Hardcore Gamers on the Go Need the GameSir G4 Pro

Publish Date: Thursday, October 22, 2020

With so many powerful options for compelling on-the-go gaming experiences, it is crucial that mobile gamers look to invest in a controller that can up their game. Mobile is one of the rare examples where a controller can be integral to a satisfying experience, yet there’s no controller included with the hardware. Apple arcade games, and streaming services like Microsoft’s xCloud service provide the sort of experiences we’re used to having on a console with a television. There are also in home options via PS4 Remote Play and the Xbox App, which means you can chill out in any room and carry your gaming with you. That’s why hardcore and casual gamers alike should look to the GameSir G4 Pro Multi-Platform Game Controller which is perfectly designed to complement these emerging needs.

What’s more is that this controller can work for the PC and Nintendo Switch in addition to Apple and Android products. Better yet, the controller can adapt to the different layouts of the PC and the Nintendo Switch easily with its magnetic ABXY buttons, which allow gamers to quickly swap the buttons around to create a layout that works for them. It’s a type of versatility and consideration we rarely see in a controller, especially in the $49.99 price range!

This is all just a bonus on top of the fundamentals, though. A Six-Axis gyroscope assists gamers with sensitive and precise reflections of their movements, and even players who don’t typically enjoy somatic controls might find themselves having just a bit more fun with this sleek and ergonomically-designed controller in hand. Seriously, a single session with the relaxing non-slip grip and sweat-resistant, metal-plated shoulder buttons might be enough for you to wish all controllers had this level of respect for comfort. The heft and durability also just feels good, and a build quality like this evokes a trust that you just don’t get from the light, plastic alternatives more commonly suited for mobile gaming.

The GameSir G4 pro is now available for pre-order at the price of $49.99.

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