EVE Online’s New Expansion Ends 2014 with Wormhole Systems and Exploration Sites

EVE Online’s New Expansion Ends 2014 with Wormhole Systems and Exploration Sites

CCP Games has released a new expansion for EVE Online as the holiday season kicks off. Touted as being the largest update for the game yet, the new expansion, titled “ Rhea ”, adds major features along with new ships and new innovative areas of space . “Rhea” is the latest addition to EVE Online’s long line of free updates, and it’s part of CCP Games’ incentive to bring around quicker releases every few weeks or so.

Specifically, the Rhea expansion introduces 100 new wormhole systems for players to explore (including a new wormhole system called “Thera”), along with new exploration sites, physically based rendering (an engine update that enhances the visual validity of the game), an overhauled star map, modernised user interface, and more.

“Rhea expresses our passion for the New Eden universe and the dark science fiction storyline we are co-creating with EVE players. We want the backdrop for the stories our players create to be stunning–a sandbox filled with fantastic locations and gorgeous spaceships that inspire great deeds, ” said CCP Games’ executive producer for EVE Online , Andie Nordgren. ” Our player community is ingenious, passionate and hilarious. It’s been amazing to see them embrace the influx of new and returning pilots following the release of the new This is EVE’ trailer .

Below is a summary of what the new expansion brings to the game. You can also take a short tour of the new expansion via the embedded video below.

  • 100 new wormhole systems

  • The new wormhole system, Thera, hosts four fully-equipped stations that are over 340 astronomical units end-to-end

  • New exploration sites that pertain to a mysterious puzzle that may include a possible Sleeper emergence

  • New engine update adds physically based rendering to beautify the universe of EVE Online and its various ships

  • Overhauled EVE star map (that’s currently in Beta)

  • User Interface has been modernised with recognizable icons

  • New opt-in “WASD” feature lets you maneuver your ships

  • Clone upgrades have been removed; you won’t lose skill points upon death for not upgrading your clone

  • New polarized weapons

  • Two new unique ships: the Amarr Confessor (a destroyer) and the ORE Bowhead (a freighter)

  • The blackbird, Rook, Falcon, Incursus, Onyx and the Eagle have been redesigned.

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