Camp Out*

Camp Out*


Summer’s coming and Nintendo wants you to bring along Camp Out for the DS to your next campout. It’s the all-in-one outdoor companion. All you need is a tent and a sleeping bag; Camp Out provides the rest.

Start campfires, chase away bears, light your way in the dark, sing campfire songs, and lots more with Camp Out. Just load this game into your DS and take it with you on your next outdoor adventure. Whether you’re going for an overnight hike or camping out for a week, Camp Out provides virtually everything you need to have a safe, fun experience.

A small attachment contains a solar panel to keep the DS charged for your entire adventure. It also contains a magnifying glass and multifunction utility kit. A fire-starting feature shorts the batteries to produce a series of powerful sparks. Place the DS close to a pile of kindling and enjoy a warm bonfire in seconds.

For entertainment, more than 200 karaoke-style campfire songs are included with lyrics and acoustic guitar accompaniment. For chills and thrills late into the evening, more than a hundred ghost stories are featured, narrated by Leonard Nimoy.

When those strange noises you hear aren’t coming from the DS, simply use the built-in Aural ID system to determine what animal—or monster—is lurking in the bush. There’s also a Bear Scare alarm that you can use to frighten off unwanted wildlife. The alarm sound has been scientifically developed and tested to be 100% effective. It’s a humane and safer alternative to pepper spray or weapons.

Camp Out will help you keep track of the weather, providing you an updated forecast every ten minutes so you can take advantage of great fishing weather or prepare for a wild storm. Audio samples of a gentle rain falling on a canvass tent are guaranteed to lull you to sleep.

A telescopic antenna can be used to pick up local radio broadcasts, in addition to shortwave and ham radio for listening and communicating. The antenna can also be used as a fishing pole, and for roasting hot dogs or marshmallows over a flame.

Other features of Camp Out include fish finder, GPS, alarm clock, cooking recipes, camping basics tutorial, emergency flare signal, compass, constellation guide, infrared monocular, and EKG.

But best of all, Camp Out allows you to play video games to while away those dull, boring, hours spent in the vacuum of wilderness.

By Cole Smith

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