Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2

All characters

Successfully complete novice and adept modes in tournament and save the game to a memory card. Get a different memory card with no file from the game. Complete story mode and go to Mr. Popo’s shop. Put the memory cards in slots one and two. Trade the Dragon Ball from the new saved file on memory card two to Memory Card one. Remove both memory cards. Put the memory card that was in slot two into slot one. You will now have all the characters from the saved game file on memory card one.

Control opening screen

Rotate the Right Analog-stick to spin Master Roshi. Press the Left Analog-stick to change his position on the screen.

When the loading screen appears and you see Master Roshi on a hover disc, quickly rotate the Right Analog-stick to control the speed and the Left Analog-stick to control the movement. Roshi can only move sideways.

When you see Master Roshi spinning in the opening/loading screen, you can press R1, R2, L1, L2 instead to spin him You can still control him with the Left Analog-stick. Note: This does not work when you perform a special move such as Continuous Kamehameha.

Use the following trick to make Master Roshi fly. Note: It requires a controller with an auto-fire features. Set the auto-fire to L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and use it to make Master Roshi spin fast enough to fly. You can also move him around with the Left Analog-stick.

To make Master Roshi fly, rotate the Right Analog-stick with your palm very quickly. If you are fast enough, you can also use R1, R2, L1, L2. Slow down the spinning to make him hover.

Android 16

Defeat Android 16 in Dragon World with Goku.

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Android 17

Defeat Android 17 in Dragon World with Piccolo.

Android 18

Defeat Android 18 in Dragon World with Krillen.

Android 20

Defeat Android 20 in Dragon World with Goku.


Defeat Cell in Dragon World with Goku.


Get over 100 Kili in Babidi’s Ship.


Defeat Frieza in Dragon World with Goku.

Future Trunks

Defeat Vegeta on Namek in Dragon World with Kid Trunks.


Defeat Ginyu on Namek in Dragon World with Vegeta.


Get both Hercule’s and Goku’s Breakthrough Capsules.


You will automatically get his capsule during Dragon mode when you are in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.


Defeat Fat Buu in Dragon World with Saiyaman.


Get this capsule after you have gathered all seven Dragon Balls. Summon Shenron and acquire the capsule.

Kid Buu

Get over 3,600 Kili in Babidi’s Ship.

Majin Buu

Get over 1,200 Kili in Babidi’s Ship.

Majin Vegeta

Defeat Majin Vegeta the first time you fight him with Goku.


Defeat Nappa in Dragon World with Vegeta. This can only be done when you unlock Vegeta and start Dragon mode again.


To get the Potara Capsule for Vegeta, you must wish for it from the Eternal Dragon Shenron at the end or Dragon World.

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Defeat Raditz in Dragon World with Goku.


Defeat Recoome in Dragon World with Goku.


Defeat Cell in Dragon World with Adult Gohan the first time you see him.

Super Buu

Get over 2,400 Kili in Babidi’s Ship.

Supreme Kai

Defeat Supreme Kai in Dragon World with Goku.

Teen Gohan

Use a memory card with a saved game file from Dragon Ball Z: Budokai . Alternately, in Dragon World, defeat Cell for the last time on Supreme Kai’s planet with Adult Gohan.


Get both Tien and Yamcha’s Breakthrough Capsules. A capsule will be given you that explains it.


Defeat Vegeta on Namek in Dragon World with Goku.


In the city, when Supreme Kai tells you about the Potara earrings, go to him to get them. When Vegeta comes, give him the other earring.


Defeat Super Buu (as Gohan absorbed) in Dragon World with Hercule.


When you get all the Golden Capsule,s go to the place where you fight with Cell. Go left and there should be a tunnel. Go down it and take the Capsule. It has fusion earrings in it. Use it and you should have Vogeto.


Defeat Nappa in Dragon World with Tien.

Adept difficulty

Unlock sixteen playable characters. The Adept capsule will appear in the capsule shop.

Advanced difficulty

Unlock all twenty nine characters. The Advanced capsule will appear in the capsule shop.

Babidi’s Ship

Successfully complete Dragon World and have all seven Dragonballs. After the credits, the Dragonballs will glow and Shenron will be summoned. The first option is “Babidi’s Ship”.

Babidi’s Mind Control (Majin Vegeta)

Defeat Majin Vegeta the first time you fight him with Goku. Alternately, defeat Majin Frieza or Majin Cell in the same manner.

Super Buu’s absorption technique

Get over 10,000 Kili in Babidi’s Ship.

