Blacklight: Retribution Devs Close Studio for Retirement

Blacklight: Retribution Devs Close Studio for Retirement

Reports have come in that Blacklight: Retribution and Daylight developer, Zombie Studios, has officially closed its doors after over two decades under its belt. According to reports, a statement posted on the studio’s official website detailed that the veteran developer would be closing down because its owners “are retiring.”

Also its statement, Zombie Studios thanked its fans for the years of support, and recalls how “i t has been awesome working with all the various technology over the years,” adding that growing with the industry and its fans while developing fun games has also been an awesome experience. The developer also thanked its employees (both past and present) for their dedication.

Those worrying about Blacklight: Retribution needn’t worry, as the team behind the game will still remain as a studio, just under a different banner. The newly dubbed Builder Box will be taking care of the free-to-play first-person shooter. In a statement posted on its official Facebook page, the new studio explained that the rights to Blacklight: Retribution was transferred to Builder Box on Thursday, January 1. The studio is also being headed by Zombie Studios’ former director of production, Andy Kipling, and former technical director, Russell Nelson .

While the game’s ownership has now been changed, the new studio will continue to work with Perfect World (the game’s publisher) to bring continual updates and “exciting changes” from here on out.

“Thank you for all the support that you have given Zombie and Blacklight over the years, and we look forward to your ongoing support as we transition to Builder Box,” Builder Box concluded.

[ Source(s): Eurogamer / Facebook ]

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