Hearthstone’s Curse of Naxxramas Cards Detailed

Hearthstone’s Curse of Naxxramas Cards Detailed

As detailed by PCGamesN on Sunday, July 20, Hearthstone’s forthcoming singleplayer adventure Curse of Naxxramas is touted to have over 30 new cards to collect and use on the board, 15 of which have been named and detailed.

The 15 cards in question have been detailed below, with their descriptions, stats and mana costs included respectively, courtesy of PCGamesN.

  • Loatheb (Legendary Minion), 5/5 for 5 mana; “Battlecry:Enemy spells cost (5) more next turn.”

  • Poison Seeds (Druid, Common Spell), 4 mana; “Destroy all minions and summon 2/2 Treants to replace them.”

  • Death’s Bite (Warrior, Common Weapon), 4/2 for 4 mana; “Deathrattle: Deal 1 damage to all minions.”

  • Avenge (Paladin, Common Spell), 1 mana; “Secret: When one of your minions dies, give a friendly minion +3/+2.”

  • Anub’ar Ambusher (Rogue, Common Minion), 5/5 for 4 mana; “Deathrattle: Return a friendly minion to your hand.”

  • Rebirth (Shaman, Common Spell), 2 mana; “Destroy a minion, then return it to life with full health.”

  • Duplicate (Mage, Common Spell), 3 mana; “Secret: When a friendly minion dies, put two copies of it into your hand.”

  • Dark Cultist (Priest, Common Minion), 3/4 for 3 mana; “Deathrattle: Give a friendly minion +3 health.”

  • Voidcaller (Warlock, Common Minion), 3/4 for 4 mana; “Deathrattle: Put a Demon from your hand into the battlefield.”

  • Webspinner (Hunter, Common Minion), 1/1 for 1 mana; “Deathrattle: Draw a random Beast card.”

  • Undertaker (Unknown Minion), 1/2 for 1 mana; gains +1/+1 for every minion summoned that has Deathrattle.

  • Dancing Swords (Unknown Minion), 4/4 for 3 mana; Deathrattle: your opponent draws an additional card.

  • Nerubian Egg (Unknown Minion), 0/2 for 2 mana; summons a Nerubian with 4/4 when killed.

  • Baron Rivendare (Legendary Minion), 1/7 for 4 mana; triggers minions’ Deathrattle twice.

  • Shade of Naxxramas, 2/2 for 3 mana; has stealth, and gains +1/+1 at the start of your turn.

Curse of Naxxramas is slated to release in North America on Tuesday, July 22 and in Europe on Wednesday, July 23 for PC, Mac and iPad versions of Hearthstone .

We’ve established that the Curse of Naxxramas adventure will cost both real and in-game money , and it will be split up into five separate “wings”, with one wing opening up each week once the adventure releases, which’ll be done in the following order: Arachnid Quarter, Plague Quarter, Military Quarter, Construct Quarter and Frostwyrm Lair.

During Curse of Naxxramas’ launch event, the first wing–Arachnid Quarter–will be available to access for free, and said launch event will last “ roughly a month or so, ” so you’ll have plenty of time to steel yourself for the rest of Curse of Naxxramas’ content. Whether or not Arachnid Quarter will remain free after the adventure’s launch event has yet to be made clear.

After Arachnid Quarter, the remaining four wings will set you back €5.99 / £4.99 (or your regional equivalent)–or alternatively 700 in-game gold–each.

We’ll bring you more Hearthstone related news should further information reach our ears.

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