Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Debug menu

At the Naughty Dog logo, hold Up + X until the title screen appears. Hold Left and press Square, Circle, Square, Start. While playing the game, pause and press Down, X(26), Down. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a snort and the game will resume. Press Select to display a debug menu.

Spyro The Dragon demo

At the main menu, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Square.

Secret warp room

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Find all 25 crystals, then fight and defeat Cortex. After the credits, go to the gem in the center of the main room (with Coco and the load/save screen). Step on it to be taken to another warp room with five extra levels.

Secret exit in “Dino Might!” level

To reach the secret exit in Level 11: Dino Might! (Warp Room 3), complete the following steps:

    1. Earn any 10 relics (Sapphire, Gold, or Platinum). Relics are rewards for beating best times in speedruns. After completing a level for the first time, you can pick up a stopwatch at the start of the level and do the speedrun. Getting 10 relics unlocks Level 27 in the secret warp room. While in the center of the warp area (from where you select levels), stand on the orange button in the middle to be taken to the basement where Level 27 can be started.

    2. Play Level 27: Hang’ Em High, collect the yellow gem at the end, and complete the level. You will walk right into the gem at the end.

    3. Play Level 11: Dino Might! (Warp Room 3). Approximately one minute into the level, before the dinosaur egg, you can activate the yellow gem path. This is why the yellow gem is needed — without it you only see the outlines of the platform and cannot activate it.

    4. The secret exit is found on this yellow gem path. Keep playing until the big dinosaur chases after you. At the start of the dinosaur chase, there are two pterodactyls (flying dinosaurs) sitting on tree trunks. Jump onto the second one to trigger the secret exit.

Secret exit in “Road Crash” level

Play Level 14: Road Crash (Warp Room 3). You will be driving a motorcycle in this level. At the start of the level, drive slowly and stick to the left side of the road. On the left side is a yellow road sign with a black alien head on it. Knock over the sign with your motorcycle to trigger the secret exit.

105% completion

Collect all relics and gems, including those from the Hot Coco and Eggipus Rex bonus levels. The relics that are collected must be at least gold or platinum. Then, approach Crash’s sister, next to the save spot, to find another clear gem. Take the gem to view a nice fireworks display and finish with a 105% completion status.

Alternate credits screen

Collect all crystals, relics, and gems to gain a 48% completion and a new credits screen featuring Cortex and Tropy fighting over Uka Uka as babies will be unlocked.

Skip intermission sequence

To skip any intermission sequence before levels or Bosses, press Triangle while they are speaking.

Instant Uka Uka (PAL version)

Press Triangle + Circle + X + Square. Note: This may only be done once per life.

Start with all power-ups

After completing the game, wait at the title screen for the demo to start. Shortly before the game shows the demo of Bye Bye Blimps, begin holding Triangle. After the demo begins, you will be in control of Coco. Then, pause and exit the level to appear in the middle of the warp room (as if you had began a new game) with all the power ups. Note: If you complete Bye Bye Blimps, you will be ejected in the fourth warp room, but the force field in front of the hallway will still be in place, trapping you there.

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Getting 100% completion

Collect all the gems and crystals, then defeat Dr. Neo Cortex. Get the Crash Dash ability, then use Crash Dash to collect all the relics and complete the secret levels. Remember to get the crystals, gems, and relics from the secret levels.

Infinite lives

In Level 3: Orient Express (unlocked from the beginning), you can earn six lives per run. Five are from boxes and in the towers, one is from collecting 100 wumpa fruit (pretty much unmissable). After finding the fifth life in the last tower, pause the game and quit. Reload the auto save to make all lives respawn. It makes an auto save when you quit the level and keeps all your lives. Repeat this process as many times as desired. Remember to always quit the level and then reload the auto save. You can keep collecting the same lives over and over again. Each run takes approximately 110 seconds with loading times (55 seconds of that is gameplay). You will earn 99 lives in approximately 30 minutes.

Easy lives

If you are running low on lives, repeat the first level as many times as desired. Also play the Toad Village, Orient Express, and Midnight Run levels. These levels contains lots of lives, especially Orient Express where you can get five at the minimum.

When you defeat N. Tropy, you will get the ability go with Tiny Tiger. When the lions appear, kill multiple ones in a row using the ability to get an extra life. Repeat this as many times as desired.

In the second room, where the white bear is sitting, body slam him five to ten times to eventually get ten extra lives.

Extra high jump

When you already accessed the higher jump from the first Boss, you can do a higher jump by holding R2 + X or Circle + X. You should jump slightly higher. Note: This is very useful when getting the five extra lives by jumping over the yellow gem ride.

