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DuckTales Cheats & Cheat Codes

Ducktales Summary

Woo hoo! Duck Tales, Woo Hoo!

You might know the name from the Ducktales 2017 show, but would you believe that there was another one decades before it? Ducktales 1987 was a popular show on the Disney channel, starring the famous and wealthy Duck, Scrooge McDuck. A Scottish man who is also the richest duck in the world. And much like the show, the game itself stars the same character, and his three nephews.


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Ducktales the video game, developed by Capcom, who also made the Mega Man games, stars the wealthiest duck around in a side-scrolling platformer. The game is fairly simple. You have to collect as much treasure as you can, and make it to the end of the level. You play as Scrooge McDuck, using his cane to bounce atop enemy heads, navigate zip lines, and more. Upon release, the game saw extreme commercial success. To the point where it was one of the highest-ranking games of its various platforms in its release year. Even years later, Nintendo Power noted it was one of the 13 best NES games in 2008.

This game was so popular that it was later remastered on the PS3, Wii U, and Xbox 360. With updated graphics and controls, as well as several quality-of-life improvements.

Ducktales Premise

The game’s plot is relatively simple. Scrooge is out on a treasure hunt for the five lost treasures of the world. After all, he can’t be the richest duck in the world if he doesn’t own all of the treasures. With that in mind, he goes from continent to continent, such as the Amazon rainforest, a haunted Transylvanian castle, african mines, and somehow, someway, the moon. How treasure got to the moon, we’ll never know, but Scrooge will get it, one way or another.

But no matter where the treasure lies, Scrooge McDuck wants it. He is, of course, the greediest duck in the world. But hey, at least he’s not a quitter! But his path is laden with traps and enemies. What’s more, his old enemies, like the Beagle Boys and Magica De Spell, stand in his way. He’s not alone though, as he has family and friends, or employees, with him. Some of them can replenish his health, while others can provide context for the levels ahead.

Ducktales Main Characters 

Family is the greatest adventure of them all. Mind you, it helps to have enough cash to swim in.

  • Scrooge McDuck. The richest duck in the world is on a quest to become even richer. It should be worth noting that his characterization differs from the 2017 verison. Being far more selfish and greedy, more in love with money than adventure.
  •  Huey, Dewy, Loiue. The three triplets, and the nephews to Donold Duck and Scoourge McDuck. No, Donald and Scoourge are not brothers, and no one has any idea what their family tree looks like. That said, they do have a mother named Della Duck. She doesn’t make any apperance in this game.
  •  Webby. The other resident of the mansion. Webby is the “mission control” of the game. That is to say, she can be found on various levels. Where she gives you extra stuff.
  •  Mrs. Beakly. She can give treats to Scroogeto help top off his health!
  •  Gizmo Duck. There’s a remote control that can summon him. If you do, he can assist Scoourge in the level.
  •  Launchpad. He’s also a pilot. He can give the richest duck a ride from time to time, and also takes him back to the control room when the level is complete.

Ducktales Titles of Video Games in the Series

There are only four games in the series.

  • DuckTales (1987)
  •  Ducktales 2 (1993)
  •  DuckTales Remastered (2013)
  •  Disney’s Afternoon Collection (2017)

Ducktales Cheat Codes

Alright, let’s cover some cheats!

  • Bonus Stage
    • When your score has a 7 as the 10-thousands digit(for example 170,000), call Launchpad to take you back home; he will drop you off at a secret bonus stage.
  • Extra Hit Point
    • At the right extreme of the second floor, there is a large coffin which is marked "R-I-P". Cane jump on top of that coffin and you can walk through the right wall, which happens to be an illusionary wall. On the other side of this wall there is a chest, which contains the extra hit point.
  • Get past the talking statue without paying
    • In the Amazon level, when you will eventually get to a big gray statue that will offer you a way up if you pay a certain amount of money. Choose ”No” and then make Scrooge turn around and walk a little to his left. You should see one of the enemies that throw plungers at you approaching. Place yourself right under the rope that is at the top of the screen. Now, dodge the plumbers that the enemy throws at you, and then use Scrooge’s cane to jump off the top of that enemy in order to reach the rope without paying the statue.
  • Hidden Ending
    • Score at least $10,000,000 and then beat the game. You’ll see a slightly different ending.
  • Refill Your Energy
    • If you have 3,000,000 in your total, you can refill your energy anytime by pressing Select. Each time you press Select, you will consume that amount.

And this half covers the Game Boy Verison.

  • Refill Your Life Meter (GAME BOY ONLY)
    • To completely refill your life meter, pause the game and press Select (you need at least 3000000 dollars to do this).
  • Second Extra Hit Point
    • For the second Hit Point, move right across the level, until you reach the first pit. Jump down this pit and keep falling until you reach the bottom floor. Just move left until you reach Bubba. To save Bubba just hit the block underneath him with your cane and cane jump from the block to above the ice, which intraps him. He shows you a treasure chest, which contains the second extra hit point in the game.
  • Unlimited Lives GB
    • Select the level of the African Mines without a key to be transported to Transylvania. Enter the mine and climb on the car tracks and collect the extra life there.
      Then warp out of Transylvania without getting the key, after that repeat it as many times as you want! Its free lives!

Ducktales Cheat Code FAQs

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s cover some FAQs!

  • Why was DuckTales: Remastered removed? While Capcom itself gave no reason for its removal, and the removal of the origingal game, the likely answer was that there was a licesning issue with Disney. But, it was placed in online stores a few years later.
  •  How do you use the cane in DuckTales? To have Uncle Scrooge swing his cane at an object or chest, push right or left on the control pad, then press B.
  •  Is DuckTales a video game? Yes, several, in fact. While the 2017 reboot didn’t get any video game adaptations, the 1987 version did.
  •  What kind of game is DuckTales? A 2D platformer with a focus on treasure collection.
  •  Why is DuckTales 2 so expensive? It had a limited production run, and was released near the end of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s life cycle. Resulting in a limited number of copies being produced.
  •  Why was DuckTales 1987 canceled? For the usual reasons. Disney wanted more control over the series, and thus the games, and it wasn’t bringing in as many ratings as they wanted. Ergo, they cancelled it.

And that’s all for now folks, stay safe!

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