Borderlands Gets Steamworks Support due to GameSpy Shutdown

Borderlands Gets Steamworks Support due to GameSpy Shutdown

As reported by CVG on Tuesday, September 16, the PC version of the original Borderlands from Gearbox Software has been updated to support multiplayer via Steamworks, which re-enables the game’s functionality to play online since its original multiplayer service, GameSpy, shut down in late-May.

According to CVG, Borderlands’ publisher, 2K Games, confirmed back in April that it would migrate the PC versions of Borderlands (as well as some Civilization titles) to new servers so that online play could continue, which has been achieved with the first Borderlands .

Those of you who own Borderlands on Steam will have your game automatically updated to incorporate support for Steamworks, and online play should continue as normal after that. For those of you who have a disc version of the original Borderlands , you’ll have to run a Borderlands Granting Tool in Steam that’ll allow for you to download a digital version of the game at no extra cost.

You’ll still need the physical disc for verification purposes, according to CVG. If you’re needing help with getting the digital version of the game via your physical disc, 2K Games have posted up a related tutorial in its support forum that explains how to perform this transfer .

Borderlands isn’t the first game to be affected by GameSpy’s shutdown; several games, including Crysis , Halo: Combat Evolved , Unreal Tournament 3 and much more have had their respective multiplayer modes suffer since the service’s closer. Thankfully, some games have received patches and updates that fix this issue.

We’ll bring you more news on games that have had their multiplayer functions re-enabled following the GameSpy shutdown should further information reach our ears.

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