Battleborn Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Battleborn Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)


Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


SHiFT codes

Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes in-game to unlock the corresponding bonus. Note: Some codes will expire over time or number of redemptions. You may also need to submit a code multiple times before it is accepted. We will continue adding new codes and specifying codes that we become aware do not work any longer. The newest codes will appear at the top of the list.

    “Battle Buddies” title: 9KKBB-WCTZF-KW5J9-RCFJT-JW93S (Expected Expiration: Unknown)
    “Dunkster” title: SWKTB-356W6-ZC3JS-XK6T3-HJ3CX (Expected Expiration: Unknown)
    “Hero Found” title: H5KJT-93R56-SKTB9-F5FBJ-TC39Z (Expected Expiration: Unknown)


    Legendary Loot Pack: 955BB-3KBS6-CWCJS-XKXJJ-KKH6J
    Galilea’s Gold “Destruction” skin: 9WK33-S3BH6-CK5TS-6WF3T-SKHJJ
    Melka’s “Lone Wolf” skin: SCWJ3-XBBZR-WWCTS-X5RT3-T5BR5
    Phoebe’s “Experimentalist” skin: 9W5JT-9HSRF-5K53Z-X5RBT-J6B5S
    Alani’s “Atramental” skin: 9W5JT-9HSRF-5K53Z-X5RBT-J6B5S
    Whiskey Foxtrot’s “It’s Premium Foxtrot!” skin: HCWJJ-6H9XR-W5WB9-65XJT-X6WR3
    Beatrix’s “Chrysochelator” skin: ZK5J3-5SZ6X-KC539-XWF3B-6BKBS
    Kleese’s “Business Class” skin: ZKKBT-RRSFR-WCW39-F5FJT-RHCKB
    Ernest’s “Falcon” Cyber skin: Z5KJT-SKZRF-CKCTH-XW6B3-CSTFS
    Toby’s “Aww, Someone’s Dressed Up!” skin: 9CWTT-3CHF6-WWCJ9-XK6TB-SJJZK
    Legendary Gear Pack and LLC Commander Pack: 9CWTT-5SZT6-HCJJZ-RWRJ3-JR9BX
    Kid Ultra’s “Baron Xavier, Solar Savior” skin: 9KCJT-JHHJ6-ZCTJH-RKFT3-ZRWSX
    Attikus’ “Fort Knocks” skin: 95C3J-WJZXX-KCKJZ-6WR3T-TJJSK
    Boldur’s “Goldur!” skin: 9CCBB-59FRX-55WBS-RCRJJ-HXBSJ
    Oscar Mike’s Tango Tango skin: HCK3J-9RRRR-C5WJH-RKR3J-T56HC
    Whiskey Foxtrot’s “It’s Collectible Foxtrot!” skin: ZK5JJ-396RX-WWK3H-RW6TT-BSSH5
    10,000 Credits and 6 Loot Packs: 9CKJT-XWX6F-K5KTZ-X5RJT-B3H5B
    Rare Loot Pack 1: SCWBJ-TFSSH-X556T-6KXTT-R5ZHH
    Golden skins for Benedict, ISIC, and Shayne & Aurox: SK53J-53BZ6-5CCJS-XKR33-HSJBR
    Galilea’s “Apocalypse” skin: HCKTB-WCB3F-95KXT-RKF3B-ZHTBS
    Unlock Toby: Z5WJT-W5ZRR-CKWB9-FCFT3-BR9KF
    “Battleborn Day Guide” title: Z55BT-RCZ6F-CC5JH-RCFBB-W6F56
    Ernest Golden skin: 9K5BJ-BTWBC-K3WTS-FWF33-KSK9F
    Play With The Devs 2 Skins (Oscar Mike, Whiskey Foxtrot) and +3x XP for 24 Hours: H5W3J-5X6FX-KKKB9-RKFTT-9XRC9
    Epic Loot Pack 6: HWWBT-3ZTHC-SWCRJ-F563J-FSHJC
    Pendles “Constrictor” Golden skin: 9C5B3-STJJF-ZCWFJ-6CFT3-ZW6FH
    Epic Loot Pack 4: SWW3J-XTHH5-9WKRB-FCFTB-FF6HK
    Epic Loot Pack 3: ZKKBT-Z5XCC-S55X3-FW6JT-3JBZT
    Uncommon (Green) Loot Pack 2: HKWJB-6CX5C-SCW6T-RWFBJ-TCB9X
    Uncommon (Green) Loot Pack 1: S5WT3-BBXCC-9KWRJ-RKX3T-3BZF5
    Rare Loot Pack 3: ZKC3B-ST65K-9CW63-6KXB3-XSKWB
    Rare Loot Pack 2: S5KB3-SZ5WK-SCWF3-RWRTJ-6WXZR
    Play With The Devs Skins!: S5CBJ-KKCXK-SWCR3-XKX3J-5R3RW
    Epic Loot Pack 2: HWC3B-6XZ99-FK5RJ-RWXTJ-6XBX3

Bonus characters

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character. Note: There are two methods to unlock each character, except for the characters you unlock after completing the Prologue.

