Donkey Kong Country 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Donkey Kong Country 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Donkey Kong Country 2 Level select

Enter ” FREEDOM ” as a cheat code. Note: No Kremkoins are needed to cross Klubba’s bridge.

Start with 15 lives

Enter ” HELPME ” as a cheat code.

Start with 55 lives

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Enter ” WEAKLING ” as a cheat code.

Start with 10 Banana Coins

Enter ” RICHMAN ” as a cheat code.

Start with 50 Banana Coins

Enter ” WELLRICH ” as a cheat code.

View creidts

Enter ” KREDITS ” as a cheat code.

Music test

Enter ” ONETIME ” as a cheat code.

No DK barrels during game

Enter ” WELLARD ” as a cheat code.

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No DK or half-way barrels during game

Enter ” ROCKARD ” as a cheat code.

Donkey Kong picture

Defeat K.Rool and successfully complete the game to get the Donkey Kong picture.

Expresso picture

Win all the trophies in the Expresso races to get the Expresso picture.

Rambi picture

In the Pirate Panic level, go to the bonus stage with Rambi. Crash the door to go to a bonus stage. You will find a Kremling with a photo on his head. Kill him and you will have the Rambi picutre.

Rattly picture

Go to the third stage in the Gloomy Gulch level (where there is a lot of wind). Throw your partner at the start. When you find Rattly, go to the top left corner and you will see the picture.

Screech picture

Beat Screech’s best time in the Screech’s Sprint level to get the Screech picture.

Swanky picture

Win all the quizzes in all the worlds to get the Swanky picture.

Animal abilities

Each of the animals have special abilities. Squitter can spit webs, Squawks can spit fruit out of its mouth and fly, Rambi can charge, Rattler can jump, and Enguarde can kill enemies with its nose. To activate the special abilities for Rambi, Rattler, and Enguarde, hold B. You will see them gear up. Release B and Rambi will charge very fast, Enguarde will swim very fast killing anything in its path, and Rattler will jump very high, giving you the ability to reach places you could not normally reach by yourself. Note: This only works on those three animals.

DK Coin in Glimmer’s Galleon

Before you start your journey, go above through the hidden passage between the barrels. You will see a number made out of bananas. Then, go to the right. You will see another number made out of bananas and the DK Coin in the corner. If not, then go up again and over to the right. Note: There is a bonus stage afterwards.

Infinite lives in Gloomy Gulch

Go to the first stage of the Gloomy Gulch level. Wait until the cloaked ghost appears. He will throw bananas. Wait, and he will come back and throw a chest, Wait again. He will appear for a third time and throw a chest again. Each chest contains a Green Balloon, which worth two lives per balloon. Blow the chest at the nearby enemies. If you have your partner, throw your partner up at the start to collect a Blue Balloon, which worth three extra lives. Pause the game and press Select. Reenter the level and repeat the progress as many times as desired.

Infinite Banana Coins in Pirate Panic

Enter the cabin, then jump when you are on the left wall. You should find two Banana Coins. Pause the game and press Select. Reenter the level and repeat the progress as many times as desired.

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