Dying Light Collector’s Edition Includes a House

Dying Light Collector’s Edition Includes a House

No really, the latest bundle announced for Dying Light , called the My Apocalypse Collector’s Edition , will actually get you your own zombie shelter!

This new bundle, which is possibly the most expensive bundle ever made, is retailing for £250,000 or approximately $386,000 U.S. It involves pretty much the most bizarre extras we have ever seen in a bundle pack.

First it grants you the honor of having your face scanned into the game in order to be used as a playable character. You’ll get 4 signed copies of Dying Light, each with their own steelbook case. You’ll receive two Razer Tiamat headsets. You’ll get a pair of actual working army-grade night vision goggles. You’ll get a supply of adult diapers, for when the game makes you crap yourself. You’ll get a life-size zombie statue which can be used to deter human raiders in the apocalypse. You will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Poland to meet the development team of Dying Light , as well as the opportunity to play the game against them and gain bragging rights if you beat them. You’ll gain real life parkour lessons with Ampisound, the team that did the real life Dying Light Parkour POV video. And finally, yes, you will have a full zombie shelder built for you by Tiger Log Cabins. The log cabin will come fully equipped with power, plumbing, a TV, sound system, Xbox One, and all live-in amenities.

So basically, purchasing this bundle will actually get you a house to live in.

Only one of these bundles will be sold, and it is available exclusively through UK retailer GAME.

So what do you think? Would you buy a video game bundle that came with a house? Does anyone even have the money to do this? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Gamespot

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