Blade and Sorcery Review: 5 Reasons to Buy

Player wielding dual wrist blades imbued with fire magic in Blade and Sorcery.

Blade and Sorcery Review: 5 Reasons to Buy

Blade and Sorcery is more than another VR game, as it stands out for its unique approach to gameplay and uses the VR medium to its full potential. This medieval fantasy game available on Steam is a perfect blend of immersive visuals, tactical combat, and diverse playstyles. The game emphasizes realism, from its intricate sword-fighting mechanics to the tactile, environmental interactions. And that’s just scratching the surface.

The game truly shines with its physics-based combat system, promising a satisfying and visceral fighting experience unlike any other. Magic is not just an additional feature in this game, but an integral part of it, with each type boasting multiple powers that add a new dimension to combat. The game also encourages creativity with its vast array of weapons, letting you fight in a way that suits your style.

Realistic Physics and Combat in VR

A player pointing a sword at an enemy that has hands up in Blade and Sorcery.
An unarmed enemy is easily held hostage.

As primarily an action game, Blade and Sorcery offers a unique sword-fighting experience that truly leverages the possibilities of VR. The controls provide a level of realism that’s often absent from other games in this genre. You can engage in fluid combat, kick doors down, and utilize powerful spells to repel your foes. With VR, you not only see these actions, but you feel them, adding a completely new layer of immersion.

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Moreover, the graphics in Blade and Sorcery are impressive. While screenshots provide a glimpse of what’s in store, they can’t capture the true essence of the game’s visuals. As you don the VR headset, you step into a world of striking details and lifelike beauty. This visual enhancement significantly adds to the overall gaming experience.

An area where the game particularly shines is in the representation of its environments. The 3D brick walls in the game are a stark departure from the flat, 2D planes commonly found in many games. This level of detail extends to the dungeons, too, which take you through a variety of settings.

The game excels in its environmental representation. The 3D brick walls of the game depart from the flat, 2D planes typically found in many games. These details carry over to the dungeons too, guiding you through a variety of settings.

Magic? Blades? Why Not Both?

Player ready to backstab an enemy in Blade and Sorcery.
Stealth attacks are part of Blade and Sorcery, thanks to the players.

Blade and Sorcery offers a vast selection of weapons to suit varying styles of play. You can opt for a classic sword, like the rapier, long sword, claymore, or war sword, each providing a unique feel. If you prefer a more agile approach, daggers and wrist blades are available. If raw power is your style, you can choose a devastating warmace. For those leaning toward magic, staves that can store spells are an interesting option.

Shields are also part of your arsenal, enabling you to block incoming attacks effectively. Pair your chosen weapon with a shield, and you can engage in intricate combat maneuvers, such as parries and ripostes. This intricate combat system allows you to mix and match different styles to find your preferred combat approach.

Interestingly, the game also introduces an element of stealth, an aspect that emerged organically from players. This mechanic, now included in the game, features special stealth kills that require players to eliminate enemies without alerting nearby AI characters. This introduces an entirely different style of gameplay, allowing for a quieter, more strategic approach.

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Methods of silent elimination are realistic and immersive. One method is to cover an enemy’s mouth while slicing their throat. However, be careful while disposing of them, as the clatter of armor can alert others. This technique is not limited to only attacks from behind, providing more opportunities for stealthy takedowns, although perhaps not as convenient when used face-to-face. The varied choices in how to approach combat are a major strength of Blade and Sorcery, catering to diverse playstyles and offering multiple ways to engage with the game.

Using Magic to Get the Job Done

Players holding a sword imbued by lightning magic.
Lightning magic can be used while wielding an imbued weapon.

In Blade and Sorcery, magic isn’t merely an add-on; it’s woven into the game’s fabric. Each type of magic boasts an array of unique powers, allowing players to utilize spells creatively during combat. For instance, you can imbue your sword with magic, thereby enhancing its damage output and adding impressive visuals. The imbued weapons are accompanied by particle effects and trails, adding an extra layer of visual flair to your combat encounters.

Magic in Blade and Sorcery isn’t limited to close-quarters combat. With fire magic, you can cast a meteor spell for a range-based offensive, or imbue a staff to shoot fireballs at foes. If a more electrifying approach is your preference, lightning magic is at your disposal. This magic type introduces conductivity mechanics, where lightning bounces off to the nearest metal for a realistic experience that will devastate the target.

Beyond offense, magic can also aid in crowd control and mobility. By slamming a lightning-imbued staff into the ground, you can stun multiple enemies simultaneously, buying valuable time or setting up follow-up attacks. Gravity magic, on the other hand, lends a more passive but strategic advantage. For example, it lets players hover gently down cliffs and falls, preventing a potentially fatal fall. The Gravity Jump spell is an effective tool for reaching otherwise inaccessible places, making exploration in the game even more enjoyable. The magic system in Blade and Sorcery is part and parcel of the gameplay, which is evident from the game’s title.

The Player Home

The game offers a welcome rest from combat with the concept of the player home. It’s an actual place within the game where you can unwind between battles and quests. However, the home map doesn’t only serve as a place to rest. It also functions as a tutorial area, getting you used to the game mechanics and controls within a peaceful setting.

While at home, you’re not short of things to do. There are numerous Easter Eggs to hunt for, adding an element of light-hearted fun to the otherwise intense game. You also have the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful surroundings, especially the gorgeous water scenery. You can even take a dip in the water, although venturing too far might be dangerous. 

Stone brick building in Blade and Sorcery.
Brick buildings have intricate 3D stonework.

As you enter the home map after a dungeon, you’ll arrive in a boat to the shore. Within a short stroll, there’s the actual home with brick walls and reinforced doors. The players can open the door from the handle or even kick it in. While it is something to behold from the outside, it’s the inside that really matters.

Your home also provides multiple functions. One of the more interesting functions is the character customization. Here, you can change clothes, switch weapons, and tweak other aspects of your character. A mirror in the home lets you check your appearance in your selected attire. There’s a simpler way to change your character’s clothing, but the mirror is definitely the more immersive way. And this is certainly one of the things VR does well.

Upcoming Features

As an Early Access title, Blade and Sorcery is still a work in progress. The game promises to add several more features in the future, improving gameplay even further. You might already experience some of these updates, depending on when you play the game. However, the developer continues to deliver new features while getting towards the finished product, estimated for release in Q2 or Q3 of 2023.

One of these includes new procedurally generated dungeons, offering new adventures every time you step into the game world. Another new feature is an improved player inventory system, making it easier to manage your weapons and other items.

Player fighting multiple enemies in Blade and Sorcery.
Staff imbued with lightning magic is a powerful weapon that can stun enemies.

Another exciting feature is the Progression mode. This feature will allow you to buy or unlock equipment, adding a sense of achievement and progression to the game. Complementing this is the skills tree system, giving you a structured way to upgrade your character and unlock new abilities.

New weapons, maps, and armor are slated for future updates, too, ensuring a steady stream of fresh content. Also in the pipeline are new enemy types, improving AI, and steadily increasing support for modding. As Blade and Sorcery continues its journey through Early Access, it’s clear that it has a lot more to offer.

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