Hello Neighbor 2, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Hello Neighbor 2, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Hello Neighbor 2 Summary

Developed by Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild, Hello Neighbor 2 is the suspense-filled sequel to the stealth horror series Hello Neighbor. Launched on December 6th, 2022, the game has undergone numerous iterations before its official release. Set in the eerie town of Raven Brooks, the title follows the investigation of a local journalist named Quentin, who becomes ensnared in the mysteries surrounding the enigmatic Mr. Peterson.

Hello Neighbor 2 Premise

In the atmospheric and tension-laden world of Hello Neighbor 2, players step into the life of Quentin, a dedicated and intrepid investigative journalist. Drawn to the eerie town of Raven Brooks, Quentin finds himself pulled into a web of mysteries spun by Mr. Peterson, a neighbor whose actions inspire both dread and suspicion. As players traverse the game, they’re met with a myriad of stealth challenges. Moments where they must not only outwit the increasingly unpredictable Mr. Peterson but also decipher mind-bending puzzles. The deeper Quentin probes, the murkier the waters of truth become. Unraveling the story becomes a test of the player’s deduction skills. The narrative masterfully intertwines reality with nightmare sequences, demanding discernment and courage in equal measure.

Hello Neighbor 2 Main Characters

While not central characters per say, the inhabitants of Raven Brooks contribute to the game’s atmosphere and storyline. Some have their houses that players can explore and others patrol and protect locations. In addition the enigmatic Guest, there are two main characters in the game.

  • Quentin: The game’s protagonist, Quentin is an inquisitive journalist. Driven by an instinctual need to uncover the truth, his investigative nature often puts him in harm’s way.
  • Mr. Peterson: The enigmatic and eerie neighbor, Mr. Peterson is a character shrouded in rumors and fear. He has an unsettling aura that keeps the town of Raven Brooks on edge. His behaviors are erratic and unpredictable, with tales of his dark deeds serving as whispers among the community.

Other Titles in the Hello Neighbor Series

  • Hello Neighbor (2018)
  • Hello Neighbor (2018)
  • Secret Neighbor (2019)
  • Hello Engineer (2020)
  • Hello Neighbor Diaries (2022)
  • Hello Neighbor 2 (2022)
  • Hello Neighbor VR: Search and Rescue (2022)

Hello Neighbor 2 Cheat Codes

Outside the use of third-party trainers, there appears to be no traditional cheat codes for Hello Neighbor 2. There are hidden achievements to be unlocked.

Ancient CurseComplete Night 3
Cat PersonHaven’t we met before?
Case ClosedComplete Day 1
ClimberSynchronization complete
Dog PersonYes, you can!
Easy As PieComplete Day 2
Family LostComplete Night 2
Hidden SecretsComplete Day 4
ImprisonmentComplete Night 4
Mad ScientistConstruct an abomination
ReunionBeat the game
Shovel NightComplete Night 1
Treasure HuntComplete Day 3
True JournalistProve your worth to Raven Brooks
Welcome to Raven BrooksComplete Tutorial

Hello Neighbor 2 FAQs

Is Hello Neighbor 2 kid friendly?

There is no content that would be usually considered objectionable, no foul language, violence, etc. That said, the game might be a bit intense for younger gamers due to its eerie vibe and stressful nature.

What is the difference between Hello Neighbor and Hello Neighbor 2?

Hello Neighbor and Hello Neighbor 2 are both focused on infiltrating houses to uncover dark secrets. While the original game revolves around sneaking into one specific neighbor’s house, its sequel expands the setting to an entire village with multiple houses to explore. Hello Neighbor 2 also introduces a more streamlined tool system, refined visuals, and an open-world structure. It distances itself from the more confined and puzzle-heavy nature of the first game.

What consoles are Hello Neighbor 2 on?

Hello Neighbor 2 is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and XBox Series S/X.

Is Hello Guest the same as Hello Neighbor 2?

Hello Guest is the pre-alpha build of what would become Hello Neighbor 2. It takes place in a run-down amusement park where the player – a security guard on the Golden Apple night-shift – is stalked by a masked figured. While linked, they are two separate entities altogether.

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