Far Cry 3 Creative Director Heads JRPG-inspired Game

Ubisoft Montreal has announced that it is working on a brand-new title, Child of Light . The downloadable game was first previewed at GDC Europe this year. It is being developed by Patric Plourde, who is known for his work as the creative director of Far Cry 3.

Plourde listed a number of inspirations to Child of Light, including Studio Ghibli, Yoshitaka Amano, Vagrant Stor y, Final Fantasy VI, Limbo , and more. It will be a side-scroller that features RPG elements, specifically growing stats and an epic story. Plourde has described the game as “light” and “feminine” as opposed to the heavily male-favored Far Cry 3 that Plourde headed. He also described the game as a playable poem. The game will feature co-op play, though how this will be implemented is still not clear.

Plourde confirmed that the game will not be coming to mobile devices. He also stated that he sees this as a next-gen title. Child of Light is currently slated to release this winter.

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Source: Videogamer via Gamespot

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