Company Of Heroes 2 Will Make You Freeze To Death

Company Of Heroes 2 Will Make You Freeze To Death


THQ has unveiled some new details on the tech behind Company of Heroes 2, the much-anticipated sequel to 2006’s critically acclaimed Company of Heroes, and it appears players will be in for a long winter when the game launches early next year.

That’s because CoH 2 will utilize developer Relic’s ColdTech weather system as part of its new Essence Engine 3.0. In an attempt to recreate the harsh Russian winters of World War II as realistically as possible, THQ says that the future RTS will see the cold become a killer itself.

The ColdTech system’s “extreme cold” mechanic will cause human characters’ skin to quickly freeze at dangerously low temperatures, meaning that players will have to build fires and find warmth in buildings in order to keep their troops alive.

Snow will act dynamically, accumulating over environments while also being susceptible to removal from players. Blizzards and other snowfall will cover tracks, featuring “realistic depth” that will affect troop movement.

Ice will become a weapon too. Not only will it alter troop and vehicle movement, but it can also be broken to plunge enemies into the freezing Russian waters, and re-formed by the aforementioned dynamic cold system.

All of this is just to say that Relic and THQ appear to be hard at work making Company of Heroes 2 as realistic as possible when it hits PCs next year.

By Jeff Dunn

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