Battlefield 5 Trophy Shortcuts for PlayStation 4

Battlefield V character screenshot

Battlefield 5 Trophy Shortcuts for PlayStation 4

Battlefield V is the eleventh main entry in the Battlefield series. Brought to the gaming world by DICE and Electronic Arts, this installment needed more development time compared to other titles. Previous titles in the Battlefield series have had more success in terms of content and gameplay. Battlefield V focuses extensively on party-based mechanics and scarcity of resources to enhance realism playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows

Battlefield V Premise

Battlefield V screenshot
Cosmetic and weaponry customization available to players.

Typical to the gameplay of the other titles in the series, this installment features the same large-scale and online multiplayer battles. New to Battlefield V is the option for the customization of multiple characters with both cosmetic and weapon options. There are also several new multiplayer modes. These modes include Continuous campaign mode and Grand Operations. Initially introduced in the very first Battlefield 1 Operations mode, it is an expansion providing multiple stages to simulate a campaign from the war. 

Main Characters in the Game

Battlefield V screenshot in flight
Main character battle during flight.

Peter Muller: A German commander of the Tiger 237.

Solveig Fia Bjornstad: Main character and protagonist of the single player story Nordlys. She is affiliated with the Norwegian Resistance opposing the German occupation forces.

Kertz: Driver and mechanic for the Tiger 237. Kertz is a supporting character in the single player story.

Schroder: Gunner for the Tiger 237 he is a supporting character in the single player story of The Last Tiger.

Billy Bridger: Playable character in the game, Billy is a Londoner and convicted criminal granted a second chance.

Hartmann: Loader and substitute radio operator of Tiger 237.

Astrid Bjornstad: Member of the Norwegian Resistance who attempts to sabotage the German program of producing heavy water.

Deme Cisse: Member of the Senegalese colonial contingent of the Free French Army.

Titles in the Battlefield Series

With the inception of the Battlefield series in 2002, it has been very successful. Rather than listing off the entire series, here are the titles Electronic Arts considers canon to the Battlefield series.

  • Battlefield 1942 (2002)
  • Battlefield Vietnam (2004)
  • Battlefield 2142 (2006)
  • Battlefield: Bad Company (2008)
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (2010)
  • Battlefield 3 (2011)
  • Battlefield 4 (2013)
  • Battlefield Hardline (2015)
  • Battlefield 1 (2016)
  • Battlefield V (2018)
  • Battlefield 2042 (2021)

Trophy Shortcuts

Battlefield screenshot
Sniping made east in Battlefield.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

World War Two Hero (Platinum): Collect all other Battlefield V trophies.

Storyteller (Gold): Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys & Tirailleur on Medium.

Veteran (Gold): Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys & Tirailleur on Hard.

Sins of the Fathers (Gold): Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys & Tirailleur on Hardcore.

Lovely (Silver): Complete Under No Flag War Story.

Store fuglar fanga ingi flugor (Silver): Complete Nordlys War Story.

Ou La Mort (Silver): Complete Tirailleur War Story.

Off-hand (Silver): In Multiplayer, kill 10 enemies with secondary weapons in a round.

Enemy Attrition (Bronze): In Multiplayer, get ten kills in a round.

Hoist the Flag (Silver): In Multiplayer, capture ten flags in Frontlines.

Globetrotter (Gold): Play a round of Conquest on each launch map.

Death from Above (Gold): In Multiplayer, destroy five manned stationary weapons with an Airplane.

Fender Bender (Silver): In Multiplayer, roadkill five enemies.

Grim Reaper (Silver): In Multiplayer, kill 30 enemies.

Call ’em in! (Silver): In Multiplayer, as a squad leader call in 2 reinforcements in a round.

Combat Engineer (Silver): In Multiplayer, build 10 fortifications in a round.

Heads Down (Silver): InMultiplayer, fully suppress five enemies.

Jack of All Trades (Gold): Earn a 100,000 score as an Assault, Medic, Support, and Recon.

Eager Beaver (Bronze): Earn a 150,000 score as a Player.

Elite (Gold): Earn a 500,000 score as a Player.

Last Man Standing (Bronze): In Multiplayer, have three squad members spawn on you.

Not On My Watch (Bronze): In Multiplayer, perform 10 squad revives.

Battlefield V FAQ

What are the best medic weapons in Battlefield V?

Some popular medic weapons include Type 2A – a fast-firing SMG that can shred enemies at a close range. M1928A1 – also known as a Tommy Gun, this gun excels at close range combat. Jungle Carbine – a bolt-action rifle that is unique to the medic class.

How can players unlock new weapons in the game?

Players will need to play matches and earn XP for each class. Every class has its own weapons that can be unlocked by reaching higher ranks in the game.

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