 8E3B then press Start at the Continue menu. Enter the password A57D and a stage select is opened alongside invulnerability. To manipulate the stage number, press A to change the main stage (up to 5) and B for the sub-stage (up to 8).
Secret Final BossDefeat the final boss of the stage 5-8. Go back to stages 5-1 through 5-7, shooting the creates in the levels. Once you find a special key, shoot it and your score will turn gold. Once you beat the boss in 5-8, there will be a door that can be opened and will take you to the real final boss, El Nino.

Empire City: 1931 Cheat Code FAQ

Does Empire City: 1931 have any cheat codes?

Yes, Empire City: 1931 has many different cheat codes available for the NES version. With these cheat codes, players will be able to select playable levels or make themselves invulnerable. There is also a secret boss in the game that can be accessed with a hidden key in the final levels.

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