GTA Online’s “The High Life Update” is Now Available

GTA Online’s “The High Life Update” is Now Available

Rockstar’s latest update to Grand Theft Auto V’s online counterpart, GTA Online , titled “ The High Life Update ”, brings in a bunch of brand new content and features to the game. In amongst new enhancements and game features, new vehicles, apartments and Jobs have been added to the game.

Available as a free download, The High Life Update allo ws you to own two properties at any one time, and you’ll have a choice of five new luxurious apartments: Eclipse Towers in Vinewood, Richards Majestic in Rockford Hills, Tinsel Towers in Little Seoul, 4 Integrity Way in Downtown, and Del Perro Heights by the beach.

Now that you’ll be able to own two properties at one time, you’ll also be able to store a vehicle in each property’s garage respectively. On that note, three new cars and a new motor bike have been added for you to go on a leisurely cruise with: The Enus Huntley S, a SUV; Dewbauchee Massacro, a sports car; Pegassi Zentorno, a supercar; and Dinka Thrust, the new motorcycle.

These new vehicles will be available to purchase from Legendary Motorsport, and they can be accessed from any garage in Story Mode.

Furthermore, The High Life Update also brings in a new weapon: the Bullpop Rifle, which will be available to purchase at Ammu-Nation stores.

Lastly, the update introduces eight new Contact missions (including four Rockstar-created Land Race Jobs), which have been listed below. Rockstar has advised GTA Online players to be mindful that even more in-game Jobs will be published soon, which are said to include Jobs for Capture, Survival, TDM and Last Team Standing gamemodes.

Once you reach the respective level requirements for the new Contact Jobs, you’ll receive an in-game phone call from the associated Contact.


> GTA Today (Simeon: Rank 12);

> Artificial Scarcity (Madrazo: Rank 19);

> Crime Scenester (Lester: Rank 20);

> Hit ‘Em Up (Gerald: Rank 10);

> Master Data (Lester: Rank 16);

> Handle with Care (Madrazo: Rank 20);

> On the List (Madrazo: Rank 18);

> Denial of Service (Lester: Rank 14).

Land Race:

> Stock Market Crash ;

> Loss Leader ;

> Home In The Hills ;

> Thrusting Motion .

The High Life Update’s full patch notes and additions to GTA Online can be found via the source link below. Rockstar Games announced back in early April that it’ll be introducing an update that will add the ability for you to build your own Capture Jobs with the GTA Online Creator Tool, which has since been implemented. With this update, you’ll be able to create your own Jobs in four different Capture Job variants–Contend, GTA, Hold and Raid–and then publish them for all to play via the Rockstar Games Social Club if you so desire.

Grand Theft Auto V has also been rumored to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One , with a PC port likely to release this year. Be sure to check out our Matt Walker’s PlayStation 3 review of Grand Theft Auto 5 .

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