FIFA 09 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox 360

FIFA 09 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox 360



Easy money

When the transfer window is open, search for good free agent players with at least skill level 75 and below the age of 30. The higher the skills and the younger the age, the better. Sign them, and offer them the highest wage you can. If your negotiator skills are low, the player you try to sign will reject your offer. Try to re-sign him with a higher offer. For example, if the player’s wage is $35,000 the first time, the board will only allow you $45,000 for the player. The player will reject any offer below $70,000. When you re-sign him for the second time, the board will allow you more than $80,000. You can now sign him. When the player is yours, change his status to “For Sale”. Big clubs will be interested in him, and you can get a lot of money. If you manage a small club with a limited budget, do not keep this player. Otherwise, you will not have enough money for other players.

In Manager mode, you will have a 90+ overall team. The Youth Academy in your office will have youth players of about 70 skill level at the age of 15 or 16. You can either play with them throughout or sell them in your fourth of fifth season to earn millions of dollars. Try this with J. Baxter, Rodwell, Bunce, Morris, etc.

Good team in Career mode

Create a club in Manager mode with the maximum budget. Create fifteen or sixteen players with maximum attributes. Set their birthday to 1990 so they are very young. Build only enough players so you have the minimum required for your squad to be ready for your created team. You will now have an invincible team in Career mode. If you do not have too many players, you will not have to pay a lot of money for them. Try to give them as low of an amount of money as possible.

Cheaper players in Manager mode

Sign good players for higher wages, and set their contract length to four years. When they are on your team, go to “Team Management”, then “Player Contracts”. Go to the good players, and reduce their wage as much as desired. Sign them for five years, and they will accept as long as the wages are not too low.

Faster recovery

If your player is injured and is out for too many days, you can speed up his recovery. Use the player as a sub while he is injured. He will suffer another less serious injury, and should heal in about a week or less.

Fake free kick

While taking a free kick, call the second player by pressing [Pace Control]. Then, hold [Shoot] + [Cancel/Dummy Move] until the meter is full. The first player will roll over the ball, and the second player will shoot the ball.

Dodging free kicks

While the other team takes a direct free kick, hold [Shoot] + [Sprint]. One of your players will jump and dodge the free kick.

Spinning the ball

While taking a corner or long passing from any of the corners, press [Long Pass] and hold a direction button. The ball will spin towards that direction. Note: You can also do a bicycle kick by pressing the direction button to the outside of the penalty box.

Easy achievements

Most achievements can be unlocked in Multiplayer mode. Achievements such as the ones for penalties, the switcheroo, the various ones for scoring and the giant killer are a lot easier if done against a human player.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Bend it like a pro (15 points): Score from a free kick in a match.
    Screamer! (10 points): Score from over 30 yards out in a match.
    On the spot (5 points): Score from a penalty in a match.
    Good head on your shoulders (10 points): Score with a header in a match.
    One goal a season (10 points): Score with a defender in a match.
    Eat my chip (10 points): Score by chipping the keeper in a match.
    On yer bike! (30 points): Score with a bicycle kick.
    In off (20 points): Score off the woodwork in a match.
    Fling yourself at it (20 points): Score with a diving header in a match.
    Like on the training field (10 points): Score from a corner.
    Wing play (10 points): Score from a cross.
    What a Beauty! (5 points): Score on the volley in a match.
    Hero (10 points): Save a penalty.
    Director in the making (10 points): Upload a video to EA Sports football world.
    Last Gasp Goal (19 points): Score in the 89th minute.
    Giant Killer (15 points): Beat a five star team with a half star team.
    A Man Down (20 points): Win a game when down one man.
    Custom sixty four winner (50 points): Win a Created Tournament that starts with sixty four teams.
    One star winners (75 points): Win a Tournament that starts with sixteen teams, with a one star rated team.
    Huge investment (20 points): Buy a player in Manager Mode for 50 million of your chosen currency.
    Huge return (30 points): Sell a player in Manager Mode for 50 million of your chosen currency.
    Spending spree (20 points): Buy 50 players in your career in Manager Mode.
    The purist (100 points): Complete a Manager Mode season without simming any games.
    Provider (10 points): Perform a cross for a friend who scores from it (co-operative achievement).
    Frequent flyer (20 points): Win in every stadium.
    Real world winner (20 points): Win 5 Interactive League matches.
    Ranked winner (10 points): Win a Ranked Xbox LIVE Match.
    Manual labour (10 points): Win a match with fully manual settings (no assistance can be switched on).
    1st time out (10 points): Win an Online League match.
    Living legend (50 points): Reach legendary status for your country.
    Club god (40 points): Reach legendary status for your club.

Additionally, there are seventeen secret achievements:

    A.Bell Fever (20 points): Catch the A.Bell Fever by beating the creator or someone who already has the fever.
    The ol’ switcheroo (5 points): Successfully perfom a pass that switches the play from one flank to the other.
    Time you played a match? (15 points): Score twenty goals in the arena.
    Gimme five (5 points): Score five goals in the arena.
    Optimus Chung (10 points): Win a game with adidas Live Season enabled.
    The Peterson (1 point): Play 50 hours worth of football.
    The Parolin Manoeuvre (10 points): Win a game whilst not signed in to Xbox LIVE.
    The Poon Sang (20 points): Win with 11 created players over Xbox LIVE.
    The Venhola Ice (20 points): Win a FIFA 09 Clubs Match with your club.
    Sparkly Clean (10 points): Keep a clean sheet.
    The Gipson Curse (10 points): Go into an online match after choosing your own arena player.
    Judas (10 points): Beat your favourite team with their rival.
    FIFA Fair Play (40 points): Play 5 consecutive matches without getting any cards (bookings must be enabled in the settings).
    Pictures speak a thousand words (10 points): Upload 5 screenshots to EA Sports football world.
    Duo-Hedgeidecimal (50 points): Enter a match with 20 people in a FIFA 09 Clubs Match.
    Jonzo’s Lounge (60 points): Score 2,500 points and win 5 badges in a single Lounge Mode match.
    The Kwong (10 points): Score a headed goal with the shortest created player.

The following achievements require the “Ultimate Team” bonus downloadable content:

    Best of the Best (5 points): Obtain your first Gold Rated Manager.
    Bigger Venue (10 points): Upgrade to a Silver Rated Stadium.
    Club Tournament Mastery (50 points): Win all gold Club Tournaments.
    Gold Packs (15 points): Open First Gold Pack.
    Online Champion (15 points): Win Gold Ultimate Team Trophy.
    Online Tournament Mastery (50 points): Win All gold Online Tournaments.
    Silver Packs (5 points): Open first Silver Pack.
    Solid Gold (70 points): Obtain 11 gold players.
    The Collector (15 points): Complete an 11 player team page in the collection.
    World Champion (15 points): Win the Gold World Trophy.
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