Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters

Getting the dice you want

To get the certain monsters you want (such as Holy Doll or Kuriboh), keep selecting “New Game” at the title screen. Every time you start a new game, you get randomized dice. If you are unhappy with what you got, do it again until you get the desired combination of monsters.

Roll desired numbers

If you want a level (for example, 2), then put three level 2s a your selected monsters and roll. Most of the time you will get that number.

Good dice

Play the Pardox brothers a few times to get level 4 dice.

Defeat Marik or Odion in free duels to get very good dice, such as Gemini Elf, Orgoth,and Metal Zoa.

There are three tournaments in the game (Normal, Reverse and Dark). Win the championship in all three to unlock all except two of the dice in grandpa’s store.

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The following dice can be received by Duke Devlin: Flame Swordsman, Trap Bandit, Medical Aid Kit, Skelengel, Ryukishin Powered, Mystic Horseman, Celtic Guardian, Twin-Headed Dragon, Gator Dragon, and Karbonala Warrior.

All of the following dice can be earned from Joey Wheeler: Black Skull Dragon, Flame Swordsman, Time Machine, Baby Dragon, Swamp Battle Guard, Trap Bandit, Battle Warrior, Penguin Soldier, Celtic Gaurdian, Beautiful Headhuntress, and Jinzo.

All of the following dice can be received from Mai Valentine: Meteor Dragon, Dancing Elf, Winged Dragon #1, Mystical Elf, Beautiful Head Huntress, Kanan the Swordmistress, Fiend’s Mirror, The Snake Hair, Energy Disc, Flying Penguin, and Witch’s Apprentice.

Easy crests

To get at least two Summon Crests. press the R immediately after you press A button to roll the dice. For the other crests, do the same thing except you will only get at least one of the desired crests. To get the crests you want, repeatedly press B(2), R(2) repeatedly until the dice stop rolling.

Easy money

Once you have versed the duelist named Seeker, verse him again repeatedly in free duel. You will get Repeat Dice that you can sell. Seeker only plays the Exodia pieces, which are level three. You can summon low level monsters to reach his life points and defeat him quickly. Additionally, link to another Game Boy Advance with the game and two of all the expensive dice (for example, Exodia The Forbidden One, etc.). Trade them over, then when you win two copies of other expensive dice you can sell them and still win more by using Exodia.

Easy wins

Save you strongest monsters such as Harpie Lady Sisters or Mystic Horseman by playing level 1 monsters to make a dungeon path. Then when your dungeon path is close to your opponent, try to summon your strongest monster. Have lots of movement, defense, and attack crests.

Have a Mystic Horseman on the field and make him lose two hearts. Then, use his ability to power himself up. Note: The maximum he can go to is 250.

When attacking against a CPU opponent, at the “Wait”, “Guard”, “Ability”, and “Detail” screen, hold Up and your opponent will likely choose “Wait”. Note: This may not work indefinitely.

When attacking a CPU monster, press A to select which monster to attack, then press A again immediately after. The CPU will likely choose “Wait”, and you will usually destroy his monster.


You may have noticed that symbols may appear above a monster’s level. There are three symbols:

    Feather: Indicates that it is flying and can only be attacked by other flying monsters. It also can fly over other monsters, but unfortunately, other monsters can move under it. Monsters with this symbol use double the movement cost.

    Tunnel: Indicates that it digs underground to move around, so it can move past other monsters.

    Arrow: Indicates that this monster can attack a flying monster.

Effective attacks

Some types are super-effective to others:

    Dragon is good against Spellcaster
    Warrior is good against Dragon
    Beast is good against Warrior
    Spellcaster is good against Zombie
    Zombie is good against Beast

If you are dueling a person who usually tries to summon a level 4 monster on his first roll, if you get a Time Wizard and summon it his monster will be destroyed.

Effective defense

Put a Warp Hole directly in front of your die master, and another one on the other side of the field. When you opponent moves in front of your die master, they will be transported to the other side of the field.

Good defense

This trick requires a Lord Of D. and any dragon.. First, put your dragon monster in front of your dice monster in a way that there is only on way to reach your Dice Master, though your dragon. Then, summon a Lord Of D. and block it off from other monsters. You now cannot lose.

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

When you have 50,000 or more G, you can buy it for that price. Note: You probably will need to win all three tournaments.

Crater Creator

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Beware of this level 4 treasure chest monster. It is able to destroy all monsters in the dungeon.


Defeat Joey in free duel. Alternately, defeat Mako in the world championship.

Dark Magician Girl

When you go to the shop and have won all the tournaments, there are two hidden die. One of them is the Dark Magician Girl. Additionally, keep defeating Yami Yugi in free duel mode.

Exploding Disc

Defeat Mokuba.

Medical Aid Kit

Defeat Yugi (not Yami Yugi) in any kind of tournament.

