EverQuest Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

EverQuest Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

EverQuest Finding your direction

If you ever get lost in the lands of Norrath, look up into the skies to determine your direction. The clouds are always blowing to the west.

If you drop a sword on the ground, its tip will point north.

One of the best ways to find your way back to a corpse or a town, is to use the ” /loc ” command. Assign it to a hot key before leaving town. Once you are outside the town, hit the hot key. Make a note of the x,y,z coordinates that are displayed. When you get lost, keep hitting the hot key to activate the command while moving and zero in on the coordinates. If you hit the hot key and note the coordinates when you get into a fight, then you can zero in on your corpse if you die. Note: You only need the first two numbers and make sure to include the negatives.

Easy money

If you are in need of money and are at a low level, try killing beetles for their eyes, which can be sold for a silver. Kill skeletons to get bone chips and sell them to necromancers for some platinum or sell them to a merchant for one silver one copper each. Helping people and doing quests can also help.

When starting out as a young Iksar around level 8, in the lands of Field of Bone, there is a Spiderling cave where you can still get experience and also harvest very valuable to tailoring Spiderling Silks which can sell for as much as 2 PP a piece.

An easy way for a Barbarian to get money is to go to the shop by the fairy. The shopkeeper will tell you that if you bring him a fresh fish, he will give you one silver per fish. You can buy a rod and bait from him. You do not lose bait every time you cast, just when you actually catch a fish.

In Highkeep, you can kill the guards. They are level 20 to 40. They drop Finesteel weapons that sell up to 5 platinum with a nice amount of charisma (around 120 is best).

Easier Frost Giant fights

In the Great Divide, Velious, there is an easy way to kill Frost Giants. Down near the Shardwurm Caves (near the river that leads to Thurgadin) are Frost Giants and Drakkel Dire Wolves. If you are at sufficient level to take on a Frost Giant and have the ability to root, pull a Giant to the area with dwarves roaming around. Root the giant and let it hit you when a dwarf is near. The dwarf will start to attack the giant. Back away and let them fight. When the dwarf is done, the giant should be more than half dead, making it much easier to kill.

Canceling spells

Ducking is the best way to cancel spells before you finish casting them.


Fishing is a good way to get money and some other items.

Jewel crafting

Making jewels that do something is mainly an Enchanters skill, but others can also do this. Most people with low levels will buy Str+ rings and Def+ items. However, if it is magic-based, mostly sell Jade rings.


Kunark is a great place to get money. All the monsters drop some. Be very careful — the Iskar and the monsters there may not be so friendly. Stay in areas with low Train rates and low Iskar walks. Stay away from the Warsilks Woods or you will be killed by giants.

The Warrens

The Warrens can be tricky and no one should go in unprepared. The Warrens have a lot of Kobolds high and low all over it. If they Agro on you, it could start a big train. Enter in groups because it is safer and you can kill harder things for better experience.

Kobold Molers

Kobold Molers are good to get if you happen to find one in The Warrens.. Collect and turn them in for good experience and faction in both Erudin and Painell.

Soft Wicker armor

Soft Wicker armor is dropped in the Warrens by high level Kobold Protectors and up. The harder the monster, the higher the chance to get Soft Wicker.


A Bibs is a great sword for warriors, but it is not the best.


Mages have four types of pets that can do damage and cast spells — earth, water, air, and fire. Wizards do not have pets, but can teleport. Enchanters have shadowed men, and Necromancers have skeletons.


Teleporting is only a Wizard Druid spell, but they can group teleport and will often ask for a fee (mostly 10 platinum). You can buy potions to teleport but it is costly.

High Elves and leveling

High Elves have a leveling disability and cannot level as fast as other races.

Flowing Black Silk Sash

The Flowing Black Silk Slash is a great armor piece. It causes haste which does not wear off. You will be able to hit more, and kill harder and better monsters. Get in a group around level 35 and go to Lower Guk. Once there, try to get in that group to try to loot one.

Barbarian and leveling

After starting a new Barbarian character, go just outside of the city of Barbarians. There is a small narrow passageway just outside of the city where all animals pass through. Almost all of the animals will Agro. For example, polar bear, skeletons, goblins, and ice trolls. These animals should be a easy for you to kill, and will allow you to gain levels in minutes. This is also easier if you are a Shaman because your spells can really help out.

Enchanter’s illusions

All illusions give some form of benefit. A few will only be faction boost such as erudites, but that the Human illusion gives an experience bonus. Humans are the base race, which lack any racial abilities. Therefore they were given a bonus to experience, which the enchanter illusion spell contains.

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