Hold Circle or L1 and press X, then X again when in mid-air. You will jump slightly higher because Crash crouches before his jump. Note: You cannot run and do this because you will slide.

Speed boost

On any Motorcycle level, when you hit a speed booster, hold X. You will still have the boost and will be popping a wheelie for as long as X is held. Note: It will be hard to turn and the boost and wheelie will end if you either release X or go over a jump.

While playing with the tiger, press Square for the tiger to go extra fast. This is especially useful when trying to get extra lives off the hot air balloons that are in the air.

View status

To view how many items (relics, powers, gems, etc.) you have collected, press Triangle while the game is paused to advance to the next status page.

All colored gem locations

Search the indicated locations to find all five colored gems (Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow). Colored gems reveal optional gem paths in some levels that are otherwise inaccessible.

    Red – Level 12: Deep Trouble: Use the “!” exclamation point box at the end of the level to start a secret course. Collect the gem during the secret course.

    Purple – Level 13: High Time: Found on the death route (must get there without losing a life).

    Blue – Level 20: Tomb Wader: Found on the death route (must get there without losing a life).

    Green – Level 23: Flaming Passion: Found on the death route (must get there without losing a life).

    Yellow – Level 27: Hang ‘Em High: It is found on the main path at the end of Level 27: Hang ‘Em High. To access the level, you must earn 10 relics by doing speedruns (after completing a level you can pick up a stopwatch at the start; get a best time to earn a relic). Once you have 10 relics, step on the orange dot in the middle of the central warp room (where you select levels). It will lead to a secret sixth warp room in the basement. You can then start Level 27. You will walk into the gem at the end of this level, as it is basically in your way and hard to miss.

All Gold/Platinum relic time trials

There are 30 total relics. Each level has one relic. After completing a level for the first time, you can find a stopwatch at the start. Collect it to trigger the timer. The faster you finish the level, the better the value of the relic. There are three relic types: Sapphire (slow), Gold (fast), and Platinum (fastest). It is also highly recommended that you first defeat all story bosses. They drop very useful abilities that allow you go much faster (for example, double jump and sprint).

Relic times

The following is a list of all relic times:

Relic Sapphire Gold Platinum
1. Toad Village 1:03:00 0:57:53 0:44:06
2. Under Pressure 1:46:00 1:17:93 1:10:50
3. Orient Express 0:41:00 0:27:80 0:18:10
4. Bone Yard 1:45:00 1:40:21 1:21:00
5. Makin’ Waves 1:08:00 0:58:23 0:53:26
6. Gee Wiz 1:35:00 1:22:73 1:05:93
7. Hang’em High 1:24:00 0:52:66 0:43:80
8. Hog Ride 0:45:00 0:41:46 0:35:06
9. Tomb Time 1:42:00 1:10:00 0:53:93
10. Midnight Run 0:53:00 0:38:23 0:18:20
11. Dino Might! 1:34:00 1:25:76 1:03:00
12. Deep Trouble 1:47:00 1:25:16 1:18:36
13. High Time 2:12:00 1:04:12 0:56:96
14. Road Crash 1:25:00 1:20:73 1:17:10
15. Double Header 1:27:00 1:21:16 0:59:43
16. Sphynxinator 1:42:00 1:22:66 0:56:70
17. Bye Bye Blimps 1:09:00 0:58:43 0:51:50
18. Tell No Tales 1:42:00 1:25:66 1:05:26
19. Future Frenzy 2:01:00 1:34:00 1:19:66
20. Tomb Wader 2:44:00 1:45:06 1:24:00
21. Gone Tomorrow 2:05:00 1:25:60 1:02:13
22. Orange Asphalt 1:36:00 1:31:30 1:21:80
23. Flaming Passion 1:43:00 1:13:10 0:59:40
24. Mad Bombers 2:08:00 1:55:23 1:38:16
25. Bug Lite 1:49:00 1:34:86 1:14:93
26. Ski Crazed 1:16:00 0:50:50 0:33:33
27. Area 51? 1:53:00 1:49:83 1:44:50
28. Rings Of Power 1:20:00 1:01:46 0:51:76
29. Hot Coco 1:00:00 0:30:10 0:19:96
30. Eggipus Rex 0:55:00 0:50:03 0:44:83

Game Shark Codes

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99 Lives D005BEEC F64C
800B5D4C 6300
80068F58 6300
Have All Special Power Moves 80069178 003F
Have All Crystals 8006912C FFFF
8006912E FFFF
80069130 FFFF
Have All Gems 80068FB0 FFFF
80068FB2 FFFF
80068FB4 FFFF
80068FB6 FF00
Have All Relics 800691B4 FFFF
800691B6 FFFF
800691B8 FFFF

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