Millennium Shield

When your opponent has a Millennium Shield on the field in front of his or her Dice Master, there are a few ways to by pass through it and aim damage at the Dice Master:

    Use any monster with an equal 40 attack vs. 40 def and have him or her waste all of their Defense Crests until there are no more.

    Use The 13th Graves effect to give up two Magic Crests and destroy one heart from any opposing monster and himself. Also the Millennium Shield has some weaknesses. He cannot move and only has one heart life. Only a monster with 50 attack power or more can defeat it.

    Use Mighty Mage’s effect and attack any enemy monster two squares away for one Magic Crest.

    Use Orgoth’s effect until he has 50 attack power and destroy the shield.

    Summon Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and destroy it. Note: Create a dungeon path to connect to the opponent and make it vanish into thin air.

    Summon Exodia The Forbidden One.

Orgoth The Relentless

Defeat Joey. Alternately, defeat Duke Devlin sixteen times in free duel.

Red Eyes Black Dragon

Defeat Joey in the world championship.

Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon

Defeat Joey in free duel.

Resurrection Scroll

You may want to have this in your dice pool as it is Dungeon Dice Monsters Monster Reborn. However, you can only choose monsters that reside in your destroyed zone. It is also a level 2.

Slot Machine

Defeat Johnny Steps in any tournament.

Summon Crest

If you need a Summon Crest, hold B to roll at least one. Note: This does not work on level 4 dice.

Warp Hole

Defeat Maxamillion Pegasus.


You can win Zoa from Joey if you defeat him five times in free duel.

Fight Yami Yugi

To fight Yami (the Spirit of the Millennium Puzzle), win the sixth Dark Tournament a few times. When you win the tournament, you might face Yami. If you play that tournament again, Yami will be in it. He has the following:

    1 Kuriboh
    1 Strike Ninja
    1 Giant Soldier of Stone
    1 Mystical Elf
    1 Beaver Warrior
    1 Mamoth Graveyard
    1 Mega Thunderball
    1 Knight of Twin Swords
    1 Warp Vortex
    1 Dark Magician Girl
    1 Dark Magician
    1 Magician of Black Chaos
    1 Black Skull Dragon
    1 Black Luster Soldier
    1 Summoned Skull
    1 Gaia the Dragon Champion
    1 Red Eyes Black Dragon

New tournaments

To get a new set of tournaments, win the first tournaments and the World Champ Cup.

Protecting heart points

Buy or win a Great Moth then put it in front of your heart points. Surround it so that the Great Moth is the only way to get to them. For example, put the Great Moth in front of your heart points and put a space between the left and right sides. Only strong flying monsters with an attack of 40 can defeat it.

Get Exoida pieces faster

You must have Seeker in free duel to get Exodia pieces. After about one fight, he may start giving you Exodia pieces. It might take more than one fight, or he might give piece after piece. It will require over twenty fights to get Exodia’s head.

Save the dies with good Crests

Usually you need a lot of movement or perhaps Attack or Defense Crests. When you are picking your dice, on the top are two blank squares. Pick a Crest that you would like to try to get. Then, choose “Set”. On the bottom, the three squares should be filled in with dice. Those dice are the best ones of all fifteen in your pool to get that type of Crest with. Memorize all the Crests you will eventually need, then save all your valuable dice until later. After you extend your dice path to your opponent’s Heart Points and are a few spaces away from the Die Master, or you are already there but need some Attack Crests, then you can roll your best dice to get what you want in time.

Level 4 dice

Play Joey Wheeler repeatedly in free duel mode after you have unlocked him from tournaments. After awhile, he will give you a Black Skull Dragon which is level 4. Keep playing him and you will get another, and yet another. You can then put all three in your pool and use them in duels.

Get the pieces of Exodia

Play Joey Wheeler repeatedly in free duel mode after you have unlocked him from tournaments. After awhile, he will give you a Black Skull Dragon which is level 4. Keep playing him and you will get another, and yet another. Sell them each for 21,800 for money to buy Exodia pieces with.

Free duel mode

When you go to free duel mode, no duelist will be there. In order for a duelist to appear, you must face them at the tournaments. For example, if you want to dice duel against Joey, you must dice duel Joey in the tournaments and win. Then, finish the rest and get money to buy dice, or sell the weak dice you do not need.

Dimension 2 level 1 monsters in Box In

Make your Dice path get as far down the board as you can with two monsters. Summon more monsters until the tip of the dice path you made goes left and right as far as possible. This way, your opponent will not be able to dimension any monsters past a certain point. You now have a lot of free space to summon more monsters without worrying about them being destroyed immediately. This stops your opponent from making a dice path past where you want them to. Both players will have a “box” of their own territory.

Defeating Marik

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Try for your level one monsters first. He usually goes first for Blue Eyes Ultimate, Black Skull Dragon, or a level 4 Treasure Chest which destroys every monster in the dungeon.

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