Fire Emblem Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Fire Emblem Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Fire Emblem

Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game to unlock the hard difficulty setting, Hector mode, Lyn mode, the “Sound Test”, “Movie Gallery”, “Battle History”, and “Support Conversation” options. Successfully complete the game in Hector’s normal mode to unlock Hector’s hard mode.

Chapter 16

This trick requires need Marcus (most needed), Oswin, and Princsellia. First, have Marcus rescue Princsellia. Have Oswin and your lords (except for your best one) go straight ahead. Once Marcus reaches the gate to Raven, drop Princsellia. Because she cannot move all the way to Raven, have her move four steps. Once she reaches Raven, select “Talk” and he will join you. Have Raven talk to Lucuis and she will join. Have Raven, Lucuis, and your best lord defeat the enemy reinforcements. Before you go to the Boss, you will see a square with a knight and two chests. Crack the wall and kill the knight. He will give you a chest key that can be used five times. Open the left chest for a Knights Crest. Give the crest to Oswin and make him use it. The other chest contains a silver sword. For the Boss, have Marcus attack with the hammer and Oswin attack one space away with the javelin.

Chapter 16x

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In order to unlock the side quest after Chapter16, you need to keep one of the green soldiers alive. To do this, have one of your horse riders rescue one of them, and do not let go. Also, go towards the top and you will have to defeat a few people. Send somebody (Marcus recommended) over to Fargus, but stay very close to the top or the really tough pirates will come after you.

Easy level gain in Chapter 16x

In Chapter 16, keep one green soldier alive. This will allow you to try Chapter 16x. Defeat all of the enemies except for Fargus. It is recommended to allow Marcus do the fighting. Once everyone else is gone, visit all of the villages there. If you do, you will get a new character (Canas), a Devil Axe, Lancereaver, Sleep Staff, and a Short Bow. Then, have a character go into the arena. You get a lot of experience when you win. It is possible to get every character up to level 20 by doing this, but be careful. If you have to fight a Myriddion or a Swordmaster, quickly press B repeatedly, as there is chance are that they will kill you. This really is a gamble, but it is the easiest way to level up weaker characters, such as Raven, whom you get in the chapter before at level 5.

Chapter 22

For a sure win on Chapter 22 (in which you protect Nils), you need a long bow with either Rebecca or Will. You need also Marcus with 2 Light Runes if possible, Oswin preferably as a general, Erk Best as a Sage, someone with a javelin or hand axe, and all the other units allowed. Leave the Ostia units at the bottom of the stairs followed by two (two by two) Paladins, then Erk and the person with a javelin or hand axe. For the second long bow, get Rath (the green nomad). Deploy Merlinus and in that small area where Nils is put, the rest of your units for substitutes while you heal the six needed units.

Chapter 30x

If you complete Chapter 30 in twenty turns or less, you will unlock the side quest. You will fight Edinusha the magic seel created by Nergal. He is very difficult to defeat, but you will get good items in the level. You cannot use magic to defeat him. You must have very strong non-magic people to battle him.

Access secret shop

On the “Protect Nils” mission, you can access one of the secret shops if you stole the Members Card on the top left. Have a thief with the Members Card walk to the right of the pillar, then select the secret option to gain access. You can buy Elfire Physic and other great items.

Get to secret shops

You must steal the Member Card in the chapter with Darin as the Boss. Have some of your units to go right, including Matthew. At the staircase by the crack in the wall, a thief will appear. You can steal the Member Card from him.

Extra characters

Your enemy works for a house or organization. It will say the name of the characters or the group they are working for. if it shows a face instead of a symbol you can almost always get that unit with green units.


Eliwood is the second Lord that you get. He has a Rapier (which is good on Infantry) which only can be used by him. The Rapier also goes out quick; it is recommended that he also be given another sword. When you first get Eliwood, he seems like he is not the best fighter. Train him, because he will become very good. If you would like him to be strong, get him to level 18 to 20 by the end of Chapter 27. Eliwood, when he gets transformed, will be a Knight Lord and he will be on a horse and be able to use lances. Lyn, will become a Blade Lord, and be able to use bows.


Hector is the final Lord that you get. He wields an axe, Wolf Beil, that can only be used by him. It also goes out quickly. Hector, like Eliwood, is horrible at first because he has a low percent of hitting anybody except for lance wielders. To train Hector, fight against only lance wielders. Hector becomes a Great Lord who can wield axes and swords, which is good because he can fight axe wielders as well.