    Ambra: Reach Rank 14. Alternately, win 5 matches with a Jennerit character.
    Attikus: Reach Rank 32. Alternately, kill 800 Jennerit enemies.
    Benedict: Reach Rank 10. Alternately, win 5 matches with a Peacekeeper character.
    Boldur: Reach Rank 26. Alternately, successfully complete The Experiment.
    Caldarius: Reach Rank 28. Alternately, successfully complete The Renegade.
    Deande: Reach Rank 38. Alternately, successfully complete The Heliophage on the Advanced difficulty.
    El Dragon: Reach Rank 20. Alternately, win 5 matches with an LLC character.
    Galilea: Reach Rank 12. Alternately, kill 800 minions of any type.
    Ghalt: Reach Rank 40. Alternately, get a Silver rating on all Story missions on the Advanced difficulty.
    Isic: Reach Rank 30. Alternately, successfully complete The Algorithm.
    Kelvin: Reach Rank 18. Alternately, win 5 matches with an Eldrid character.
    Kleese: Reach Rank 36. Alternately, get a Silver rating on all Story missions.
    Marquis: Successfully complete the Prologue.
    Mellka: Reach Rank 34. Alternately, successfully complete The Heliophage.
    Miko: Successfully complete the Prologue.
    Montana: Successfully complete the Prologue.
    Orendi: Successfully complete the Prologue.
    Oscar Mike: Successfully complete the Prologue.
    Phoebe: Reach Rank 22. Alternately, kill 50 enemy players.
    Rath: Successfully complete the Prologue.
    Reyna: Reach Rank 8. Alternately, get 50 assists in Versus matches.
    Shayne and Aurox: Reach Rank 6. Alternately, successfully complete 5 Co-op missions or matches with at least one other player.
    Thorn: Successfully complete the Prologue.
    Toby: Reach Rank 24. Alternately, win 5 matches with a Rogue character.
    Whiskey Foxtrot: Reach Rank 16. Alternately, win 15 matches.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding taunt. Press D-pad Right to taunt. Note: While performing a taunt, you cannot perform any other action until the taunt animation completes.


    Walk Not Unlike An Egyptian: Available by default.
    Solar Guard: Reach Character Rank 15.
    Off With Their Heads: Deal with 60,000 damage with Extinction Event (complete the “I Command The Very Stars” Lore Challenge).


    Battlecry: Available by default.
    Ground Pounder: Reach Character Rank 15.
    Crusher: Knock up three enemies simultaneously 25 times (complete the “Rise Of The Thrall” Lore Challenge).


    The Dance, I: Available by default.
    Regurgirocket: Reach Character Rank 15.
    The Dance, II: Get 100 kills with Boomsday (complete “The Bird’s Last Word” Lore Challenge).


    Rear Guard: Available by default.
    Oath of the Woodsworn: Reach Character Rank 15.
    Boldur B.O.: Self-heal 10,000 damage with Ekkuni Greatshield while energized by Runes Of Power (Complete “The Runes That Best Reflect My Mood” Lore Challenge).


    The Shock Trooper: Available by default.
    Pushover: Reach Character Rank 15.
    Applause: Kill 150 enemies with Energy Blade while on a team with Rath (Complete the “Three-To-One Contact” Lore Challenge).


    High Spymistress: Available by default.
    The List: Reach Character Rank 15.
    Let’s Rumba: Play 5 matches on the same team as Ambra (Complete “The Seed Of Secret Orders” Lore Challenge).

El Dragon

    Three Count: Available by default.
    Respect The Belt: Reach Character Rank 15.
    Undefeated: Land the killing blow on ISIC in The Algorithm (Complete “The Rise Of The Dragon” Lore Challenge).


    Our Victory Is Complete: Available by default.
    Merciless: Reach Character Rank 15.
    The Beast Inside: Kill 100 Jennerit enemies while Galilea is corrupted (Complete the “No Redemption” Lore Challenge).


    Man of Action: Available by default.
    Active Reload: Reach Character Rank 15.
    Shellshock: Play 5 matches with Deande, Mellka, or Kleese on you team (Complete the “First Round Draft Picks” Lore Challenge).


    Victorious Pose!: Available by default.
    All Shock Up: Reach Character Rank 15.
    Come At Me, Bro!: Kill 250 minions with Plasma Dash (Complete the “Mining Exploration Report” Lore Challenge).


    Grab ‘N’ Go: Available by default.
    Guffaw of The Gigas: Reach Character Rank 15.
    Heart of Ice: Stun 3 enemy Battleborn with Sublimate simultaneously 25 times (Complete the “Micro Macro Mist Me” Lore Challenge).


    My Imaginary Companion: Available by default.
    Call of The Contakerous: Reach Character Rank 15.
    Fatal Farewell: Restore 50,000 shield strength to allies with Energy Rift (Complete the “I Care About You. No Really” Lore Challenge).


    Gentleman Sniper: Available by default.
    Wunderbar: Require Character Rank 15.
    Capital Gains: Play 5 matches on the same team as Phoebe (Complete the “Overprotective” Lore Challenge).


    Rock Out: Available by default.
    The Mercenary: Reach Character Rank 15.
    Take A Knee: Kill 100 Varelsi with Claw Lunge (Complete the “Punching The Darkness” Lore Challenge).


