Destroy All Humans! Review: Is It Worth The Price?

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Destroy All Humans! Review: Is It Worth The Price?

Destroy All Humans! is an open world action video game. This game was released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Destroy All Humans! was developed by Pandemic Studios and published by THQ and THQ Nordic in 2005. In this game you assume the role of Crypto, an alien who is on the hunt for DNA which is to be used for cloning purposes back on his home planet. He also gets the help of his commander Orthopox-15. The number 15 means he is the 15th generation of the clone and is superior in his intelligence and powers.

They’ve been cloning their own kind for years and are starting to run out of DNA material. Earth, however, has a large supply. To acquire the material, Crypto must stun the humans and extract the juicy gray matter that resides in their heads. Crypto has a sarcastic sense of humor and there will be sight and sound gags in the game.

Now, is Destroy All Humans worth the asking price of your hard-earned money?

Attributes of Destroy All Humans!

Alien Crypto sneaks around a restroom in Destroy All Humans!
Alien Crypto sneaks around a restroom in Destroy All Humans!

Taking place in the campy 50s, you will begin your harvest in the rural backwaters and eventually make your way to the Whitehouse where you will be confronted by the U.S. Army. The game starts out easy enough, but it gets really challenging near the end. Extracting brains leaves you vulnerable so you’ll have to get tons of it at earlier stages of the game. You can use the DNA to upgrade your abilities, especially your talent with weapons.

Interacting with people can be great fun. In Destroy All Humans! you’ll read various men’s minds and find out just what people were thinking half a century ago. The cutscenes are funny and well produced. The gameplay as well as the story is inspired by those classic B-movie, sci fi thrillers but it never, ever takes itself seriously.

Some of the less forgiving weapons require a lock-on system but it doesn’t really work that great. It doesn’t always target the character that you are facing which can also leave you vulnerable.

Gameplay Characteristics 

Destroy All Humans!
Crypto readying his weapon for a tasty brain treat.

You will get to pilot a flying saucer but it only flies and fires in a one-dimensional plane, and you can only land it in specified areas. Stealth is less restricted but if you get caught it’s instant death. Using your psychic powers you can create a holographic image of a human being and walk around unnoticed – that is until you run into one of the Men in Black. They have the ability to see through your disguise and will kill you dead if given half a chance. 

The only way you can escape this situation is to apply your powers of telekinesis and pick them up and throw them as far away as possible. It’s fun to play this style of stealth where you don’t have to hide in the shadows but it requires you to constantly scan people looking for powers.

Throughout Destroy All Humans! you will unlock new levels, extra lives and mini games that will grant you more DNA points. These mini games are mostly of the timed racing and collecting type. They are generic but they are a good source of DNA if you figure out how to take advantage of them.

Gameplay is divided into three main components: Shooting; action, and stealth. The Zap-O-Matic (in keeping with the 50’s theme) stuns your prey for just enough time to relieve them of their brains. Other retro sci-fi weapons include various rays, plasmas, electricity, tractor beams and the hilarious Anal Probe.

Departing Remarks

Regardless of if Aliens really exist or not, they sell things. Including video games and now Pandemic Studios is basing a new game on those movies that started in the 50’s. The game is interesting and will require players to think and not just destroy things. However, expect a campy story line and those cheesy sound effects and music scores with a new twist. In all, this game is worth checking out for somewhat mindless fun.

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