Bonelab, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Bonelab, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Bonelab Summary

VR first-person shooter Bonelab made its grand debut in 2022. Developed by the acclaimed studio Labyrinthine Games, it is a follow-up to the beloved Boneworks. With player-driven narratives at its core, Bonelab solidified its legacy as a title that offered a unique experience with every playthrough.

Bonelab Premise

The world of Bonelab presents a vast, intricate universe, with mysteries lurking in every corner. From the outset, environments teem with life, juxtaposed with eerie silences. Each location, whether it’s a dense forest or an abandoned lab, has its own story, with hints about its past and how it reached its present state. Players, in their role as explorers, equip themselves with evolving tools and skills to meet escalating challenges. The game doesn’t just test individual skills; it underscores the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Active alliances, either with in-game characters or fellow players, often determine whether players progress or find themselves trapped in endless retries.

The adversaries in Bonelab stand apart from typical foes. They not only adapt and learn but can also anticipate player strategies, making sure battles remain unpredictable. Players must harness both their skills and intelligence, blending careful strategy with on-the-spot decisions to best these foes.

As players dive deeper into Bonelab, they encounter increasingly complex puzzles. Some challenge logic, others test reflexes or observation skills. Rather than just serving as obstacles, these puzzles integrate seamlessly into the overarching narrative, offering glimpses of lore that enrich the understanding of the Bonelab universe. What distinguishes Bonelab is its dedication to narratives shaped by players. A guiding central story exists, but players’ choices, the routes they choose, and the bonds they forge can dramatically shape the story’s direction, ensuring every Bonelab adventure remains uniquely personal.

Bonelab Main Characters

PolyBlank: Starting in the enigmatic Voidway, players shape PolyBlank’s appearance. This central character, destined for execution, manages to evades his grim fate and ventures into the depths of Bonelab. Representing the player’s journey, PolyBlank is a testament to perseverance and adaptability in the face of adversity.

Jimmy: Players are accompanied by the voice of Jimmy throughout the game. As the narrative unfolds, this once distant voice materializes into a tangible ally. More than just a guide, Jimmy extends an opportunity to be part of the Lava Gang, a faction that values anarchy and uninhibited artistic expression.

Games in the Bonelab Series

  • Boneworks (2019)
  • Bonelab (2022)

Bonelab Cheat Codes

There are no cheat codes outside of third-party mods but there is an extensive list of achievements to unlock.

AchievementHow to Unlock
504 Battery DriveCheck out the gun range
Aesthetic WavyWho Lives Here?
Arena ChallengerComplete Arena Challenge
Arena TipperComplete Tunnel Tipper
AscendReach Ascent Lift
Back to BasementCircle through the basement backrooms
BackstageReach backstage area in Descent
Big AnomalyFound the big anomaly
Big Bone BowlerHit the pins
BONEBOXBreak on through
Clean RoomFind the Lab
Computer, New EnvironmentSwitch environments at Holochamber
Container YardComplete Container
Crane GamePower the Crane in the Lab
DescendTravel through the Descent
DistrictCompleted District Tac Trial
District RunnerComplete District Parkour
Dungeon WarriorCompleted Dungeon Warrior
Fantasy ChampionComplete Fantasy Arena
Fantasy CultivationPass through the LumberCaves
Guiding HandComplete the Outro
Halfway ParkEnjoy the fresh air at Halfway Park
InterestingFind the room behind the elevator in Ascent
Iron KeyObtained the Iron Key
Italian GetawayEnjoy Tuscany
KONTROLRace the subway train
LavaGang Was HereFind evidence of LavaGang in Ascent
Long RunComplete Long Run
Long Time to WaitIncinerate Clippie
Magma GateBeat Magma Gate Challenge
Mine DiveRide the coaster
MirrorCheck out Mirror
Mining For What?Find evidence of Heaven’s Reach peasants mining into MythOS
Monogon MotorwayComplete Monogon Motorway
Moon BaseComplete Moon Base
My Pal ApolloBring the shiny Apollo figure all the way to the void
PiousObelisk Precepts control Heaven’s Reach
Pillar ClimberComplete Pillar scene
RooftopsComplete Rooftops
Shape ShifterObtained the Bodylog
Short LivedHang in there
Sprint BridgeComplete the Bridge as Fast
Street PuncherPunch your way through the streets
SUB 1:50Set a personal best on Monogon Motorway of less than 1:50
SUB 2:00Set a personal best on Monogon Motorway of less than 2:00
Target PracticeScore at least 1500 points on Mine Dive
Three Gun RunComplete Three Gun course
UnflushRide the Funicular to the SPA
UnpluggedUnplug the giant drain plug
Until Next TimeCompleted the game
Welcome BackEntering MythOS city

Bonelab FAQs

How long does it take to beat Bonelab?

The main campaign takes around 6 hours to beat. A 100% completion run will take roughly double that time.

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