    Combat Botanist: Available by default.
    Worthy Opponent: Reach Character Rank 15.
    The Challenge: Heal 3 allies at once with Fungus Among Us 30 times (Complete the “Regrown Universe” Lore Challenge).


    The Whittler: Available by default.
    Man of Action: Reach Character Rank 15.
    Inappropriate Gesture: Play 5 matches with at least one of each other Peacekeeper on your team.

Oscar Mike

    Gimme Three: Available by default.
    Limber Up: Reach Character Rank 15.
    Flexinating: Successfully complete the “From Yer Best Bud” Lore Challenge.


    Polite Society: Available by default.
    The Conductor: Reach Character Rank 15.
    A Kiss For Good Luck: Deal 80,000 damage with True Strike (Complete the “Dancing Lessons Pay Off” Lore Challenge)


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Savior of the Universe (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies).
    Battleborn (Silver): Reach Command Rank 100 and earn the Battleborn title.
    No Rest for the Wicked (Gold): Win 30 Story missions or Versus matches.
    Solus War Hardcore Hero (Silver): Complete all Story missions on Hardcore.
    Solus War Hero Advanced (Silver): Complete all Story missions on Advanced Difficulty.
    Tour of Duty (Silver): Win a match on each Versus map.
    Commander and Collector (Gold): Play at least one match or mission with all 25 Battleborn.
    Sir Hon. Lord Baron Oscar Mike Jr IV, Esq. (Silver): Collect 25 Titles from completing Challenges.
    First Among Heroes (Silver): Complete a match or mission and reach rank 15 with a Battleborn.
    Perfectionist (Silver): Complete a Story mission without losing any Lives.
    The Ol’ One-Two (Bronze): Get 5 double kills.
    Behold My Death Lasers and Despair (Silver): Activate a piece of Legendary Gear.
    Solus Sentinel (Silver): Achieve a Gold rating on any Story mission.
    Gotta Punch ’em All (Bronze): Land the killing blow on each Battleborn at least once.
    Decked Out (Bronze): Activate three pieces of Epic or better Gear in a single mission or match.
    Grow Forth and Conquer (Bronze): Activate a mutation in a match.
    New Guy, Everybody. Everybody, New Guy. (Bronze): Complete a challenge that unlocks a Battleborn.
    When You Roll Up With the Squad Like (Bronze): Enter matchmaking with a full team of 5 players.
    The Blossom’s Fury (Bronze): Complete all Thorn lore challenges.
    Brotherhood of the Mikes (Bronze): Complete all Oscar Mike lore challenges.
    Keeper of the Blades (Bronze): Complete all Rath lore challenges.
    Titanium Dandy (Bronze): Complete all Marquis lore challenges.
    Acres and Eras (Bronze): Complete all Miko lore challenges.
    It’s My Only Name, Chief (Bronze): Complete all Montana lore challenges.
    Rise of the Valkyrie (Bronze): Complete all Reyna lore challenges.
    Champion of the Pits (Bronze): Complete all Caldarius lore challenges.
    Love and Fire, Death and Kisses (Bronze): Complete all Orendi lore challenges.
    Elegance in Engineering (Bronze): Complete all Phoebe lore challenges.
    Flyboy (Bronze): Complete all Benedict lore challenges.
    The Bears and the Beers (Bronze): Complete all Boldur lore challenges.
    Priestess of the Sustaining Mother (Bronze): Complete all Ambra lore challenges.
    Hate Furnace at Maximum! 🙂 (Bronze): Complete all ISIC lore challenges.
    Me ‘n’ My Monster (Bronze): Complete all Shayne & Aurox lore challenges.
    The Wraith of Bliss (Bronze): Complete all Galilea lore challenges.
    Civil Ice (Bronze): Complete all Kelvin lore challenges.
    Anarchy Rules (Bronze): Complete all Attikus lore challenges.
    The Once and Future Champ (Bronze): Complete all El Dragón lore challenges.
    Anxious, Angry, and Adorable (Bronze): Complete all Toby lore challenges.
    The Captain (Bronze): Complete all Ghalt lore challenges.
    Lost Little Eldrid (Bronze): Complete all Mellka lore challenges.
    The Spymistress (Bronze): Complete all Deande lore challenges.
    The Curmudgeon (Bronze): Complete all Kleese lore challenges.
    The Mike Who Lived (Bronze): Complete all Whiskey Foxtrot lore challenges.
    Shock the Trooper (Bronze): Complete The Renegade on any difficulty.
    Mister Wolf’s Wild Ride (Bronze): Complete The Void’s Edge on any difficulty.
    Desperate Measurements (Bronze): Complete The Experiment on any difficulty.
    Remnants of Codex (Bronze): Complete The Archive on any difficulty.
    Traps and Treasure (Bronze): Complete The Sentinel on any difficulty.
    A Booming Business (Bronze): Complete The Saboteur on any difficulty.
    Divide by Zero Hour (Bronze): Complete The Algorithm on any difficulty.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    A Tyrant Undone (Silver): Defeat Rendain.
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