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Lyn is the first lord you receive. She eventually gets the Mani Kati, a sword which only she can wield. It is a smart idea to train her because later in the game you will get what is called Heaven Seals, for Lords over level 10 that are deemed worthy (Lyn first, Hector second, and Athos the Archsage automatically transforms Eliwood). Lyn will be one of your good fighters because she gets to level 6 before you get more than three people. When you start Eliwood’s campaign, you will get Lyn again. Give her a steel sword with the Mani Kati, as it goes out quick.

Get to level 7 or higher in Lyn’s Story with Nils

Kill everyone except the Boss in a chapter, then have someone wait each turn. Have Nils play for them and end the turn. Note: This only works on chapters that require Boss kills or seize the thrones.

Earth Crest

In the mission just before you can get Neo and Jaffar, where Wallace shows up, in the first village an old man will talk with you. When you are finished, he will give you an Earth Crest. This crest will allow you to upgrade any character higher than level 10. It is useful, but it is recommended that you go in with an a strong flyer such as Heath the wyvren rider. You must contend with an archer that has a silver bow. In the other village, you will get a Silence Staff to help you fight the Queen Of The 4 Fangs.

Fell Contract

You can make your Thief transform into an Assassin by giving it Fell Contract. You can get Fell Contract in Chapter 26x.

Triangle attack

To use this powerful attack you will need Florina, Fiora, and Farina. First, put two of the Pegasuses or Falco Knights next to the enemy and do not attack. Then, have the third attack. This is very powerful and it never misses.

Know the future in battle without paying

When you first start the battle in “Preparations”, go to “Fortune” and select “Augury”. Pay the 50 gold. After listening to what she says, cut it off and select “Restart Chapter”. When you play, you should have the same amount of gold.

Disappearing archer at Beyond The Borders

When Erk fights the archer, he will rarely get a critical hit. When this happens, the archer will still be on the field with 0 HP. If you attack him there will be no damage, but afterwards he disappears as if he was killed.

Defeating the Fire Dragon

Stay out of the Fire Dragon’s range. It has a range of three spaces, the same as a longbow. Hopefully you had the foresight to transform your other lords into their respective second class character. (Lyn – Blade Lord and Hector – Great Lord). Lyn’s Sol Katti, given to her by Athos, was fashioned for dealing with Wyverns; therefore, it can actually deal some damage to the dragon. If you happen to have Thor’s Ire (Nils can use it to raise critical levels), then use it on Lyn. Her critical percentage will be raised and you might get lucky enough to see an incredible show. All of this relies on the fact that you can keep her alive — HP in the 40’s is best). Keep Eliwood a few paces away from Lyn in order to rescue her once she has completed her attack on the dragon. The Elixirs you have will be useful for keeping her alive. Also, a Druid/Sage/Bishop with Heal/Mend can also aid you. Keep attacking/rescuing/healing with Lyn until the dragon dies. This may take some time, but it keeps your company alive. Also, if Lyn is not a Blade Lord, try using Hector’s Armads, if he is a Great Lord; do not use Eliwood — the Durandal may seem like a good idea but for some reason the dragon can attack twice if you use it. Also, you will need him or Marcus to rescue the attacker. Also, the last Boss of the game is obviously a dragon. By the time you reach him, you should have Athos The Archsage. If you are in the Eliwood path, you should have obtained some Elixirs in the chapter with the cave of lava, in which you need to defeat the guardians to get to the Durandal. Equip Athos with Aureola (the light spell that he has). This does a good 20 points of damage on the dragon. The dragon has a maximum of 120 HP. Get into range of the dragon, end your phase, and let the dragon attack. On your turn, use an Elixir on him for healing. Get the dragon down to 40 HP, and on your turn attack with Athos, Lyn, Hector, and Eliwood to finish it.

Side quests

There are certain things you must do in order to unlock all the side quests. Some Chapters can be different; it all depends on what you have done:

    Chapter 7x: Complete Chapter 7 in less than 15 turns.
    Chapter 13x: Visit the northwestern village on Chapter 13.
    Chapter 16x: Keep one green soldier alive in Chapter 16.
    Chapter 18x: Finish Chapter 18 in less than 16 turns.
    Chapter 22x: Recruit Hawkeye in Chapter 22 and have him gain 700 experience points.
    Chapter 23a: Lord’s level sums equal 49 or less.
    Chapter 23b: Lord’s levels are 50 or more (Chapter 23b will allow you to recruit a new character).
    Chapter 25a: Level of units upgradeable via Guiding Ring/Hero Crest.
    Chapter 25b: Level of units upgradeable via Hero Crest/ Guiding Ring.
    Chapter 26x: Recruit Jaffar in Chapter 26 and have him live.

