GameStop to use Microsoft’s Cloud Network to Innovate Retail?

GameStop to use Microsoft’s Cloud Network to Innovate Retail?

Major video game retail chain GameStop has announced a partnership with Microsoft. Through this new partnership, GameStop will be allowed to use the electronic giant’s Azure cloud network, which the retailer says it’ll utilize to apparently take “retail innovation to the next level.”

With the Azure network, GameStop plans to “enhance the in-store engagement of its customers in interactive, informative, and entertaining ways.” Specifically, the cloud-powered network will be used to stream promotional and videogame content directly to consumers’ smartphones and Windows tablets. When in a GameStop store, customers will be able to view content relating to game they’re interested in buying whilst browsing different games at the same time.

The retailer also plans to use the Azure network to stream trailers to in-store 4K TVs. Additionally, its adoption of the network will mean it’ll be able to offer faster checkout services thanks to a new in-store mobile shopping chart.

Customers may want to note that the partnership will even help GameStop’s employees provide more personalized shopping experiences to those who have agreed to share and receive information through the GameStop Technology Institute app. This means that sales associates will be able to offer a personalized shopping experience based on a given user’s previous purchase history.

GameStop Technology Institute’s senior vise president, Jeff Donaldson, says that GameStop will continue to work closely with Microsoft “ to discover and aggressively elevate ways to enhance the retail experience for our customers today and in the future.”

[ Source: BusinessWire ]

[ Via: GameSpot / Polygon ]

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