Game Companies to Get Into Gambling*

Game Companies to Get Into Gambling*


Huge gaming corporations such as Nintendo, EA, and Microsoft are now setting their sights on Vegas, where they will attempt to take a bite out of another kind of gaming. New casinos are in the works for the entertainment capital of the world, but they are going to be designed to appeal first and foremost to videogamers.

Since the invention of the first one-armed bandit, slot machines and other forms of gambling have been regarded as games of chance. On some games, the odds can actually be set by the casino, and of course those odds are against the gambler. But with this new gaming concept, those with sufficient skills will actually be able to earn a fortune at the casino. The gaming companies are in the process of designing videogames that will fill these new casinos, giving gamers a fighting chance to take home the gold.

“This is going to revolutionize the gambling and gaming industry,” explains Nevada Gaming Commissioner, Alan P. Hamstrong. “Kids that have spent years playing games will now have something to look forward to as they cash in on their talents in these videogaming casinos. From the prototypes I’ve seen and played, these games include virtually every genre from puzzles, to shooters, and role-playing games. Different wings of the casinos will be designed to specific themes. This is all an attempt to keep Vegas alive, new, vibrant, and hip. It will definitely secure our future,” Hamstrong added.

It is estimated that there are 500 million videogame players worldwide. Since the vast majority of this demographic is well under the age of 21, that gives these companies a number of years to plan, develop, and construct their dream palaces. Through careful marketing to pre-teens over the years, Vegas will become a Mecca for young gamers all over the world.

“What videogame-playing kid wouldn’t want to hop on a plane on his or her 21 st birthday and head down to Vegas to get rich?” asks Hamstrong. “A lot of these casino games will be available for home consoles, giving kids a lot of time to practice before they come to Vegas. Right now the State of Nevada is considering lowering the legal gambling and drinking age to 14. We think kids are a lot more responsible today than they were a generation ago. Why not let them have fun sooner?” begs Hamstrong.

Nintendo plans to open the first video-gaming casino by 2010. It will be shaped like a huge M which will stand for MarioLand.

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