FIFA Breaks Sports Launch Records

FIFA Breaks Sports Launch Records


According to EA, FIFA 12 has shattered previous sales records with the best launch in sports-gaming history. Selling over 3.2 million copies worldwide since its release last week, it has topped its predecessors sales by more than 23%, garnering in excess of 200 million minutes of gameplay that equate to over 2.2 million regulation games. The mobile version did well, too, moving 879,000 units on the iPhone, where it has quickly become the device’s top-grossing app.

How does EA feel about this tremendous fan response? Executive Vice-President of EA Sports Andrew Wilson has the answer.

“FIFA 12 is a stunning achievement by our team at EA Canada,” he said. “The massive FIFA online community has overwhelmingly connected to the new live services in the game, including EA Sports Football Club.”

Football Club allows fans to vote for their favorite teams. Manchester United is sitting pretty at the top with about 240,000 votes, while FC Barcelona and Arsenal jockey for second at 144,000 and 131,000 respectively. How does EA intend to keep this momentum going? We again turn to Andrew Wilson.

“… We intend to keep them engaged all season long as FIFA 12 follows the heartbeat of the football season.”

By Shelby Reiches

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