Akella Announces Night Watcher for PC

Akella Announces Night Watcher for PC


Today, Akella, an independent development studio based in Moscow, Russia, has announced development plans for “Night Watcher” (working title).

The game is based on the fiction of the best-selling Russian author, Oleg Divov. The title will take players on a puzzle-filled quest, while utilizing two central characters’ unique perspectives and abilities to solve the horror mystery in a lavishly rendered, creepy Russian village.

Below you find the a bit of the story arc and key game features:

The journalist Andrei Luzgin arrives in the town of Posolsk to find his missing friend. On arrival, he observed that something strange was happening in the city: people were disappearing without a trace. Corpses with terrible injuries were being found everywhere.

Luzgin is involved in a journalist investigation, during which he learns a lot about the terrible details that involve this city, where secret research and scientific experiments are being conducted. A few years after these experiments, Posolsk step-by-step becomes quiet and empty.

Luzgin noticed that he was followed by someone, and this is clearly not a human being.

The police investigator, who agrees to cooperate with him, advises Andrei to terminate the investigation, but Luzgin refuses. Eventually he starts to keep an eye on Dima Smirnov, who once was linked to the disappearance. The suspect says that all the disappearances are accidents, and are the work of security services. It would seem that a crime has been solved, but not being able to bring his case to an end, Luzgin disappears.

After some time, FSB (an organization successor of the KGB) lieutenant colonel Vladimir Dolinsky arrives in Posolsk with a secret mission to investigate the incidents in the city. But he has his own motivation, his wife is infected with the rare disease, licantropia. To create a vaccine, the genetic material from the infected is needed. During his investigation he learns about the missing journalist from Moscow. The investigator, who worked with Luzgin, sends Dolinsky into the morgue. Observing the corpse, Dolinsky has doubts that this is Luzgin. The further the investigation progresses, the more incredible and horrifying are the facts that pop up…

Game features:

  • Game is created after the fictional novel “Night Watcher” by Oleg Divov;
  • It is a Classic third person view Quest with fascinating puzzles in the best tradition of the classic horror quest, such as Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, and The Black Mirror
  • There are two characters the gamer is switching between during the game
  • The atmosphere of a small Russian town and its suburbs is carefully recreated
  • 3D-characters and backgrounds, scrupulously detailed locations
  • Intriguing plot keeps player in constant tension until the very end;
  • 45 gaming locations, including arcade inserts
  • Intuitive & user friendly controls
  • 25 individual characters
  • 15 hours of game play

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