Special characters

    Canas: You can get him to join in the stage in which you have to talk to the pirate captain, Fargus. He is in one of the houses that you start next to. He is a Shaman, who upgrades into a Druid. When upgraded to a level 20 Druid, the highest he can get, he is basically untouchable. He is very strong, even with his lowest spell Flux. With Luna, he can defeat the morph of the Black Fang mage in one critical hit.

    Erk and Priscilla: You can get Erk to join you for a second time by talking to him with Serra sometime in an early 10 chapter. Erk is extremely useful in the later parts of the game. If you go to the village south of where you get him to join, you can find Priscilla. She is a healer, and is another highly useful character, considering she rides a horse and can get to injured units faster. She is also required to get another character to join your game.

    Farina: You can get Farina by giving her 20,000 gold. She is Florina’s sister and is a Pegasus Knight. She has a good lance and a javalin. She gains levels quickly and will be at level 12 when you get her.

    Fiora: She is Florina’s sister. Get her to join by talking to her with Florina. She is also a Pegasus Knight. She appears on the first mission on Valor, or Doom Island.

    Gietz: You can get Gietz by talking to him with Dart. He is a Fighter. He has a silver ax and a steel bow. He can kill Wyvrens easily.

    Guy: He joins if you talk to him with Matthew. He apparently told Matthew that he owed him his life after being forced to do so in order for Matthew to give him some food. He will join, not willingly, but it does not matter.

    Harken: You must not kill the Sage, Bishop, and Druid in the chapter with the Boss Kenneth. In nine turns he will appear. Talk to him with Eliwood for him to join.

    Hawkeye: You can get Hawkeye to join by talking to him with your main character (Eliwood or Hector). He appears in a sandstorm a few turns later in the southeastern part of the desert in which you are supposed to help Pent defeat the desert bandits.

    Heath and Rath: Another Wyvern rider. You will meet him by talking to him with Lyn in the same chapter in which Rath reappears. You can also get him to join by talking to him with Lyn or perhaps your main character (Hector or Eliwood).

    Karla: You can get her in the side quest battle preparations. You will talk to her with Bartre. She attacks you, and if you survive, you get her on your team. She is Karal’s sister and is a Swordmaster on level 5. She has a Woe Dow.

    Karel: You can get Karel to join by talking to him with Lyn. He appears in the chapter in which you are attacking the Black Fang base in the mountains. You may have to wait a little while, but he eventually appears. Talk to him with Lyn and he joins.

    An alternate way is on Chapter 25 defeat three promoted enemies by turn 9. Talk to Karel with Eliwood and he will join your team. He is a Swordmaster.

    Legault: Go to the chapter with Darin as a Boss. Talk to him with Lyn and he will join your team.

    Nino and Jaffar: If you talk to Nino in the chapter when you are supposed to defend price Zephiel, she will join you (main character). You now may be able to get Jaffar to join you by talking to him with Nino.

    Pent and Louise: You do not talk to Pent and Louise to get them to join. They join a few chapters after you first meet them. In joining, Pent gives you a Heaven Seal, which you can use to upgrade one of your lords (other than the main character, Hector or Eliwood). Upgrading Lyn is recommended, as she can use a bow which is very useful. Pent is a very high official in Bern, and Louise is his wife. Pent is a Sage when you meet him, and he has Elfire, a very useful spell. Louise is a Sniper, and is also very useful.

    Raven and Lucius: When liberating Caelin, you can get Raven and Lucius to join your cause. To get Raven, talk to him with Priscilla, who is his sister. Once done, you can then get Lucius to join you by talking to him with Raven.

    Renault: Go to Chapter 30 and go to the farthest up village. Select “Visit” and he will join your team. He is a Bishop.

    Vaida: Vaida is a Wyvern rider who joins you if she survives in the first chapter that you encounter her. You later get her to join by talking to her with either Lyn or the main character of your path (Hector or Eliwood).

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    Wallace: Get him to rejoin by talking to him with Lyn. He appears in Bern when you are fighting because he got lost on his way to Caelin, which happens often.

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