Batman/Superman Movie Rumors We Hope Are True

Batman/Superman Movie Rumors We Hope Are True

Riddle me this, riddle me that…here’s what I’d love to see in a Superman-Bat!

It’s safe to say that when the news broke confirming we’d finally be getting the tie-in we’ve been drooling over for years, it was epic. I can still remember seeing the footage of the Superman emblem inlaid over the bat-symbol in the reveal footage. It’s a movie that fans have dreamed about since the days of Christopher Reeves and Michael Keaton. Hell, I can remember when they were supposedly going to do a Death of Superman film. The rumor was that Keaton (as Batman) was going to appear via satellite link and speak at Superman’s funeral; mourning the loss of one half of the world’s finest.

That rumor, like so many others, proved to be just that; a rumor.

Now, DC and Marvel fans alike are once again abuzz with the latest “so-called” news. As you know, BS and the internet go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, the latest tidbits to come out of the production are just too good not to get a second look. We recently reported (via a Latino Review piece) regarding several supposed plot spoilers that were leaked by someone who “allegedly” worked in the art department. Among them, it ran the gamut of how Batman comes to be at odds with out boy in blue, to the introduction of super-baddie Lex Luthor (and how he is introduced as a shadow character that Lois Lane is investigating). As juicy as these morsels are (and I know as a journalists I shouldn’t really speculate on rumor), they are just too much fun not to toil over. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure, even if we all know that most of these kinds of “details” usually turn out to be nothing more than a fantasy dreamt up and leaked by a fan boy in his underwear. Having said that, I’m going to indulge myself a bit here. I’m an optimist at heart, so I’d like to think that somehow, someway, perhaps some of these rumors are rooted in some kind of reality.

So, for your reading pleasure, here are just a few of the latest plot rumors regarding the upcoming Batman/Superman crossover that I would LOVE to see! Let’s take a look.

Batman and Robin have a falling out due to betrayal:

I’m not sure exactly what could possibly split up the dynamic duo, but that is definitely a new take on that character’s dynamic. While we’ve of course seen similar plot threads in the Batman comics in the past, I’d love to hear just a little bit on what could cause such a rift on screen. Even if you never see Robin in the film (as Batman is described as haggard and seasoned in this version), it would be a nice way of showing how Bruce has been through the ringer, both emotionally and physically.

Lex Luthor is a shadowy under-lord:

Most Superman films and TV shows just throw Lex out there as the main baddie, just become he’s the most well known. The idea of Lois having to investigate him as a power-player (who is covertly operating behind the scenes rather than in the public eye) adds a level of intrigue that we’ve never seen in the past. It almost turns it into a Nancy Drew style mystery that could be interesting. Not that I’m a Nancy Drew fan mind you.

Batman works for the man:

One of my concerns has been how they will handle pitting Batman against Superman in a way that makes them bitter rivals. We all know they eventually become allies, so the idea of Batman being an agent of the United Nations in order to stop future harm to human cities would be an pretty interesting way of getting these two on opposite corners for the big rumble. Having the Justice League as a sanctioned branch of the UN is also a neat thought.

The Batcave and Batmobile are awesome again:

This was my biggest complaint regarding the Christopher Nolan Batman films. Aside from the suit (and possibly the Tumbler), Bruce Wayne always seemed to be operatizing in a low-tech environment. Their version of the Batcave was literally just a cave. I’d love to see us get back to a high-tech, comic style version of the Bat’s lair (fitting for one of the brightest minds in the world). Also…Keaton car. ‘Nuff said.

Batman/Superman Movie Rumors We Hope Are True

I know that many of these points are just fantasies, with very little chance we’ll see any of them on screen. Whoever “leaked” these rumors could just be pulling our chains, and is now having a huge laugh at the internet’s expense for reporting on completely made-up BS. Me, I don’t really care. Even if none of this pans out, it’s fun to dream of what might have been. We know the film has been pushed back to 2016, so let’s hope that it’s because the movie is so freakin’ over-the-top awesome, it simply couldn’t be completed in time.

Until then, I’m going to dream of bat-a-rangs and bright red boots till someone tells me to stop. Besides, even if none of this is real, it would still make a great fan film!

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