Disney Celebrates May 4 with Star Wars Discounts

Disney Celebrates May 4 with Star Wars Discounts

As reported by GameZone on Tuesday, April 29, Disney will be celebrating the “May the fourth be with you” phrase on Star Wars Day with discounts on a multitude of Star Wars titles across PlayStation and Xbox consoles, from now until Monday, May 5.

Every year, Star Wars fans around the globe celebrate their favorite galaxy far, far away on ‘May the Fourth,’ also known as Star Wars Day , ” said Disney Interactive’s associate communications manager Scott Slesinger. “ This year, we’re partnering with Lucasfilm, Microsoft and Sony to offer discounts on the best Star Wars games and content on the Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Store to celebrate.

The discounts include a range of full titles that are fifty percent off–including items and accessories–across Xbox Marketplace, PlayStation Store and PlayStation Home. The full list of titles you can look forward to have been listed below.

Microsoft Xbox Marketplace, April 29-May 5

Sony PlayStation Store, April 29-May 5

PlayStation Home, April 30-May 6

  • Scout Trooper Bundle (male or female)

  • Starkiller Jedi Hunter Costume

  • Rebel Trooper Endor Combat Bundle (male or female)

  • Jumptrooper Armor (male or female)

  • Starkiller Combat Gear Bundle

  • General Kota Arena Combat Gear Bundle

  • Terror Trooper Armor (male or female)

  • Dark Lord Armor

  • Stormtrooper (male or female)

  • Imperial Officer Bundle

  • Apprentice Outfit Bundle

  • Juno Eclipse Bundle

  • The Everything Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Bundle

  • Boba Fett Mandalorian Bundle (male or female)

  • Bossk the Bounty Hunter Outfit (male or female)

  • Zuckuss the Bounty Hunter Outfit (male or female)

  • Lando Calrissian Baron Administrator Suit

  • Luke Skywalker Bespin Fatigues

  • Han Solo Bespin Outfit

  • Han Solo Hoth Bundle

  • Rebel Snowspeeder Pilot Bundle (male or female)

  • Chewbacca Wookie Costume (male or female)

  • C-3PO Protocol Droid Costume (male or female)

  • Imperial Snowtrooper Suit (male or female)

  • AT-AT Pilot Suit (male or female)

  • Leia Organa Hoth Bundle

  • Obi-Wan Tunic and Armor Bundle

  • Clone Trooper Bundle

  • Starkiller’s Dual Lightsabers

  • Blue Lightsaber

  • Black Lightsaber

  • Yoda Green Lightsaber

In an announcement made on Friday, April 25, LucasFilm revealed that any future additions to the Star Wars franchise–be it book, movie or videogame–from here on out will be connected to the new official Star Wars canon. While some elements may be included from the Expanded Universe, it’s been interpreted that the majority of it will be disregarded in favor of the new canon.

The writer and creative director of the Uncharted series, Amy Hennig, recently joined Visceral Games to work on an unnamed Star Wars project.

Recently, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson made it clear that the publisher’s upcoming Star Wars titles will not be based directly on the new Star Wars movie trilogy from Disney. Instead, the publisher will be taking a page from the Batman: Arkham series , where it will take Star Wars back to the roots of its IP and build up from there.

Principal photography began for the first addition to the new movie trilogy, Star Wars: Episode VII , on Tuesday, March 18. The film is slated to drop on theatres on December 18, 2015 .

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