Silver Card

Buy all red capsules that you can get at the beginning. Alternately, have a saved game from the original Dragon Ball Z: Budokai on your memory card.

Gold Card

Buy all the red capsules that you can get with the Silver Card.

Black Card

Buy all the red capsules that you can get with the Gold Card.

Bulma’s costume

To get Bulma’s costumes, get all the Dragon Balls. Then, summon the dragon. If you are lucky, you can get Bulma’s costumes. Bulma’s costume will change the way that Bulma appears in the capsule shop.

Easy characters

To unlock the characters easily, try to complete the Dragon World (the real game). About every time you defeat a character, you will unlock the person that you were battling against.

Easy capsules

Enter Bulma’s Shop. Do not buy anything. Leave and press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. Do this a few times until your percentage begins to increase. Note: You must have auto-save enabled. Also, to get a capsule without paying, go to the skill shop, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Triangle to exit. You will get a capsule each time you exit.

Easy transformation

Instead of having to press the P + K + G, press R1 + R2 to transform. This works with all characters who transform in any way. This can be very useful if you want to knock the guard off your opponent while standing next to them.

Easy wins

Get a Viral Heart Disease Skill and put it on for support. Then, get a Vaccine to not make your Power decrease, but your opponent’s will. Just block until their health is in the orange. You should now be able to defeat them. Also when you initiate Burst mode in battle, instead of just randomly pressing buttons (as the game suggests), use the palm of your hand to rotate both Analog-sticks either clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on which is more comfortable for you. Note: For optimal performance, use your dominant hand (if you are right-handed, use your right hand; and if left-handed, use your left).

Picking up a Dragon Ball

To pick up a Dragon Ball after it is in the center of the Dragon Ball Radar, just select the character that is on top of the Dragon Ball and press Square.

Switching to Goten or Kid Trunks in a duel

Equip Goten or Kid Trunks with the Fusion. While you are fighting, press P + K + G (Triangle + Square + X). You will have all of their moves as if you chose that character at the start. Note: No transformation is possible.

Easy unlocks with Yamcha

Play Stage 3 of Babidi’s Spaceship with Yamcha only using Wolf Fang Fist to unlock Dabura, Majin, Super and Kid Buu along with some of their moves much faster than if someone else was used.

Charge special faster

When charging up for a special, hold X to charge faster. This the only way to get Majin Vegeta’s Final Explosion move without getting destroyed.

Continuous and fast Kamehameha meter

Turn you controller vertically and place your hand over both Analog sticks. Rotate them both with your hand.

Dragon Ball GT reference

After the stage where Vegeta get s taken over by Babidi, Freeza and Cell come back to life. This happens in Dragon Ball GT .

Dragon Ball Z Budokai reference

When fighting Kid Buu in Dragon World mode, when he does the vanishing drop technique it is exactly the same as the Missing Screw move that Zarbon used in the original Dragon Ball Z: Budokai .

Defeating Kid Buu

Play as Goten or Kid Trunks. Have them be Super Saiyan and have two capsules of Kamehameha or Buster Cannon. Also get a quick fire type move such as Continuous Kamehameha (if Trunks has one). This works well because if you are tall (like Goku), you will kick over Buu’s head.

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Devastation moves

    Goku: Super Spirit Bomb
    Teen Gohan: Fatherson Kamehameha
    Mystic Gohan: Super Dragon Fist
    Goten: Continuous Kamehameha
    Kid Trunks: Energy Burst
    Teen Trunks: Burning Slash
    Raditz: Weekly Special
    Vegeta: Big Bang Attack
    Nappa: Breakstorm
    Krillin: Fierce Destructo Disc
    Tien: Volleyball Fist
    Yamacha: Wolf Fang Blast
    Great Saiyaman: Justice Carnival
    Hercule: Present for You
    Videl: Videls Close Call
    Piccolo: Special Beam Cannon
    Supreme Kai: Majestic Rush
    Frieza: Death Ball
    Ginyu: Body Change
    Recoome: Recoome Bomber
    Dabura: Hell Blade Rush
    Majin Buu: Angry Explosion
    Super Buu: Absorption
    Kid Buu: Warp Kamehameha
    Android 16: Hell Flash
    Android 17: Power Falling Star
    Android 18: Power Falling Star
    Dr. Gero: Life Drain
    Cell: Spirit Bomb
    Vegito: Spirit Sword
    Gokule: Ultra Spirit Bomb
    Gotenks: Galactica Donuts and Super Kamikaze Ghost Attack
    Tiencha: Wolf Fang Volleyball Fist
    Kibitoshin: Majestic Rush
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